Monday, November 27, 2017

Teens sweating and Body odor

As a mother, it is always my priority to guide or assist my kids on the issues of body change, they grow up so fast that the next morning, I have to face their complain of why their armpit sweats and they also start to be pretty much conscious as they’ve noticed many of their classmates are having body odors specially in the armpit area. 

Things like this has to be dealt with proper care and love,and it should start with their day to day hygiene down to the use of specific body products, many parents just buy a whole lot of commercial deodorant sprays not even considering the content and effects to the body, it’s not that I’m against all these stuff, it actually helps but somehow, I would prefer to give my kids natural and skin friendly.

In Philippines, growing up we are introduced to using TAWAS, it is the cheapest and effective way of dealing with sweating and body odor. 

I never thought that to this day, I will have to look back and find tawas in Kuwait hahahahaha…… and yes!!! It’s available and it’s now packed in stick which is very convenient than the powder one…

My kids love it and they never had to deal with all these sweating and ordor issue!! Truly is an amazing product for the whole family.

It’s available in Kuwait city, UTC Philippine beauty shop @.350 per stick

Carbon Laser @VLCC Kuwait thru SHEEEL. Com

My sister introduced to this so called app, it is a mobile application for best deals in Kuwait ranging from electronic to entertainment packages, and I’m absolutely hooked with it!! 

My recent purchased was the carbon laser from VLCC, I never tried extra ordinary things for myself, I always look into the price and think it over and over before I purchase something, but with all the best deals listed in sheeel, I never had the 2nd thoughts of buying one for myself this time. 

I’m a little bit conscious at first, because after buying the voucher I read a lot of reviews about carbon laser and it’s not entirely nice, there was pain and maintenance and so on… it bothers me of course!!... 

But since, I already paid the package I went on with my schedule and try carbon laser the VLCC way!! 

Well, it took an average of 25 mins on the whole laser process, the pain is tolerable and it can be adjusted according to patient’s tolerance so it’s pretty safe!! Right after the laser session I already see the glow in my skin, I actually have a bad skin but after having 1 treatment of carbon laser, my skin feels very clean and soft.
This treatment is safe and no downtime, I can just get back to work after the treatment no redness or anything alike!! I super like it!!
And you exactly know what’s my next step… buy more voucher of carbon laser VLCC package thru, I swear I saved a lot of money and ended up with super soft skin!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Equestrian Local Competition

Kuwait equestrian season finally open!! Check out local competition schedules thru   

If you haven’t witness any horse event in Kuwait, then, this is your chance to attend, no entrance fee just go and enjoy !!