Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recommended Products!

Hi guys…

I was deep busy jumping from work, household and business commitment, I rarely visit my blog for updates but thank God, everything is in a better phase and I can now go back to my normal shed....
Anyway, for the last 3-4 weeks been trying out new products, it is sort of great dicovery adventure!!

Here are new products I have tested and highly recommended:

1.)   Milcu Foot & underarm powder deodorant

At first glance, I thought it was a joke, but I have used this brand because I have no choice, I was in Philippines at that time and ran out of body spray, my mother in law gave me a small bottle of this as an alternative, and it was indeed great!! 3 days of using it, all I can say is, its amazing, no sweat, no smell and it lasted for whole day, so before coming back to Kuwait, I have secured 5 big bottles of it and I can’t express how grateful I am to have found a product so good as milcu 2in1 powder, ohhh I did tried it as foot deorant and it works the same!!

2.)   Royale Pinkish Glow

My sister came in our house last month with a huge bag of Royale Products, from soap to lotions, I was not interested at all but in due respect I have to buy 1-2 items, so I bought pinkish glow and glutathione cream in blue bottle, the next day, I started using both products, I fell in love with the pinkish glow, it blends perfectly to my skin, covering even the small spots, I look fresh and natural with pinkish glow, I don’t have to wear any foundation nor a powder, just a little spread of this cream and you’re good to go…!

3.)   Laminine

Few weeks back, I have posted about this miracle supplement and I would want to post my recommendation as well, this supplement as I said before, gives me great and wonderful result internally, in my own experience, it reduced stress, headache, it gives me a peaceful and wonderful sleep at night,  my skin looks healthy and glowing and I feel great all in all!!

Our body is our best asset, it is our machine to earn our living, so it is only safe to say that we should take care of it, and caring our body would always starts with a good hygiene and a healty skin

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 in one - Phone Dial Lenses

Super love this!!

3-in-1 lens set:Fisheye, Wide Angle, and Telephoto
Optical-qualitycoated glasslenses
Aircraft-grade aluminumcase
Rotate the dial to switch lenses!
Case hastwo tripod mounts(for portrait/landscape)

 photo from:liexpress

Stem Cell Enhancer.....

Now a days, people are so addicted with anything instant from food, technology, health and wealth, everything seems to be in a fast chain that sometimes I forgot it’s already weekend have to take time to seat and enjoy the time in slow process, people are so keen on how to be rich and forget about their health,

 Last month, I attended a seminar about health & alternatives, I eventually, introduced to a networking business and a product

Well; imagine my reaction when the speaker openly said that such seminar is not only a plain health seminar but also an introduction to a networking business…

Hmmmm???..!   I was deceived that was my first thinking but I did not react, I continue to listen and this what I have gathered from the seminar:

 if you are familiar with STEM Cell therapy/treatment,  it is a breakthrough that potentially  changed the face of human disease and sooth sufferings , the problem is that ,it cost a fortune to get a shot!!  

So a specialized company in USA had venture into study and end up with a HAPPY PILL or LAMININE- a stem cell enhancer that promotes balance and enhancement in our body ( I don’t want to flood more explanation, I’m not here to promote but just to write my learning and experience)

Anyway, to cut it short… I did try the product and I swear!! I never felt such greatness inside my body when I tried it , I feel happy, less moody, no headache and I'm refreshingly active in 2 weeks of taking the supplement, truly : Don't jusdge the book by its cover, because that what happen to me, I judge before I listen and now I can never be happy and healthy if I turn my back because hearing about MLM  makes me wanna rush home

Anyhow,  this is not to advertise nor recruit anyone, I did not even sign up to be member but just a plain user with an experience of a good product..

Here's  more about Laminine:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY- Colorful Name Tags

Creating a colorful name tag is one of my specialty,

it's simple, creative and mainly you can use recyle materials

so here goes…

Things you need:

Colored papers ( recycled one will do)
Colorful markers


Begin by printing your name in any colored paper, should be bold depending on how big you want your tag,  (computer printed or self design is fine)

Then, cut the name with an adjustment of at least half inch on the edges

Then glue in on another colored paper,

Cut it again leaving a small edge of the colored paper 

lastly,  you can enchance the color by using the markers  color the lines and every edge of the tag......

Fad, Fat, Pills & Risk... to my avid reader

Hello Dear Avid Desperate Friend,

 I'm very flatterred and thankful for your consistent visit  on my blog,

I have posted several entries about diets and reality but  e-mails and queries kept on pouring,  I have received lots of queries about diet pills and if I can suggest any of it, 

Well,  recalling those days when I’m in the midst of despair wanting to tone down into the impossible size 4, my mind was not in the proper state that all I can think of was to lose weight and think about the risk later,

I was then introduced to slimming pills that promises a superb result in 10 days…

Yes, I lose the fat and I was happy back then, but I was not prepared for the risk, the moment I start using these products, I became dependent to it, once you stop with the routine you’ll start to gain the whole fat back with the additional 200% more in your system, so to speak, I don’t recommend any to this stuff because I know it will damage you in and out and getting back into the ladder is very hard,

Anyway, the point is, desperation lead you to make sudden decision in life, you are willing to take the risk, but is it worth your life and happiness???   I can always give you my recommendation but promise me one thing, after a bottle or two you will care to do the proper program that the expert gave you?? And commit yourself for a proper diet and exercise which is I believe the best most effective one….

Think about it? And let me know… I’m with you Girl!! Hang in there!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

RA10175 --- My Side

If you notice, I haven’t post anything about the subject controversy,  I kept my silent instead,  it is not to go against the government nor agree with my fellow netizens ,I wanted some time to truly understand  what’s behind and how would affect me as an ordinary netizen and me as a blogger  who created a life in the cyber world

Cyber law basically a prevention against cyber bully, on line fraud, pornography and other cyber crimes and I do understand the point of the government to protect filipino netizens and penalize those who will commit cyber crimes

but it caters too many entries that perhaps it go beyond the border of freedom of speech, the freedom to seek knowledge and exploration..

Cyber world is a place where every voice is heard, every post is an information and everyone is welcome without a race nor religion to follow…

and finally,  this is to submit my stand that I strongly agree on the REVISION of the cyber law


DinnerTime is Family Time

Tonight we have ordered our all time favorite Chinese food from China lakes- salmiya branch, shrimp machunrian, Fish sweet & sour and egg rice with free noodle soup
Total dinner cost is only 5KD to be shared by family of 6 ( 3 kids + 3 adults), 

We’ve been in Kuwait for the last 10 years and proud to say that from then till now we always stick to the traditional Filipino dinner set up, I as a mother, would want my kids to continue with this tradition, dinner time is a family time… it’s not about the food but the time and talks we all shared in one table, ohhhh…. By the way, The food is really great!!  so this is one simple but usual great family time!! 
This is just a post to say , Have a good evening and Have a great family time!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Colorful Wonderful Card Holders...

Here goes another creative, colorful and useful post...

Handy credit cards/ card holder, it comes in colorful design or you can just go with the standard but great plain colors....

great isn't  it??

Boredom and paper clips..

Boredom + paper clips = Creativity

When I’m bored, I usually ordered loads of coffee, take a walk and refresh myself,  but more than anything, I love to twist and ruined things in the name of creativity hehehehe…..

 I was damn bored today and I saw few paper clips on my desk, can’t think of anything to energized myself  so started to I twist and bite the paper clips  (with all my strenght heheheh )

and Hwallah...! 

a heart shape pins  

Wisemummy: Creative Ideas!

For one thing, I’m very  much fascinated by anything creative and useful;  so I decided to post more of this craze and hope everyone shares the same joy!

1.)  Mobile holder

well, they called it mobile holder but it can be used for many things.. absolutely great as basic holder inside your car or at home...! love it!

2.)  Tree Solar Charger

what better way  to get FREE charge/ energy?! use the solar eh?!! this innovation says it all.. it's a 10 in 1 mobile charger

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm Bored...>!

Everyday is a challenge, becoming a mom is not easy it’s a task of a lifetime; you’ll never understand your parents until you are in their shoes, it’s a mixture of excitement + stamina,

As I see my kids grew up and learning more everyday I started to have that feeling of jolt deep within, scared of what would the future bring and till when I’m going to stay in this world, I want them to be secured as they venture into their lives, I want them to have what I don’t have during those times

I wanted to do something, something that would change me as a mom, as a regular employee as an ordinary citizen of Kuwait… I wanted more beyond my horizon to give out the best for my kids in the future….

I’m actually bored, I can’t think of anything but my kids while I’m sitting here in my desk wandering thoughts in many places, forgive me for posting this!!

Round 2 for Azkals Vs Al-Azraq

According to,  Azkals will be back in the middleast for a friendly game
 Vs Bahrain On  Oct. 12
kuwait on October 16,2012
6:50pm to 10:00 pm
@ Kuwait Club in Khaifan
ticket price:  Kd1,KD2 & KD3 -- available at the stadium

Not so excited about it,.... but I'm looking forward to see  better games for Azkals...


here's more about the news from

A day after signifying their availability for the Azkals' training and friendlies in the Middle East, Phil and James Younghusband were recalled to the lineup ahead of the October 7 to 17 camp.

The Philippine Football Federation has sent a letter addressed to the Younghusbands’ professional team, Loyola Meralco, on Wednesday seeking the brothers’ release for the national team’s 10-day camp, which includes friendlies against Bahrain on October 12 and Kuwait four days later.

The PFF had earlier excluded the brothers from the Philippine Football Peace Cup lineup due to “economic and non-economic issues” and the Azkals showed they can win without the Younghusbands by lifting the country's first football silverware in 99 years.

However, the body stressed the need to assemble the strongest team possible for the upcoming Asean Football Federation Suzuki Cup in explaining the decision to reinstate the brothers.
“After careful consideration, the management has decided to include Phil and James Younghusband in this training camp. Both siblings remain assets to the Azkals and remain part of the team,” Azkals’ team manager Dan Palami said in a statement.

“As a team, we take this time to bridge differences as we work towards a common goal: bringing honor and pride to the country, Palami added.

The brothers, who are currently in Singapore with the Sparks for their semifinal match against the Tampines Rovers in the Singapore Cup, are expected to be released accordingly as team owner Randy Roxas had earlier expressed his willingness to lend any of his players to the national team.

The development came on the same day the Azkals jumped three spots in the latest Fifa world rankings to 147th, their highest ranking ever which attests to how far the sport has come in the country.

Apart from the Younghusbands, the notable booters based abroad who will rejoin the team are Dennis Cagara, Rob Gier, Angel and Juani Guirado, Ray Jonsson, Jerry Lucena, Roland Muller, Paul Mulders.

Co-skipper Chieffy Caligdong, Marwin Angeles, Ian Araneta, Misagh Bahadoran, Jeff Christiaens, Ref Cuaresma, Jason de Jong, Anto Gonzales, Nestorio Margarse Jr., Carli de Murga, Demit Omphroy, OJ Porteria, Patrick Reichelt, Ed SacapaƱo, Matt Uy, and Denis Wolf are the holdovers from the Peace Cup lineup.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Anime Obssesion?!

Check out this flower fairy makeup tutorial by Anastasiya Shpagina (a.k.a Fukkacumi), from Ukraine. The 19-year-old hair stylist uses extreme makeup techniques and costumes to transform herself into a real-life anime character
It takes Shpagina about an hour to achieve her doe-eyed look—don't worry, the video is only six minutes long. Photographs on her Facebook fan page show a dangerously waifish young woman with deep crimson hair. She says she would like to one day have surgery to reshape her eyes and nip in her waist even more drastically. Shpagina is reported to weigh only about 90 pounds. Her VK page is posted with images that inspire her such as dragonflies, flowers, butterflies, tiny deer, and other woodland creatures, but her true muse is Valerie Lukyanova, the 21-year-old who sparked controversy in the spring by using plastic surgery and photo retouching to become a real-life Barbie.

Self Stirring mug....

I’m fat and I’m lazy… call me names, I don’t care… sometimes being lazy just gives you ideas on how to remain lazy.. hehehehe… but atleast your brain is workin eh?!!!

This baby gives me every right to stir my hot drinks without a mess, lazy creation but it’s cute!!!

 contact me if you want to buy one

Happy Rant... my wedding Video is a Disaster!!

Further to my fat gratitude on this page right here THE WEDDING, I know till the very end something might fall into the grass, unexpected but least expected...

This is why I’m writing my so called “ Happy Rant”  not a big issue but it might be.. if no proper communication and time!

After like a month of waiting, I was surprised to hear from my uncle in davao about the outcome of our wedding video, I haven’t seen the video yet but they told me that in the middle part of it was corrupted and scratchy, and the worst part is that, we have to wait for days to return the CD because the “Concerns” are currently out of town, leaving us no choice but to abide

I’m writing this short complain to my dearest photo/video contractor, 

here goes....

Dear Sir,

I’m not here to RANT nor destroy your good reputation, you have created your name in the industry and I have no right to end that, actually, I was very happy with the photos and indeed pleased how professional your staff during the event

The thing is, every details of the event is important to us,  that is why we have chosen your company to handle one of the most important memories of our wedding, it is where we go back and see how happy we are on our wedding day just like any other couple in this world..

Appreciate looking into the matter and spare some time to sort things out, I know, I’m the least of your priority but as one of your customer you are entitle to deliver a good quality of the services your offering

Thanks Regards,

“quote and quote”

Creative Tissue Box from Coop

Kuwait is country of  wholesale and luxury, it's anything big and bulky!

 just like "facial tissues particularly in a box"

I was in Philippines last month and it so often that I found a tissue box in any establishment everything is in roll or mini sachets but in kuwait tissues are overly sold and it became part of many lives in kuwait,  everywhere I go,  tissue boxes are everywhere in different style and brands,  I guess, this is a country that consumed tissues in a very monster way.. you know!!!!

Anyway,  I drop by salmiya coop yesterday for some groceries and surprised to see a creative box of tissue that covers a photo of things relevant to Kuwait and more to my surprise it is made here under the brand of SALMIYA COOP..

i'm just sayin' this is one creative idea for a change!! tissue box should not be plain anymore since, we are not keepin it but we're displaying it at home or anywhere, so this idea simply just great!!!  I like it!!

(ohhh!! excuse my exgerrated intro...!)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

AMERICAN TOURISTER Warehouse Clearance Sale....!

geezzzz.. GO grab one!!!!!


Cloud Nine..

Been capturing photos of the clouds from the window on our flight back in kuwait, and this one just takes my breath away, I'm not even using a professional camera but my hubby's old blackberry phone...

ahhhhhh... simply amazing!! isn't it?!

Constant change in Iphone5 PRICE...

Well, since the time it was launch in kuwait the price gone from 349 to 299 and now, I have received a notification from our local buyer that it’s KD297 in electrozan  

And maybe will reduce more in the next days to come…. I’m not really a FAN of apple but it bothers me coz people are just going crazy, been receiving lots of inquiry and request internally to changed their old mobile to the latest one specifically IPHONE5….

Duh!! What’s up people??!!  Any spare money for a greater cause???  perhaps a better investment???

October Fest!!! from the grapevine....

Hello Kuwait!!...

Here are list of events from  Thegrapevinekuwait , we should not miss for the month of OCTOBER...



For those of you who are looking for something to do on Monday nights, Marina Cafe is the answer! Monday nights are “Ladies’ Night” at Marina Cafe! They are offering free Shisha for the Ladies every Monday from 5pm until midnight, and a FREE extra bowl for the men! So gather up some friends & take advantage of this great offer!

(Reservation is a MUST)

October 11, 2012 – October 13, 2012 (all-day)

Ladies & gents! Hermann Melo will be on Kuwaiti Shores for B1 & B2 Zumba® Instructor trainings (open to both males & females)! Click HERE & register for these fantastic trainings today! PRE-REGISTRATION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


photos & acticle source: