Thursday, June 2, 2011

About Wisemummy81

Wisemummy81 is a personal blog that tackles more on  personal experience, creative ideas and many more, this blog started back in 2011, I was a struggling mother, employee and a writer

" I never imagine that I will truly enjoy blogging due to my busy schedule 

But through the years this page has become my comfort zone, where I can freely express my thoughts, feelings and the things that I found interesting, ........."

What I do Best:

 1.) I am a Mother and a Wife
-         2.)  I Blog
-         3.)  Blog Designs

-       4.)    I am handling International Procurement  &
                    Trading/Shipping Process
                             ( For the Companies and Small Business)

-        5.)   Mystery Shopping currently connected to known international companies

-         6.)  Event Management

-          7.) Kid’s in-house Tutorials  creating a customized worksheet based on the actual syllabus

        8.)   On-line entrepreneur

      9.)   Creative art work and personalized souvenirs for different occasions

I never limit myself with what I know, I always find new things to learn and never fear challenge… 

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