Monday, April 29, 2013

Creative Ideas: Small Kitchen Gadgets

                   Here’s a wonderful kitchen ideas, small things that makes our lives easier!!  

DIY Nail Art: Do it like a PRO!!

I’m not a fan of nail products, I don’t wear polish not even have the urge to go to the salon for nail session; I love my fingers or toes in square shape untouched by anyone or except hubby…

But upon seeing this product, something tickles me from behind beg me to try playing and put an art on my nails, why not?? it's fun easy and creatively great!!!!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Defensive Driving Simulator

Glad to see this piece of machine in our company’s backyard…!!

Hope people will finally see the importance of being a safe driver and driving defensively…! 

 Change the way you think about driving “

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Home Health Invaders

Well, speaking of danger and potential hazards at home, here’s a wonderful illustration created by ….

Prevention is better than cure so keep your family safe at all times!!!

(Click to enlarge)
Home Health Invaders

Al Mohanna Plaza Hotel -Kuwait

Last weekend we decided to paint the house not even thinking of the aftershocked, it’s messy, health hazzard  and the smell of the paint is just unbearable, so we packed our bags and find a place to sleep over, no expectations, we do not care less enough if it is an luxury or just a plain sleeping flat as long as we have a place to sleep and kids have a better place to play and do their things…

After an hour of searching, we finally found Al Mohanna Plaza Hotel,
The apartelle is located in old souk, the very heart of salmiya kuwait
@ Standard rate of 35KD/ night, fully furnished

 well, not my typical hotel set upbut it’s pleasing enough for the whole family to stay in convenience and it’s like home away from home....  

Creative Ideas: Handy & Portable!!

Just a recap…

I remember, posting all these products before, but for the benefits of others specially the newbies of this blogs…

I simply love how handy and portable all these products, basically creative, useful and wonderful…..!  

applicable to all handy mobile phones.......

Credits to : Mr. Alex Aguilar Jr. .... you're the BEST!!!!!!

Wisemummy81 - Not your Ordinary Scarf

I’m back… oh well, how many times have you heard that from me hehehe… sorry guys as I’ve been so busy, and God knows how much I’m trying to take some time to keep my mind focus and update this lovely blog…

the very question is, what’s up.. wisemummy??!!

Well, I’m good still alive and kicking, been so busy marketing my very own fashionable jewelry scarf, have you heard or seen one of these before???

I love it and I can’t stop spreading my excitement on line…

 oh! By the way, I already created my facebook page , so if you happen to have an FB account please like my page “WISEMUMMY81” I’ll see you there and we’ll stay in touch…! Great isn’t it…

And now, let me spread the virus & love here!!  

Creatively fabulous!!!!  Fashionable Scarf


You can order by sending me a mail thru:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Creative Ideas: DIY Desk Bonsai

Here’s Another green and  Save the Earth idea, I love it and surely I’ll enjoy taking care of my mini  desk garden… 

Photo: Happy365 Store
Photo:Happy365 Store

Creative Ideas: Zipper Bracelet

Less is more and colors never fails to make my day right…

Eco-friendly, simple but great day accessories available at the comfort of your home!! Be Eco-Fabulous and creatively stylish!!

Photo: J-Nicole Fashion Storm Store

Photo: J-Nicole Fashion Storm Store

When to say " ENOUGH is ENOUGH" at Work

Been working for 10 years , 3 years I’ve stayed from the previous company and 7 years in the current one , in my years of working I have encountered  pain, stress, anxiety and lots and lots of discrimination specially in the first year…

Did I give up??  Maybe!! But in so many times I just stayed in my bed alone and crying… 

now let me you something:

There are plenty of people out there with different attitudes and intentions but we all strive for the same reason…. “SALARY & POSITION”   the competition is tough and if you give up then you lose a turn.. but giving up is not define as being weak but it is being strong and standing up for your rights, Work might be an essential toward betterment of our lives and family but it should hindrance nor take us into the level of stress and anxiety…

I recently saw my sister in a state of depression, I can’t stand seeing her  in tears because her lady boss is a bully and extremely mean, she takes all her problems at home in the office  that it affects her position to be mean to her subordinates which is very unethical, but no one gives a damn dare to bring notice because of her nationality and how she project herself in front of others… that’s how cruel it is!!! 

( You’re so MEAN hospital( D-TECH) lady BOSS and if you don’t know what KARMA is, then wait for it in the right time!!)-- sooo carried away it my emotions right now!! sorry!!

Anyway,  If you feel you are in the situation of letting go but have that 2nd thought of giving up your job just because you needed the fund to sustain your everything then STOP for awhile.. remember , we all have that talent and confidence within, we are created perfect in the eyes of our creator and nothing will hindrance us toward success except our fear, the moment you stop believing and let go of that confidence in you then you have no option to go out from the prison of work stress….

Remember: (obey the following rules)

              1.)    Work without fear
              2.)   Keep yourself intact 
              3.)   Be Friendly
              4.)   Ask if you don’t know
              5.)    Don’t bring your problems at home in the office
              6.)   Help yourself , be a quick learner
              7.)   Respect Authorities
              8.)   Be friendly but always have the line of limitations
              9.)   Always exceed expectations as you work


         1.)     if you follow the above and still struggle to work every day, with people, work itself and your anxiety level is on rocky road… please let go and find a new job!!!

       2.)   If you follow the above and still your BOSS treats you like a rag, just go and find yourself a better opportunity, Reality check:  Bully Boss Exist and they’re stupid!! and it doesn't mean they’re always on top, our world rounds in cycle and so are we, let go forgive and let time takes it turn….!!

WORK should not be the cause of your depression and health related issues, work as if you are at home and doing the things you love!!!

Have a great day everyone and Don’t forget to pray for guidance!!! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Picture paints a thousand words….

Look at this photo and tell how you feel??!

Every day is a blessings let’s be thankful for the life and all that we have, I can’t credit  to the owner of the photo as I really don’t know where did I get it, but thank you so much for touching my heart, it inspired me to work hard for my kids and pray for those who are less in life….

I just wish, people will find this kid and extend a hand…. God Bless these Kids in the Photo and all the children in the world

A student is holding her little brother while in school because her single mother works for their living. Thanks for her understanding teachers and classmates.

Budget Tight Extra Special Birthday Party

 For Parents like myself, there’s no greater glory than seeing our kids in their outmost joy specially during their birthdays, we can always saved up prior to the day but in some instances we cannot control the happenings and ended up having less budget for our kids party….

I’m not saying we have to stop the party nor lean money just to pursue it; first of all, it’s a bad habit to barrow money for party sake, that’s a NO NO!!!  we can always teach our kids to understand and we can find ways to be extra creative and handle the situation well without neglecting anything….

What are the essentials in planning an extra ordinary party but on a tight budget

1.) Home Cooked meal instead of catering
2.)   Colorful but Cheap Decorations instead of hiring a decorator
3.)  Classic Cake instead of  expensive fondant cake
4.)   Minimize Visitors
5.) Focus on the celebrant her wants and make it a reality but play around the budget

Birthdays comes once in a year, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate it but how you enjoy and make it special!!

Bungee Jumping Kuwait

I tried throwing myself  in estimated 15 floors building high ride in Al-Shaab park,  I love the rush of  emotions all over my body, It feels like suicide helplessly trying to pull myself up in fast fall motion… yeah!!!!

I like to do it again f given a chance, but more likely, I wanted to try bungee jumping….!!  the hidden Dare devil in me  huh...!

So people are we in or out!!!

Location: Marina Crescent
Date: April 25 to April 28 2013Time: 10AM to 6PM
Cost: KD20


Kuwait Fish Market

One of many things I love waking up early morning of weekend is to witness all the freshness and various activities in Kuwait fish market…

I love every aspect of the bidding process where the seller announces its selling price in a very weird yet funny tone, it’s like going to a huge & aggressive crowd of stock market  ...ohh!! I love the energy!!!

Above all things, I love sea foods!!! Mamamia!!.......