Monday, July 27, 2015

Creative Idea: Handy Candy Colored Maple Leaf-shaped Silicone Cup

Stay hydrated in style this summer with this Maple shape leaf silicon cup, handy and perfect for travelers!!

Who's YOUR celebrity body match? Take this test to find out if you have Gwyneth's waist, Kim's rear or Brad's chest...

Do you have Jessica Alba’s lithe legs, Kim Kardashian’s bottom or Justin Bieber’s arms?
Now, a new website lets you find out exactly who your celebrity body double is.

Called Fitbay, it first asks users to input details about gender, height and weight.
It also asks questions about body shape, with a choice of apple, pear, straight, cone or hourglass for women.

For men, the choice is between oval, triangle, column, broad or muscular.

Users must also choose whether they have short, regular or long torso as well as the length of their arms.

The tool then comes up with the top three celebrities across the world who best match that body type. 

A 5'7" (170cm) woman weighing around 126 lbs (57kg) with a regular-length torso and normal-length arms is a 100 per cent match with actress Jessica Alba 

The developers have gathered the body data of more than 350 international celebrities, but sadly, if your body is so unique it has no famous twin, then the quiz informs you that you have no celebrity matches.

The test was created by Fitbay, a new site which allows people to create a profile and see others with their body type.

They can also buy products specifically suited to their size and shape. 

A spokesperson for Fitbay said: 'Fitbay is a new site that connects you with people who have a similar body and style. 

'Use the app to capture your everyday outfits, tag brands you are wearing, and get fashion inspiration that's right for you. 

'With more than 200,000 users, Fitbay can match you with thousands of people like you around the world to see what they’re wearing.' 

To create a profile visit  

Art in Practice: A hands-on workshop of art applications for children

 Who can attend?
Open for children ages 8 to 11

Students will learn about artists who use abstraction to emphasize the importance of feelings and ideas, applying these ideas in a variety of ways to their own work. For the creation of their art projects students will gain exposure to the different styles of several iconic artists to draw inspiration.

The artists and styles we will explore include Salvador Dali's transformations of realistic figures, Charles Demuth's precisionist style, and Georgia O'Keeffe and Helen Frankenthaler's abstract color studies. Other projects give students a chance to abstract a face as they create a Pablo Picasso-style portrait, and paint a historical mural on Mission life in the style of Diego Rivera.

To provide an introduction of concepts, vocabulary, and skills through looking at modern artists who use abstraction to emphasize the importance of feelings and ideas; exploring concepts such as form, movement, rhythm, unity, and utilizing the knowledge in creating a variety of applied art projects.

August 10: Surrealism – Legends
August 12: Abstract landscapes- Landscape Design
August 15: Cubism – Self-portrait
August 17: Number Designs – Poster Design
August 19: Organic and Geometric Shapes – Interior Design
August 22: Symbolic Colors – Habitats Study
August 24: Mural – Urban Design
August 26: Form in nature – Garden Design
August 29: Repetition of shape – Tea Party
August 31: Optical Illusions – Print Making

Workshop language

English & Arabic (Bilingual)

Price $365 

Bookings can be made through their website 

To know more about the workshop instructor Maha Al Essa:

AVEENO™, the Natural Oatmeal Formula Recommended by Dermatologists, Arrives in the Middle East

After much anticipation among fans of natural skincare!!

The beauty and wellness brand AVEENO™ has just announced the arrival of its uniquely formulated skincare products to the Middle East.

AVEENO™ products actively relieve and protect skin by replenishing and locking in moisture for a full 24 hours. It is also suitable for the treatment of extra dry, itchy and irritated skin through its

Distinctive formula of natural Colloidal Oatmeal blended with rich emollients. 

AVEENO™ Baby™ Complements the core range and is developed for babies’ sensitive skin. formulated with naturally active Colloidal Oatmeal, it nourishes and helps protect babies’ sensitive skin.

The foundations of the AVEENO™ brand are deeply rooted in a belief that centuries-old remedies hold the key to human wellness. For over 60 years AVEENO™ scientists have been experimenting with the natural properties and chemical compounds of oats, renowned for their ability in providing relief to those suffering from dry and irritated skin. 

These experiments have led to the development of a natural skin soother containing 100%
 colloidal Oatmeal. Oatmeal baths have long been recommended for people with a variety of
 sensitive skin conditions, providing a soothing effect while improving the skins’ protective

Today the AVEENO™ range still maintains its original skincare philosophy and all
 products contain naturally active Colloidal Oatmeal and oat extracts to nurture and transform skin to an enhanced state of natural health and beauty.

Speaking about the launch of AVEENO™ in the Middle East, Kuwait based Dermatologist Dr.Mohammed Al-Enezi said: “Research in this region has shown that the hot, dry climate coupled with the prevalence of air conditioned environments has led to an increase in dry, irritated skin among the population, most notably in babies and toddlers. 

This is a welcome new product for the soothe treatment of irritated and extra dry itchy skin, especially amongst those who prefer a more natural and sustained programme.”

AVEENO™ believes that nature has the power to nourish, soothe, and even transform by using  ACTIVE NATURALS™ ingredients. A core priority for the skincare company is to advance the knowledge and understanding of the role and benefits of naturally active ingredients in skincare

By working closely with dermatologists, skincare professionals, and medical practitioners.

The full AVEENO™ Active Naturals™ collection is now available in selected pharmacies across

 The Daily range for normal to dry skin 

 The Skin Relief range for extra dry itchy skin

 The Dermexa specialised range for dry itchy, irritated skin

 AVEENO™ Baby™ for babies with sensitive skin

In Kuwait, AVEENO™ is available in all large pharmacies.

For a full list of stockists in GCC please visit

LULU hypermarket on line store!!

Lulu hypermarket gets into the on line, now service customer thru on line..

Check out their web store and enjoy shopping!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nude is the new Red at Marc Jacobs Beauty

Available Exclusively at Sephora

Nude lips are having a major moment this summer. It’s not all about dark shades this season; undress your lips with some flattering nudes for the perfectly polished pout! 

With the right balance of color and no color, Marc Jacobs Beauty’s New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel works like a charm on all skin tones.

A covetable lip collection that breaks the mold of traditional nude lipstick, Marc Jacobs Beauty’s New Nudes’ innovative gel formula glides effortlessly over lips, laying down subtle shades and a sleek shine finish with a delicate vanilla scent. Its addictive gel formula contains 3D volumising agents for voluptuous lips. Velvet-like monoi butter derived from the tropical TiarĂ© flower delivers supreme moisture, while nourishing myrrh extract and antioxidant vitamin E minimize the appearance of aging.

Choose from a curated collection of moisturizing and nourishing neutral lipsticks in seven subtle shades.

New Nudes - Translucent colour lipstick
Price: AED 150/QTR 150/KWT 11.25/BAH 15.5/KSA 150

Gap's Casting Call Returns by Popular Demand

On July 30th Gap is launching Casting Call 2015 in UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar, the widely popular contest that celebrates kids being kids, by inviting parents to submit photos of their children for the chance to win Gap Gift Vouchers, as well as the opportunity to be featured in a leading magazine and select Gap store window displays.

For more information in Arabic and English please view the attachments, and for more images please follow this link.