Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Help for Baby Fahad

Little baby Fahad born to a Kuwaiti mother and a Syrian father. He has leukemia. He needs a bone marrow transplant. None of his family members can be donors as they are not compatible. He can have the transplant in India but he needs KD37,000.

Why isn’t he able to have his transplant in Kuwait is beyond me but his medical report is here  (
Medical Report PDF).

In a previous cancer patient's case, Abdul Kareem, it was a campaign and a monetary pledge to save his leg. In Baby Fahad’s case its a pledge to give him a chance to grow up and living a life. To grow up, to go to school, to eat, to laugh, to play, to fast Ramadan and enjoy the ups and downs of life. To get married and have babies of his own. To have a death bed with his children and grandchildren gathered around him as he takes his last breaths. A life!

Here is how you can help: spread the word! Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  Whatsapp, BBM, Family Gatherings, Work, School, College, Email and by word of mouth! Spread the word until a donor comes up to help out baby Fahad as it's the last hope for him.

If you know anyone who's interested please contact a fellow blogger Q8 Rain on her blog 
www.q8rain.com or by emailing her at Q8Rain@gmail.com or on Twitter: @Q8Rain.

Via Q8Path


This is really sad coz I cannot do anything but to post and pray for this little boy, I'm asking those people who has everything in life and capable of extending their wealth into help for this little angel...... 

Banane Taipei BAGS!!

HERMES birkin bag is the new trend this days , it super expensive but people yearn to have one I guess, it is consider to be the ULTIMATE FRILLS!

so I find it very interesting and please to see this product on the net,,

Ladies and gentlemen,(ahem....! ;-0 )   I give you BANANE TAIPEI BAGS!...

Cute and Handy, andthe  price is overwhelming hahahahah......  USD 70/-  love it!! check out their site at: http://bananataipei.com/ 

or their facebook account: 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


"Sometimes the little things in life changes something forever and there will be times when you wish you can go back to how things used to be but you just CAN'T because things have changed so much!!!"

Vitaslim Light...! hmmmmm?

I've seen the adv from facebook and I'm a bit curious how the pill actually looks like and how much does it cost….. ( but! Seriously,  the transparent tablet makes me curious!) 

I'm done with all the weightloss craziness  but this is something new and FAB….   I'm not gonna try uising the product now coz i'm pretty much happy with my body...  but here's the link for anyone interested ...!  LINK 

Buy 1 get one PROMO!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bright & Colorful DRESSES....!

Well, got nothing to write further but to continue my drooling and amazement looking at the colorful dresses...!

Got all the photos from my favorite on-line store!!  somehow it urge me to start saving money to cover my worldly side...! oh my gully!!!!! 

lovely isn't it???