Thursday, June 29, 2017

Zephere Sea Food Restaurant

I never thought that Egyptian sea foods cuisine taste amazingly great!!, I love it!!   

So people out there craving for  sea food in Egyptian style of cooking, I would highly recommend ZEPHERE Restaurant in salmiya @ Piccadilly Tower.

 I still have the hang of this resto, the food is really really good!!!!!!  I’m officially a fan!! 

Breakfast @ the ROOF

This is like one of the simple yet overwhelming breakfast experience.

THE ROOF resto at the ZONE gulf road near to Shaab Park, offers a buffet breakfast at a very reasonable price. 

The interior design of the resto is very  warm and pleasant creating a perfect vibe for breakfast.

Junkyard @ the Village

So here I am flooding my blogsite with lots of food post, this is me fillin’ the gap of completely not-visible for many days/weeks/months in the blog world. Heheheh…..

Junkyard resto at the village, a place to hang out the outdoor location is quite pretty nice, though, I gotta be honest, I was not able to enjoy the food not because it doesn’t taste good but the serving is a bit small and pricey, but I love the concept and the place itself, it’s spacious and very modern !!!