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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Creative Ideas: Herbal Pillow

If I were to consider a business, I would somehow take my chances on this product, simply because our way of living now a days is surrounded by stress and physical illness, hospitalization is not always an option for whatever sake medical care is somewhat a business and not a rights
Organic and anything natural in the process is something I want to encourage, this line of products immediately grab a space in my heart for bringing something we can use on our busy days relieving our stress and pain away in a very convenient and handy way

Web site: Precious Pillow

China Unveils Sumptous Hotel shape like Giant Donut

This likely the next target of my desire… awwwwww!!!

China is like the country of everything, creativity and perfection at its best,

In keeping with its status as a rising global superpower, China is showing off its new wealth with an increasing number of landmark buildings.

But this could be the most incredible yet. The 27-storey Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, looms over the skyline of Huzhou, near Shanghai, in the shape of a massive glowing dounut.

Set on the shores of Lake Taihu and offering 321 spacious guest rooms, including 44 suites and 39 villas, it's an ideal destination for China's newly affluent business class.
Rooms at the Sheraton Huzhou start from £285 per night.

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Animals decided to make a scene

Morning is wornderful when it started with a smile, these photos not only make you smile but will exercise your face for early morning laugh...

Good Morning people!!!


Sick of posing for photos these animals decided to make a scene and create a snap these subjects will never forget.
The terrifyingly funny - and likely harmless - attacks range from camels taking a liking to female hair to a goat kid flying headbutt.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

GREEN Coke launched in Argentina with natural sweetener and fully recyclable bottle

Coca Cola has used their familiar and distinctive
curved script since 1887. And since the 1920s their famous logo has been placed on a red background on the company's classic cola.

But the soda brand is now going green, at least in Argentina. The drinks giant has launched Coca Cola Life, which is sweetened with sugar and the naturally occurring, no-calorie sweetener stevia.

The new product features a striking green label and is packaged in the award-winning PlantBottle. This is made with 30 percent plant material and is fully recyclable.

Ramadan Greeting!

Wishing our Muslim brothers and Sisters a blessed and holy RAMADAN

(quite late but posting it with sincerity)

Hair & Extensions

We called it our crowning glory.. .. Some of us may have the perfect hair while others just wants to get rid of it,  So many products in the market that promise extract shine and glory….
 when I was young I  suffered “HAIRINSECURITY”  coz my hair stands really dark and thick, I never appreciate it before , I tend s to keep it hidden even after a bath I used a rubber band to tie instead of just let it naturally dry ….. 

We often neglect that what has been given to us is what really looks good on us, we just have to see the natural flow of our hair, media and celebrities plays a vital role in defining what is perfect when it comes to hair but the truth is.. EVERY hair regardless of its strand, color and wave.. it is perfect the way it is given to us,  it’s like destiny  meant for each other

Well, I think it’s very ironic.. coz today, I happen to truly enjoy looking at the different styles and colors of hair extensions…. I just thought that, instead of damaging your hair with different hair products why not try extensions, it’s easy, manageable and Keeping our natural hair glows with an extra push…. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Fave: Snack Attack

I can’t imagine life without food, here are few little guilty pleasure I hide in my closet… super love these trios during snack time and basically during my lazy hours in front of the  TV…..

where to buy???!!  sultan center budget below 1KD each.... 

Creative Ideas: Skin Shoes

Howdy people, so glad to finally shed some time to write and share few moments with all of you….

I finally have my life back…..hahaha… been away from my ever loving laptop due to my hubby’s project, he’s kinda sleeping right now so I took some time to sneak and grab a little time to blog….

Weather is quite tough and sweaty…. glad to share this lovely innovation for all ages… love it and hope you like it as well!!!

'ACTOS' skin shoes helps user can use grain shape muscles of a sole which are not used normally because of thick and solid shoes. In particular, body weight is spread on the whole foot evenly, so right posture for health is available. In addition, anti-slip outsole prevents slip, so it's also suitable for swimming.