Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scream Ice molds-- perfect for Halloween drinks

Happy Halloween…!!!

Creative Ideas: the Floating Book Shelves

  •  I saw this somewhere and I simply adore it!! it's Conceal floating book shelf mounts to the wall,  will  find more details and update this post...

Fast delivery and Yummy Chinese Food in kuwait

Just want to acknowledge the good service given to us by China Lake Restaurant,
Their hospitality and commitment perfectly match their yummy food

One good Chinese restaurant in town

Pei-Wei Asian Diner-Kuwait

This post is somehow late but I think Pei Wei Asian Diner deserved to be in this space…

Why do I like the place:

1.)    It's asian – servicing Asian authentic food, the kind of blend I was looking for
2.)    Value for Money
3.)    Clean place
4.)    Unlimited drinks in jumbo glasses
5.)    1 serving good for 2 persons
6.)    The place is very convenient
7.)    Good and fast service

All and all, I love the resto because my kids are able to eat the food without a force, they loved it!!!

It is conveniently located at the food world in the avenues  though, the place is teeming with so many fast food display, I can’t help myself but crave for Asian food whenever I see their poster, this resto simply tops my list whenever we dropped by the avenues mall

Sorry bit messy but I really tried to keep it clean

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Shortcut ( My first haunted story)

It was 8 am and I’m still in bed, I was wide awake after hearing the noise in kitchen, probably just mom cleaning all the utensils all Over again, so I got up and walk towards the bathroom the door was locked so I have to knock twice to find out whose inside, oh!! My brother was there inside and my mom been shouting his name in the name of whatever monster she can name!!  irritated by the whole scenario I went to the other room where a convenient loo is available,  I sat on my throne and do my thing, I close my eyes and laid my back comfortably, suddenly, I heard a loud bang on the door followed by a familiar voice :

“ hey!!! What the hell you’re doing there!!!” you’re late for work and I’m not going to drive fast “wake up!!!!

It was mom with her daily mouth exercise, I hurriedly done the shower and get myself prepared we are inside the elevator my younger brother who is a special child suddenly said: “ ate, we have to be careful the lady was very disturbed every time we passed by “  

he calls me ate by the way, tagalog term for older sister, the elevator landed and I place my arm around his neck as we continue to  walk then I ask: “who’s the lady??”

Nasser : “the white lady living in the haunted building” I laugh till we reached the parking area, I then reply:  stop it Nasser!!  There’s no such thing as haunted, it’s just a myth a story told by people but really no one has ever witness the real thing…! 

My brother Nasser just looked at me with his innocent face while I assist him to get in the car, I sat in front, he and my other brother seated at the back while mom is driving…

Mom does not want to jive the traffic so everyday we usually take the shortcut thru a narrow rocky road behind our building just before the fences of the main road and at the right end the very last building was the very famous hunted house in Kuwait, which is now a construction site for a huge establishment.  I've heard a lot of stories about the place but for many times we've been passing by the area I never felt anything strange though, my youngest brother keep on telling us that someone is sitting with us every time we are fleeting through

As mom reaches into that area, my brother Nasser suddenly in silence, I was looking at him for a moment, I can sense that something is really bothering him but I just don’t feel it, we got out from the area and headed to our different destinations, my brothers went off to school and mom is kind enough to drop me in my work place, walking along the passage keeps me wandering why do my brother was so distracted …I have to find out!!

I sat on my desk looking at my monitor, I search for the answers thru google and nothings seems to verify my queries, am I stupid or what, I thought to myself,  do I be bothered knowing that my brothers are into sci-fi fantasy thriller movies, and yes, he is a special child part of it might be of his innocent imagination, so I go on with work and stop thinking about the matter…

It was 5pm, been so busy working, my mom call me up as she’ll be coming in 15 mins to pick me up, I hurriedly clean my desk and submit my reports, things went completely fast  and when I was about to leave the  place my phone suddenly fell down, I grab it from the floor and I felt rapid Goosebumps on my neck, a cold like icy touch so I ran till I reached the parking area where I saw our car,  I, get in with a shocking face, coughing my breathe in every second my heart beats fast

Mom asked:” something wrong??” did someone harassed you??  You looked as if you see a demon???

Me:  in a fast breathe, nothing.. I just felt that someone is following me….
Mom: who???
Me: the ghost???
Mom: hahahahha… Hungry?? Maybe??

I looked at Nasser and he looked at me, he doesn’t usually give an eye contact but for the first time he looked at me straight in the eyes and said:  she was with you all the time!!! 

Me: who Nasser??
Nasser: the lady in white gown…
Me: who is she???
Nasser: the bride!
Me; what bride?? 

Then my brother Ismael interrupted

Ismael: bride of chuckie, ate!!! Bwahahahaha

Nasser then looked into the distant, quiet and humming like an innocent child, we were very hungry at the time ,I asked mom if we can dropped by pizza hut for fast dine as I just wanted to sleep when we get home,

Right after our dinner, it was bit raining so mom drives slow as we headed home, it was already 9:30pm when reached salmiya area, the short cut path is quite dark the car headlight is our only guide  ,  mom slowly position the car in the entrance, driving it in slow motion due to darkness and humps it was like sailing into the ocean of heavy waves and reaching halfway the car engine suddenly stopped,  Ismael got down from the car to check the engine while mom still trying to twist the key hoping to hear the starter sound,
 me and Nasser stared at each other, we utter no words but our eyes  sparkle into the night as if we understand each other without opening our mouth,

I got out from the car and sit at the back  next to Nasser, I held his cold hand and asked: are you ok Nasser???

Nasser: ate, they’re here!!
Me; who??!!
Nasser: they are here… they are trying to talk to me but I can’t seems to understand them, the lady in white sitting next to you is reaching out for help she do not want anyone to destroy their home, they want our help and they are not willing to let us out of this area until we help them…..

I was scared and almost out of air, I was telling Nasser to stop it, it is just his imagination; let’s help mom and Ismael push the car instead

Nasser turn his back on me, there is a deep silence inside,I accidentally looked at the front mirror and saw a reflection of a woman sitting next to me in a very fuming eyes, her presence was so intense that it tremble me deep within my every nerve..  I was shouting and trying to open the door but it was locked, I shiver as if I’m going to lose my consciousness, I hold nasser’s hand but he never seem to bother his face is in the window looking at to something far, I called his name but he’s not hearing me….

I suddenly feel the coldness of my body and lost into the darkness of sight….  Then, I slowly open my eyes and saw Nasser’s face in front of me,
he asked: are you okey ate???
Me: Yes, I am… where are we??
Nasser: ahh..  in the road,  mom forgot to buy something, we’re going to jamiya
Me: oh!! did I slept??
Nasser: yes…

I looked in the window, everything is bright like a sunny morning, we are at the middle of the fast 5th ring road, and then I heard a crash, we stopped and witnessed an accident right in front of us, it’s a complete chaos and in the middle of the accident I saw a familiar face, a lady in white gown the very same lady I saw in the mirror , she was weeping while looking at someone and just as I am about to go out of the car, I feel someone is pulling my hair, I looked back and everything turns into black…, I was surrounded by darkness , I hear my mom’s voice like in an AM radio with a bad signal,trying to get my senses back by thinking of something calm and happy

A shiny object glisten in front of me I wanted to hold it but my body seems heavy, I have no control of my hands it feels like I was tied up, I was shouting out loud but no one can hear me.. What is happening, I cry helplessly trying to move my body…. In my mind, I know, this is the end…..

In a deep silence, I slowly hear a gentle wintry voice, a man talking in Arabic but  I cannot understand a word except for habibti…. ..

Bone Bone Bone Bone.. Bone.. Bone.. Bone.. Bone.. Bone
Now tell me whatcha gonna do
when there ain't no where to run (tell me what)
(When judgment comes for you, when judgment comes for you)
And whatcha gonna do

Do I hear it right??!! It was a song from bone-thugs and harmony, crossroad that is… oh! My mind is still functioning, but still I can’t move…  I gently close my eyes and pray in silence, I talk to God and say, if this is my last day please let my family know that I love them, tears flowing down and I suddenly feel my fingers twitch, I open eyes and saw my mom stoop in front of me, Nasser was next to me and Ismael is sweating and crying

In a low tone, I said: what happened??

Mom stood up and ran towards the car, she shouted, Ismael, Nasser go bring your ate.. Fast…. Nasser held my hands while Ismael is pushing me behind, like a flash we ran inside the car… mom started the car and drove as if she’s on the race…

We reached inside the building, Ismael and Nasser assist me to walk in the elevator, my body aches and I feel so tired, thirsty and lifeless…I can see into their faces the uncertainty and anxiousness

We entered home as if we are all mute, my brothers gentle put me in the sofa while mom went inside the bathroom, Ismael and nasser sat down opposite to each other in the dinning table, I’m still confused on what really happened

Mom got out from the bathroom already in clean clothes, me and my brothers still motionless .. Mom, sat beside me and hand a glass of water, she did not say anything….

I looked at mom and hold her hands, I asked, what happenned…

Mom: you don’t need to know what happen, the important is you’re back  I thought; I am going to lose you…

Mom cried hugging me tight, Nasser and Ismael stood up walk close to me giving me hug me as well..

Nasser: Ate, you may not remember what happened but you have helped her… she found him and she’s free…….

I don’t want to think that the story behind the haunted house is true, but  still I pretend not to believe, nothing seems so clear to me but the face of the weeping lady and the experience of being invisibly  tied up surviving the fate of death

Freaking roll on candy!!

I got home feeling so irritated seeing my son liking a bottle shape roll-on (deodorant), like a an action star  I ran and jumped just to get the bottle on my son’s mouth, he was crying at the loudest and only to found out that the very thing was actually a candy…..

My son looked at me as if I’m a mad mommy,  but whyyyyyyyyyy in the world someone thought of creating such item for kids????  Soooo grosss and I don’t like it at all!!...  pleaseee!!! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

The bedroom of the future?

CGIs reveal smartbeds that monitor health, self-cleaning mattresses and even a holographic LOVER


With more of us watching TV and using gadgets from our bed it was only a matter of time before  technology became part of the bedroom, inside mattresses and even bed sheets.

Images showing what the bedroom of the future could like have been created by London-based design scientist and futurist Melissa Sterry, and feature beds that monitor health as someone sleeps and bedsheets that can respond to changes in a sleeper's temperature. 
One day there could even be a holographic companion that looks like a celebrity crush, such as Mr Darcy, and can read bedtime stories to soothe people to sleep.

It asked more than 2,000 people what they most want to see in bedrooms of the future.
All the technologies are currently being worked on and developed in research centres across the UK in one form or another.  

The most-desirable technology, according to the study, was self-cleaning and bacteria-resistant mattresses that can sterilise germs at 47 per cent. 

In second place, with 42 per cent of the votes, were mattresses and bedsheets fitted with adaptive materials able to heat up when its cold, and cool down automatically when its hot, in response to a person's body temperature. 
A third of people want to see smart beds that track vital statistics while a person sleeps, which can warn them if they

Read More:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Creative Ideas: Handy 3D pen

I remember posting about 3d printer where everything comes in perfect features yet the price is quite high and the size cannot be considered as handy however, it does make a difference performing a perfect image of things in 3D

Now, draw everything in your hand with same result, introducing the handy 3d PEN…

A handy device allows the user to effectively draw, making structures that stand as strong and rigid as anything



Photo: 3doodlers

Photo:  fashionteck

Superstitious Belief

Filipinos are known to be superstitious in so many ways as it is part our culture; we grew up with it and believed in for sometime
According to Wikipedia, Superstition is a pejorative term for belief in supernatural causality: that one event leads to the cause of another without any natural process linking the two events, such as astrology, religion, omens, witchcraft, etc., that contradicts natural science.

From where I came from, superstitious belief is common. My great grandmother is a white healer, few of my grandmothers who lives in the deep province are known to be a “modera” or quack doctors, the very common task they do is to assist the birthing process the natural way and heal those who are struck by bad curse and love potion, I guess, from what I have witnessed certain things unexplained by science do exist…
Here are few of many beliefs ( which I can easily recall) :

1.)      Gifting a loved one with a wallet should accompanied by a coins or a dollar inside for good luck
2.)     Never cut nails after 6pm as bad luck will come upon you
3.)     When one dreams of a falling teeth means a death of a loved one
4.)     Snake appeared in your dream means you’ll be betrayed
5.)      Never pose or take pictures in three as the person in the middle will die
6.)     Never clean the table when unmarried person is still eating as she/he will never be married unless, she’ll turn her plate clockwise
7.)      Hung Garlic in the window to ward evil spirit, “aswang”, vampire and anything related  entity
8.)     If you break a mirror, you’ll have 7 years bad luck
9.)     Accidentally dropping a fork on the fork means a male visitor will drop by, A spoon means a female
10.)  Don’t whistle at night as this would means calling in bad spirit
11.)    Sweeping the floor at night means sweeping the fortune away
12.)  When someone sleep with wet hair, that person may go blind
13.)  When your palm is itchy, it means money will come
14.)  If you jump on New year’s eve, you become tall
15.)  Never give your loved one a handkerchief  or she’ll be crying the whole year

These superstitious beliefs are part of being a Filipino, a portion of our culture that makes us who we are and different from others. But we must remember that we should not limit on what we do because of these beliefs. We are Filipino, gifted with brilliant minds and good heart to chose what we believe and follow, We are responsible for what we do and the effects of our actions.

Inspiration : when Bitter becomes Better

Been into blogging for many years now, it granted many opportunities for me as a person and a simple individual, I did not blog for fame nor money, I write because I wanted to learn and fulfill my dream and that is to write,

I grew up in a city where English is not the native language, it so often we used English in our day to day conversation, the word” English” is something I was born with an allergy, I’m too shy to talk nor converse using such language, I was na├»ve and yet, I love to hear people talking in English fluently as it greed me deep within…

Growing up was a struggle, I was not the smartest in the class but I always find my way to passed the exam (if you know what I mean)  I remember it so well, one night I can’t find someone to help me with my assignment so I asked my grandmother to help me, the assignment was  picture of things  and I have to write  its name  in English and this is exactly my answers:

The very next day after school, I told grandma, I don’t want to go to school anymore!! It traumatized me to see zero score on my assignment

And that’s where I started to dream and promised myself that I will learn ENGLISH in anyway possible

 So here I am writing my heart out!! I may not be a good writer but at least I've tried and gain your attention because you're here and reading this page

Thank you... 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Walk in the Park

It was indeed a week-long holidays in Kuwait, sorry but I have invested so much of my time during the week and can’t find space to write, however, now, I’m here and I’m going to share some of the things we've done during the holiday

Driving around during the Eid holiday is like going into a blockbuster movie, The streets are full of cars and young people who are dancing and flirting around, it was a hell of a traffic jam and kids slowly get into the moody mode… we stopped by seaside area in Kuwait city just to get the kids out of boredom, we walked into the facade for no reasons, I actually loved it and even my kids but just before the road end we found ourselves in the middle of a playground, it was like magic my kids suddenly disappeared from where I was holding them tightly….

Such a wonderful place to drop by for the kids and the whole family to enjoy, it’s free and you don’t have to worry about security because it definitely safe….

A Visit to The Sailor's Heritage Village

Been in Kuwait for many years now and it is my first time to visit The sailor’s heritage village, the place was indeed decent and it is like dragging myself into the old times where everything is manually operated. No machines but human strength and effort… 

I regret for not visiting this place before when I can still fit and “not-so-heavy” to ride the small boat or a mini ferries wheel....  but It was great!!!  and I truly enjoy the place

I, Congratulate Kuwait, for giving importance and preserving the things that are truly significant to their history...... Good Job!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

honey-scented SoapLeaf

These gentle soaps are mixed using a secret, ancient Thai formula

It smells really good!!! Each honey-scented Soap Leaf is formed from genuine dried and cured leaves

Truly a masterpiece!!