Monday, May 28, 2012

Cute and Practical Ideas!!

  I just can't get enough

More of the things that makes me wow and yay!!!! 


1.) Pot stand/ Holder

estimated price: $4/-

2.)  Cupmen
                                                                     estimated price: $2/-

3.)  Toothpaste Dispenser
& Tooth brush Holder
                                                                     estimated price: $6/-

creative and practical!!!

love it!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Air-proof tea fishing cartoon lazy boy mug/cup lid

I’m not a tea person but when I do, I always end up waiting and tearing the bag inside my mug due to constant stirring and squeezing, bit messy but that’s my usual practice when I wanted to sip a simple tea…

And with the creation of the lazy boy air-proof, spoon and tea holder, well, it’s too corny to say, but I worry no more…..

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever!!!

Photocredit: cathylazy life club...

Creative Rattan Indoor/Outdoor Furnitures....

I love everything inch of this super duper creative man-made furniture, It’s convenient and space saving, who will say no to this? Eh?!!  are u ready ?! let's open it!!

Here’s more about this product:

Product Description
1 Rattan: PE rattan with aluminum frame,water and fire proof
2 frames:  sturdy, strong and light weight with good powder coating aluminum frame, never rust, the surface is treated with powder coated and oxidation
3 color and size are optional; it also can be according to the design and requirement of customers.
4 Cushion: easily removable cushion and cover with high density foam
5 it’s suitable to be used in indoor and outdoor places
6 three years warranty
7 water and UV resistant can be exposed in all weather condition with UV resistance SGS tested

2x Chair:D57*H48CM
1x Coffee Table:D36*H22CM
1x Round Stool:W22*H22CM
2x Cushion:W35*L35CM


and more designs.....

Coffee inspiration....

You know why i'm introducing this on my blog?!

well,  for a very simple reason......
I fell in-love with it!!,

I’m a coffee addict; it is one of many things “I can’t live without”  , it is my breakfast buddy, lunch soul mate and my midnight snack pal…

Such a wonderful souvenir inspired by my one great buddy—"the COFFEE"...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weak-end....! literally weak!

This is one of the most tiring day of my life, it feels like drop down to the floor head first, I’m tired, I’m sick and it’s killing me in every  minute I sat on my desk waiting for the last 1 hour to finally out my butt in this lonely room….

I hate it when its summer, the temperature is high, it breaks my skin and nerves to pieces!! , I hate it when it dust specially when I have a  flu, … wish I’m home, curbing my pain in the comfort of my blanket and soft pillow…. Arrrrrrgggggg…… strengthen me oh Lord!

Brainwave mind control game Ball game

Product Features•Mindflex Duel is the ultimate head-to-head brain game challenge
•Based on the original hit mental acuity game Mindflex
•Lets two players battle each other using mind-eye concentration
•Includes two lightweight headsets that measures players brainwaves to levitate a foam ball
•Over five play modes, for hours of fun!


Product DescriptionBased on Mindflex, the original mental acuity game, Mindflex Duel lets two players engage in battles of intense "mind-eye" concentration. This amazing game comes with two lightweight headsets, which allow players to levitate the foam ball and move it across the game platform--all with their minds. Alternate between states of concentration and relaxation to control the sphere and master the five interactive challenges. Recommended for ages eight and up, the games offer solo, head-to-head, and co-op modes for hours of telekinetic fun.

Lightweight Headsets Make Science Fiction a RealityUsing advanced technology, Mindflex Duel headsets sense brain activity and send messages to the game platform. Strap on a headset, connect the sensor clip to your earlobe, and align the strap's metal sensor so it's flush against your forehead. Your brain activity will trigger the game platform's motors, which will propel the ball. Bulk up your brain, sharpen your focus, and battle your friends with this hands-free challenge!

Move the Ball with "Mind-Eye" ConcentrationThough a gentle stream of air from the platform helps the ball rise, it's up to your own powers of concentration to move it through the obstacles. Defy gravity and sharpen your mental focus to move the ball laterally and vertically--concentrate to make the ball rise, and relax your mind to let it fall. Mindflex Duel comes with an instruction manual with tips and practice exercises to help you achieve "mind-eye" concentration.

Mental Activity Meters, located on each end of the platform, reflect your brain-activity levels. As your powers of concentration become stronger, light will climb from the bottom to the top of the meter and turn from red to green.

Design Mind-Bending Obstacle CoursesTest your mental acuity by designing your own obstacle courses on the game platform. Mindflex Duel comes with spinning and stationary hoops, hurdles, and chutes that you can arrange and reposition according to game requirements, skill level, or your own imagination. The obstacle pieces are outfitted with pegs that fit securely into holes on the game platform.

Five Interactive ChallengesMindflex Duel offers five interactive games that are fun to play but a challenge to master. The gameplay for each can be altered for solo, head-to-head, or co-op battles. Use the game platform's two position toggle buttons to select both the game and player mode.

•Power Push: Starting with the ball in the center of the platform, each player concentrates to be the first to push it into their opponent's end zone.
•Mental Marathon 2.0: Design your own obstacle and get the ball through the course as fast as you can. Your mind moves the ball vertically while you push a button to move the ball fan laterally.
•Race the Lights: It's a mental race against the platform lights. Get the ball to the other side before the lights reach the finish line.
•Cortex Collision: Push the ball through your opponent's defenses, getting it as far down the board as you can without hitting the end.
•Basketblaster: Players shoot as many baskets as possible within a given timeframe. The player who scores the most baskets wins.

aliexpress: hobbyking

UV Portable Automatic Phone Sterilizer

For one thing, "Prevention is better than cure", anything referring to health and environment is a sure hit to me, I'm always curious and looking for something new and innovative...

Now, let me share with you the latest on my list...

it is called UV Portable Automatic Phone Sterilizer 

Although the existence of mobile phones defines convenient and handy  frequent use of mobile phones create a perfect living environment for bacterias and germs that most likely dangerous to our health and others...

With the help of mobile phone disinfector, we only need a few  minutes  to dessinfect our very own small gadgets,
 it can use for the mobile, bluetooth headset, earplugs, etc, and small equipment like MP3 player and so on... 
it has  ultraviolet light that is known to be a very good sterilizing effect, it kills 99% of germs & bacterias and


I can go on and on, but I was not paid to endorsed this product either to advertise it, lolsss... but it would be nice to share something useful as this little monster right here!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kid's Summer Camp

I guess, this one sounds reasonable, I was at the midst of deciding where to register my son for a summer camp and I found this @ GRAPEVINEKUWAIT ...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Foot Weird Post...!

Would you agree with me if I say, THIS IS HOT!!! ( soooo Paris Hilton ....the expression!!)

What can I say...! I love browsing the net for lottas wonderful stuff, fashion in particular.... this baby right here simply defines UNIQUE, TRENDY and FASHIONABLE....

Can't wait to wear this sexy thang!! love it!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kuwait to test warning Siren on Tuesday, May 22

Photo credit:/

The Civil defense general administration will test the warning siren system across the country on next Tuesday, 22nd of May at 10:00 am.

There will be three warning siren tones, the intermittent indicates danger or attack is imminent, continuous ascending and descending means danger or attack is happening, and the continuous single pitch means danger or attack is over.

Kuwait government is regularly testing their sirens, last test was last year around July

info from our company's QHSE dept.


There are people who always think high of themselves, they thought that ,they are the only creatures who knows everything and have all the rights in the world,

In Kuwait,its not always but I get used to these kind of people, as we all know, my nationality covers most of the hard labors and not to mention the bad reputation because of others who do "BAD DEEDS" aside from their day job....,

it’s reality and I cannot change it!! but I have to straight every expectations and judgment because I am a Filipino, a good citizen and a proud one! 

Yesterday, I was in the gym running for another round in the treadmill, it’s my last 30 minutes before taking off, one Kuwaiti lady in her 40’s came in wearing her not-so-branded pair of gym clothes, looking at me in a grin, she had her i-phone on her hand with an earphone hanging, she raises her brow, call the manager and  all the gym assistant, she instructed them to move the machine away from me, I was like?/!  huh??! Really?? she wants to move the machine away while there are more machines vacant for her to use!!!

( here's the illustration ....)

OMG!! her Excellency wants to trouble everyone just because she do not want to be in line with a filipina,  maybe her sweat is precious as gold that I might steal a drops of it and sell it SOUK JUMA!!(Friday/Black Market) I was really surprise how big issue I am to her or rather my nationality,  I feel so discriminated  but I did not react, I respect every animals in the world including her and going down to her level is not mah thing!

And at the end, after all the efforts to please her, she did not use the machine coz she changes her mind, absolutely absurd!

I can only pray for her soul and hope she cannot find herself in my shoe because what she is, right now is what she only have, I pity her and disgusted with the kind of person she was molded, richness does not justify distinction and character…. I can only imagine how sad her life and how many people who looked at her in disgrace either cursed her to the highest level!  If looks can kill she might be dead 10x's long time ago……

errffff!  Did I just write that??! (oooopppppsssssss!…….)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

GPO whitening Set- Review

I once posted the photo in my instagram dated when I received it from my good friend, I have read a lot of wonderful things about GPO and how it made miracle in the name of beauty..

I was very skeptical using it because I have sensitive skin and I’m afraid it may caused complication or rashes, I have waited for 2 weeks to try on, I have prayed sincerely that nothing will happen to me, (that’s how corny I am on the process!!)  nway, to make the story short…. 

The result is good and no pain at all; it whitens my dark spot in 7 days with no complications, it peels till the very last dark skin, it smooth my skin and it heals well... (just make sure to follow the steps accordingly)

Such a wonderful product and would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for fast result, I super love it!!!  whitening set cost Php 190/- or KD 1.5/-

Foot Weird...!

As the world gets innovated, transformed and advances,  life is becoming easy and lazy everything is automated with just a click  or a command

but Fashion on the other hand is becoming weird, colorful and complicated, from the standard less is more to weird is in!!

I can’t help but wonder what will be the trend in another 5 to 10 years??

I cannot imagine myself wearing these shoes but, somehow,  I was mesmerize with the design, colors and the uniqueness..

My supplier ask me if I wanted to try,  well, still thinking but maybe I will, hope can go home in one piece....

Would you dare to wear it?? 

Photo Credit from Varous supplier in aliexpres

if you 're interested to buy one, contact me, i'll let you know to to purchase it! ...