Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Eco-Friendly side of Kuwait

Fashion Wrap: Stretch Bracelet

Anything and everything is fashion, it only takes one creative idea and an eye for a fashion to create a simple yet fashionable accessories…

I find it cute and trendy… love it!!!

Creative Ideas: Nose Pit Stopper

Hubby had a friend who’s suffering from heavy bleeding in the nose, it’s kinda disturbing and I’m really concerned....  I've read few articles about such condition well it really depends on the person’s health and weather conditions… 

I actually suffered the same long time ago.... but not because of health or anything serious instead I was tasked to render a speech in full English language, nervousness and stuttering causes my big nose to bleed ... Please refrain from laughing coz I'm damn serious!!…. Hahahahahah,oppps sorry 

With that, I have found the perfect little thing…..

I don’t know if this little thingy will help but to let you know I’m not really an advocate of medicines, I believed that our body was made fully equipped will natural healing ability, I thank God for my strong immune system and positive attitude.. 

nevertheless, it's one good prevention..... 

Health is Wealth: Something we should Know...

I’ve received a mail today and it really open my mind to something….  Rather than keeping the mails with me, I will contribute by posting this info here for the public as I know this will climb us better into the ladder of health and life style…

Have a healthy Morning People!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sponsored Video: Pringles: Fan vs. Cheddar Cheese

Does the Fan have what it takes to defeat the mighty Pringles flavour?

Watch now and decide for yourself

Watch the other challenges here:


"No real food produce was wasted in the making of these videos"

I’m an avid fan of Pringles since I have my very first bite, it’s never ending my ultimate fave , my perfect snack buddy and genetically, my kids love it too  , that’s why we always have a basket full of Pringles at home or it would be a disaster!! (Seriously!!)

Now, let’s get down to business, shall we???

Every day we see lots of extreme videos in this world of social fame and trend, it’s a free air out there and competition is tough, however, with correct ingredients and creativity some kind of awesomeness will sure come out of the open!! And PRINGLES Campaign surely captures the web /fans /lovers for doing a great job that tickles every fan in a cool way…

This is how I see and feel about the latest PRINGLES campaign…  

This campaign show a whole lot of flava, weirdness , awesomely interesting, creatively funny and super cute media campaign …… just like every flavor of Pringles odd combination but extensively every bite is a magical experience,

So hang on for best campaign challenge right here right now!!, who knows you might be one of the next challenger, so people what do you think of Pringles latest campaign?? interesting isn't it??

Does the Fan have what it takes to defeat the mighty Pringles Flavor? Hmmmmmm…. i'll leave it all to you!

So I’m done, have to leave now as I’m outta pringles in my drawer, I have go grab my snack buddy….



" I can’t find any other words to describe how much I’m grateful to be part of this campaign "

 (in different aspect perhaps?) it’s overwhelming and innovatively awesome! I super love it!!

(this post has been sponsored by Pringles -- the awesome snack!!!)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Creative Ideas: Stainless Steel Magic Stick

Well, been at home for like weeks and slightly doing some cooking and serious cleaning, in so many instances, I just wish cooking pans/ wares are disposables  specially when it is heavily stained…

And to found such magic stick that decontaminate grease or whatever sticky on it  is just a happy ending….!   It works magic….!

Wisemummy81: Message of Love

Hi People,

 It’s been decades!!

I absolutely miss all of you and all the usual blogging things I do, been so busy lately, things are bit stressful in kuwait due to crackdown and so many changes, I know I have nothing to worry about  and I hope things will be lay low in due to Ramadan…
Anyhow, how’s everything dear readers, I've read all your lovely mails and I feel so great that even in the silent moment in my blogging life you guys still have the heart to stay in touch… Thank you so much!!!

I’ll start from here and for sure, it’s going to be a lot of hard work and endless post to keep up with the days I've missed to draw a smile in all your faces….

Again, thank you so much for keeping up with me!!!



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fashion Fave: Color your Style

Well, I’m feelin bored today and I ended up making a collage of fashion items in color categories…

Colors are my new obsession since Fashion and styles are just few of those things that fascinates me

 so now,  lemme ask you… what’s your favorite color this summer?….?!!

Does the owner think only Arabic readers can afford it!?

This car was parked in London's Sloane Street currently  FOR SALE  BUT only to those who can read Arabic ….

Two things to consider:

1:  The owner thinks only arabic can afford it
2:  The owner uses the easiest language he can express

Hmmmmm…….. Interesting!!!

read more: Dailymail

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Retro Vintage Phone Covers

How about some retro vintage phone covers?? Love it or drab it!!

Summer Fave: The Jelly Bags

Jelly what??!! Yeah yeah not the sea jelly that makes you ugly of pain

But the kind of jelly that goes into your fashion sense….   The colorful JELLY that adds into your summer wears to complete your fabulous summer fashion, 

So People and Dearest Ladiessss….

Let’s welcome into the trend..... the colorful JELLY bags……