Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wisemummy: PICK of the DAY!

We were at the SULTAN center in Fahaheel with mah office budz, it's raining and it's cold, I love the weather by the way, I love the rain specially when it's heavy!! ( hehehe that's how crazy I am!)  the objective is just to withdraw money from the ATM machine to pay our monthly jamiya but we again, ended up buying junk foods and stuff like THAT!!..

Anyway, this is what I picked from the massive range of drink displays in the store....

hmmmm......  I always love the taste of TEAs in can,  specially the GREEN one, Try it then! and see if you like it as well... Enjoy!

Finally!! my Jollibee dear is HERE!!

ok ok....  been waiting for this dream to happen and it's finally here,
Since, I was young I'm an avid fan of jollibee specially the patty meal, spaghetti and my all time fave burger!!  though, MCdonalds are also in every corner of philippines but my taste buds really enjoy the taste to sweet flat burger from Jollibee, my long years stayed in kuwait is now a happy one coz my BEE burger is here!!

I don't have the exact date of opening but as per the gossip (yeah!! one reliable gossip source)  will open on Dec. 9,2011, whallah!! that is few days before CHRISTMAS!!  and I'm so loving it..! (sorry MCKIDDIE have to used ur tag!!) one best christmas to wait!! oh hoooo...!

Woman gets 100 silicone injections to have the world’s biggest lips

This gives me a goose bumps!! as in super ewwwwww....!! I pity how this teen think and how she was molded with superficial fantasy, oh my gosssshh...I can't even look at her! but i'll post her story here, a better way to read when I felt like i'm going to be crazy at times!!! but seriously, she really needs professional mental help....

Meet Kristina Rei, the woman who now has the world’s biggest lips.

She’s only 22 and has spent £4,000 on lip injections in the hopes of resembling her favourite film heroine, Jessica Rabbit.
The nail technician from St. Petersburg, Russia was convinced her thin lips were ugly, so she opted to get a lip job – 100 of them - and aims to make her enormous pout even bigger

Speaking about her plump pout, Rei said: “I think I look fantastic and it makes me happy. Sometimes strangers shout names at me in the street “like big lips” but I don't care. I want to go more extreme. I want to look like a cartoon character.”

She added: “I am addicted to it - I love it.”

Rei has wanted her lips enhanced since she was four years old, and says she was always insecure about her appearance - and childhood teasing didn’t help her confidence. Russian TV adverts that promote cosmetic surgery are common, she said, giving her the idea at a very young age.

She got her first injection at 17, and hasn't looked back. Rei can eat, speak and kiss the same way she did before and says she hasn’t suffered any painful after-effects.
She said: “Other than the way I look, my lips haven't had a big impact on my life, so I'm definitely not going to stop now.”

Consultant plastic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides of
111 Harley St. told Yahoo! Lifestyle: “Kristina's obsession with the lip injections means she may suffer from body dysmorphia and this would not make her a good candidate for more cosmetic enhancement.”
He believes she maybe concerned with society’s perception of beauty he said: “People associate very thin lips with ageing and full lips with youth and trustworthy qualities.”

Dr Alexandrides added: “In the long run her injections are not good and go against good aesthetics.”

The beauty addict plans to have more injections as she feels her lips are “definitely too small at the moment.”

She said: “My big lips have helped boost my confidence. Even my parents are happy for me. They really don’t care about my appearance. Some of my friends have told me I shouldn’t go any bigger but I’m not satisfied yet.”

Beyond her lips Rei hopes to have even more cosmetic work done in the future, including a boob and nose job and pointed ears “like an elf.”

Source: yahoo.com.ph

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Internet Tycoon Is Only 8-Years-Old

At first impression, Harli Jordean is just another cute, pint-sized kid who loves playing games. Totally adorable right? But little did his parents know he would make it big as an internet businessman. Did we mention that he's only 8-years-old?
Harli's budding entrepreneurship skills began when he lost his marbles to an older kid. He and his mom then went online to order more. It seems that the marble business isn't so big in the UK, so Harli decided he would start his own website selling marbles.

It soon grew into a successful company, raking in thousands of pounds a year. A simple tub of marbles at Marble King goes for 7.99 pounds (S$16.40), while a limited edition Duke of York solitaire tables can set you back 599 pounds. Demand for products is so high that Harli has had to recruit help from his mum and two older brothers.

Harli loves being the boss and wants to turn his marble biz into a chain of toy stores. He told the Daily Mail: “My dream is to have a chain of stores like Hamleys – it will be one of the biggest toy stores in the world but selling all sorts of marbles.”

Source: Fooyoh.com

I wish I can work with his cute fellow!!...

hmmmm...so Unfair!

Today is a lousy day!...
While everybody is in their absolute holiday mood,  I’m kinda freakin out coz our company did not give us a holiday, In short, they don’t want to pay extra overtime to the people in the field and all who requires to work over the weekend or so….
I was really disappointed seeing the management going into the system of ‘ MONEY,MONEY,MONEY”  I was under the impression that the company is now a graveyard governed by someone who  is  puppet of a MAD & UNHAPPY person  and wants everyone to do the way  he wants to live his LIFE!!!..
 A statement released  that OUR company has gone into a tremendous profit this year!  Yet  upper positions are too scared to lessen their bonus for the year SO THEY HAVE TO CHOoSE BETWEEN SHARING IT OR GETTING IT ALL TO THEIR POCKETS! …
Ohhh….! That’s not it,   our salary was delay you know why??!!  Because authorize signatory is ON LEAVE!!!  He’s too lazy to just sign and click on the button to transfer the funds!!...  EXTREMELY unbelievable……!
 it's funny!! how the picture demonstrate the real score....!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Popcornopolis open @ the Avenues Mall

I love sweet flavored POP-CORN  and this is just a wonderland for me!!!

Located in The Avenues Mall at Baroue Children Park

Friday, November 11, 2011


what's with


good or bad luck??

Fries City..!

I was really amazed with the sweet taste of popcorn in  Fries city, though, the oreo flavor looks really odd like a goat poop (my bad sorry..) but, it tasted really good!!.... super sweet!!..

I ordered medium size mixed pop corn Oreo + Caramel flavor!.... a must try!!...

been throwing few in my mouth on our way home, needless to say, I never notice that I ate it all before reaching home!!..... khallassshhh hubby is really mad , he never got the chance to taste it!!! hehehehe

Alternative Medicine...!

My mom is always been a fan of herbal medicine, mainly because of the less side effects and she feels safe knowing that the main ingredients are comes from pure nature!!...

The other day, we were at city center for some family day out and I happen to see this store, full of Herbal med.

unfortunately, the store was close at the time of our visit, I was really hoping to grab a few vitamins for myself and hubby ...maybe on our next day out!!....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Long Holiday Sickness!!

(Photo Credit: Google search)

Prior to the Eid Holiday, I was really excited and looking forward in taking all my plans into reality, few into my list is to rent a chalet with the family for a day or two and going out of kuwait  with hubby probably in Dubai (Atlantis)..
A few hours last Thursday at work, I was in great joy, overwhelm , full of  holiday mood , all I can sense was a breath of happy faces and wonderful places  to look forward; I’m so ready to packed our bags for a complet family getaway!!... At exactly, 3:00pm I jumped for joy coz it’s finally weekend, I ran down, punched my card and say my sweet holiday greetings to all my colleagues!!...
Running home with a huge smile!!   But to my dismay, I got home seeing my kids coughing, red faces, runny nose and with fever….  At that very moment, my world suddenly turns heavy and swirly; I felt dizz but I never had that feeling of madness or anger,
 I looked at kids with pride and joy that mommy is here and I’m going to kick the pain away!!...., the long holiday was entirely a tiring moment of going back & fort to the hospital, sleepless nights with so many laundry and dirty sheets….
I can’t imagine how tiring it is and how ugly to see myself in the mirror with a super duper big eye bags but it’s all worth it,  my kids are my TOP priority and I can never be happy than to see them safe with happy eyes!!   

 oh!!  By the way, my loving husband hand me a wonderful gift today, a diamond earrings!! Good enough to quench my sadness away!! Forget about my plans maybe next time…! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Girl @ 3, eats leftovers for 2 days after mom dies

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — A 3-year-old girl comforted herself with her favorite toy and ate cheese, leftover lasagna and milk for two days after her mother died unexpectedly in their New Zealand home.

The girl's uncle, Pete Silbery, told The Associated Press on Friday that Shylah Silbery managed to open the fridge and comfort herself with a teddy bear named "Possum" after Lauren Silbery, 28, died.
The family last spoke to Lauren Silbery on Oct. 19, he said. Two days later, they were worried enough to call a friend who lived near her Wellington home. The friend could see the girl inside the home, but not the mother, prompting the family to call police, Pete Silbery said.

Police coaxed Shylah to drag a coffee table to the door so she could reach the lock and unlock the door, before she told them, "Mummy won't wake up," Silbery said.

"I can only imagine her in there for that long, trying to wake Mum up as well," he said.
Shylah spent several days in a hospital recovering from dehydration and diaper rash.

"She's doing OK now. She's still bubbly," he said. "When we lowered the coffin into the grave at the cemetery, though, she pointed at it and said 'Mummy's in there.' It was pretty heartbreaking."
Authorities are awaiting the results of an autopsy but don't believe Lauren Silbery's death was suspicious, Wellington police spokesman Victoria Davis said.


Trully heart breaking!!...


Source: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/girl-3-eats-leftovers-2-days-mom-dies-055630625.html

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fresh& Healthy Salads @ LULU hypermarket

Salad is one of my favorite, I can't help but to share my joy seeing the vast display of different salads at LULU hypermarket.... a must try!

Btw, on my way out, I saw a "NO PHOTO ALLOWED" sign, I apologize in advance as I never notice the sign before, so sorry dear LULU, please let me post just this one!

Looking for chalet??

I happen to find this site on the net while searching for the best deals of rentable chalets in kuwait....

I never tried the service yet but it's a big help indeed...!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Weight LOSS Sucess!

If you remember this  POST , my 100 days commitment to lose weight...

****EXTRA..EXTRA Special!!!***

I finally landed on my target weight,  

Take a look at my pics,


NEW ME inside & out... 

the result of discipline, hardwork and determination....!

I thank God fo keeping me strong, a big FAT thanks as well to my Family & Friends specially to my HUBBY who supported me all througout my Journey!!...

SEPHORA skin care!

I visited SEPHORA yesterday @ the avenues mall for an important assignment,  at first, I was hesitant to do the assignment because  it conflict to my work  schedule  and I do have some event to attend..
But I’m so glad I have taken the job and discover more about the store and it’s wonderful skin care products, right after my assignment,  I was really tempted to buy  things  like the toner, moisturizer and lotion… I started using it last night and it feels really great!!!....
oh! by the way, thank you so much " Ms. BEAUTY CONSULTANT"  for the FREE SAMPLES!!   I love it!

Christmas Display @ IKEA

Christmas is near..... 

I really enjoy looking at the christmas display in Ikea, its overwhelming  and exciting how days passes by and now its nearly CHRISTMAS!!