Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google launches Nexus 7 tablet, Jelly Bean and spherical Nexus Q device for home use

Computerworld - As expected, Google on Wednesday announced a $199, 7-in. tablet called Nexus 7 that will run on Android 4.1, a.k.a. Jelly Bean.

Built with Asus, the tablet can be ordered starting today on Google Play, and will ship in the U.S. and three other countries in mid-July, Google said.
Google described the tablet as principally a conduit for Google Play, its cloud-based repository for Google apps and movies, books and other content. Nexus 7 is "built for Google Play," said Hugo Barra, product management director for Android at Google.
At Google I/O, its annual developer conference, Google also introduced a spherical Android-based media player called Nexus Q, which is designed to receive music and other content from Android smartphones and tablets and distribute it over home stereos and TV screens.
Google Play will launch on the home screen of the Nexus 7, and people who purchase the new tablet will get a $25 credit toward Google Play content, such a music, e-books and movies. The Nexus 7 screen features 1280-x-800-pixel resolution, which is good for watching movies, playing games and viewing other content, Barra said.

Google also listed a series of improvements that are included in Android 4.1, including paid app encryption to help developers protect their intellectual property and an on-device speech recognition engine that eliminates the need for speech input to work over a wireless connection.

Jelly Bean will also ship in the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom smartphones in mid-July and will be available as open source at that time, according to Google. A developer blog on the improvements was posted at the same time that Android 4.1 was announced on stage during the Google I/O opening keynote.

In a side-by-side demonstration of a device running Android 4.1 and a device running Android 4.0 during the keynote, Google demonstrated that Jelly Bean features a smoother and more responsive user interface than its predecessor, which is known as Ice Cream Sandwich and was launched last October.
Given the price and focus on content streaming from Google Play, analysts said the Nexus 7 tablet will primarily serve the same audience as the Amazon Kindle Fire, a $199, 7-in. device that Amazon is expected to update in July.


here's an invitation for everyone!!

InterNations Recommended Blog

Been so busy lately so you can find empty spots dated last week, but I was surprised to received an invitation from, recognizing my blog on their expat recommended blog site,

I need a lot of time to finally gasp the moment, seeing my blog takes its chances but still, the  ‘shy factor”  never fades in me, I’m not a writer  but  trying to express and share my feelings in a simplest words I can write & think of….

 it’s my first recognition so expect me to be extremely corney, cheezy, exaggerating and expressive at the  instance…..I was energized and lifted, I can finally say that I have given the right opportunity to be recognized & be heard

Thanks again and I promise to be better and more passionate about blogging!   And even more, the shy factor will become my reason to become a passionate blogger in the years to come, everyone has a chance and I want to continually learn and discover more….

You can see my interview HERE
and recommendation logo can be found on the left side ------->

lovely isn't it??!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

it's Nearly RAMADAN

Few more weeks and it’s Ramadan,  I’m not a Muslim/practising ISLAM but I always like Ramadan because working hours is lesser , it's peaceful and gives me lots of time to rest and be with my family 

During this season I do not fast but it's feels like doing it, it is the season where I practice my long patience in dealing with mad clients, stress, hunger and thirst, if you're not use to the habit then, expect to be loaded with lottas fat in your system coz you'll definitely eat more than the usual

For newbie’s in Kuwait, here are few things to remember during Ramadan

1.)   It is illegal to eat, drink or smoke in public during fasting period ( Sun rise till sun set)
2.)   Wear proper dress  when going out
3.)   Be patience in dealing with “THEM”, you know the feeling when you're very hungry & tired?? expect same to those who are fasting, they easily get upset and mad, so be friendly and courteous at all times
4.)   All restaurant/ fast food chain are closed during the day so expect a very quite morning during this season
5.)   Limit your Grocery shopping days before RAMADAN  or  you’ll be stock in a very long que 
6.)   Office workers are not excuse to the practice as to whether you are fasting or not, you have to abide with the rules - RESPECT the tradition at all cause
7.)   Working hours is only 5-6 hours or less specially for government sectors,  if processing for important documents, BE EARLY and Complete the requirements prior to your visit

American Eagle Sale...!

This is one of my fave brand, ladies and gent in kuwait,

 time to shop till we drop!!... sale up to 75% from  June 26 to 23-jul

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Expressing the moment...

Last wednesday, I wanted to cry and jump for joy because I'm happy and I want to continue saying how proud I am,

My brother finally graduated in high school and it's not an ordinary grad but an extra ordinary moment for our family,  this is not to exagerrate but my brother was early diagnosed with autism, it was indeed a hard process for all of us,

In a brief, Austism during my brother's time is not common and something anyone was ashamed of accepting, only then, people started to be open and have better understanding of this kind of unexplainable challenge
At the age of 4, he never had a normal childhood days, he is aggressive, he never speak a word, hard headed and always in a very wild tantrums when he never gets want he wants, most of the time he was bullied, pushed and discriminated because he is not normal

People sometimes looked at us in disgrace not knowing how hard it is for us to control and live our lives in normal way,

it's a hell but giving up is not an option, 10 years of struggle finding our ways out in the eyes of rude society , people who judge and who do not understand our living and pain and now, everything is amazing and a blessing! 
I witnessed how every single step on how renewed himself from the child hated by the society into a kind, loving and most wonderful person he is today,

During his graduation, I have a lot moments, struggling to curb my real emotions, holding back my tears, indeed, I'm happy, proud and extremely overwhelm!!,

it is during his speech when I finally burst into tears not even knowing that I was crying, I saw both my sister and mom also have tears in their eyes and it is only to conclude that we all shared the very same feeling, a proud family of the person we love and care...

and I want the whole world to know how proud I am and lucky to have a brother like him,

  I hope and pray that for the people who also an autistic brother,sister or in any relationship that they may have long patience and positive outlook in life, my advise is to accept and love them because there is no recovery but a guidance for them learn, change and understand how they can fit in the society they live in,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weird pump heels shoes...!

well, I was in the midst of deciding the final list of items for my church wedding and this weirdo showed up, in an instant , I saw the blink of light above my head telling me to post it in my blog....

so here I go again with another footweird shoe post... whallah!! it's never ending and I just love to wander things beyond wild imagination, who knows, I might wear this thing on my wedding!!! (hahahha.. i can see your reaction so stop making faces), now, go thru it and lemme know if  it's a yay or NOT...!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cool insect repellant...

Do I hear it right???! This might be one of the answer to the never ending DENGUE disease in country, I think, this product as presented is cool and interesting ,

The best thing about it:

can be use for indoor and outdoor activities with no hazard

Product details:

Perfect for Adults and Children

Estimated Price: 1 usd/each

 Will fit on wrist or ankle with circumference of up to 25cm
 These are designed for human protection against disease carrying mosquitoes.
 It can be used on the Wrist, or Ankle, or through a Belt Loop, or Bag Strap
 Active Ingredient: Citronella Essential Oil

•Effective for up to 240 hrs when keep good in sealable pouch.
•Ingredients: 100% natural citronella essential oil, 70% ultra micro fiber.

-         How long does it last?

240 hrs with proper care

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sale Spotted!...

Well, what can I say??! even in a very least expected, moments like this is like magnet it always lead me to my joy!.. not my typical shopping sale but I had a blast sorrounded by lots by really high end quality clothes and shoes, but honestly, prices are still "bit" expenssive compare it in mall sale like H&M, zara and others, affordability is not on the average side but if you're a person who loves to wear branded and known names in fashion then you'll surely enjoy this!!

located @ Al-Zameiroda in Salwa,
basement floor