Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lear How to Cook Kuwaiti Cuisine

Spoon Bending Seminar....!

Only using the POWER OF YOUR MIND...Everyone, regardless of physical strength, can twist metal spoons with ease. You could try to use your muscles and brute force to twist and bend spoons or you can learn to use the energy around you.

Learn how to use the power of your mind to manipulate the energy around you.
Learn how this power can aid you in everyday life.
Go home with souvenirs of twisted spoons to show your friends.

Better Books and Cafe, Kuwait's only used bookstore with a cafe, believes this ability is too important to charge high fees for.
Therefore, the cost of this seminar is only 2 1/2 KD (includes all the spoons you can bend!)
TIME: 6-8 pm
DATE: Monday October 17, 2011.
PLACE: Better Books and Cafe
COST: 2 1/2 KD (Includes all the spoons you can

BRING: a notepad with pen and a can-do attitude
Children welcome.

Contact: or call 66637351

Source: LWDLIK

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mad Monday at Cinescape....!

 I love going to movies with my hubby and kids..  so, for movie fanatic like myself, you'll love this!!

 Cinescape theatres have a fun ongoing promotion where you get to enjoy your favorite films for HALF THE PRICE every Monday! Too good to be true? Nope! Take advantage of this great promotion today!
Fun + affordable = a great time! :)

Early Christmas Bazaar

The Winter Bazaar, Salwa Sabah Hall, Marina Crescent, Salmiya. November 18th. 

The first vendor's meeting will be held on October 4th at Costa Coffee in Marina Crecent at 7pm  to discuss booth information along with other event details. For more info,

please contact Karla at 6626-6223.

Source:  LWDLIK


Today, child labour unfortunately occurs within cotton production around the world. H&M does not buy cotton and can therefore not impose any demands upon cotton and cotton seed producers.However, by cooperating with UNICEF we can help address the causes of child labour and improve the situation of children in cotton-producing areas.

Since India is a large cotton producing country H&M has decided that the All for Children project should focus on Tamil Nadu, one of India’s largest cotton producing states.

Read more about it here:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


September 2011,  it’s a bit frustrating and overwhelming  ….. so many things happen this month and all I can share is the memory I will keep for the rest of my LIFE…

September starts with a celebration of EID were every muslim friends and family gathered to celebrate, a long holiday and a time to rest.....  we have a few late night outs but have to spend my last cash wisely as my husband salary is yet to come,  
weeks later,  I was right to have kept my money safe…. 
I don’t have to elaborate my rant against my husband’s company,  it is their decision not to prioritized their employees needs, almost 2 months of no salary I have to cover everything and this is what I fear but still happy to have a wonderful and stable job….

2nd week of September is just a panic atttack we almost run out of anything, I MEAN everything at home….. and the worst is that,  I cannot withdraw money from my bank due to some service reason and end up asking few friends & family a favor…..

3rd week, this includes my sad birthday, I celebrated my tears and joy with my FB friends, I stayed on line for the rest of the day… my mom donated good dinner and drinks for the family to share, end up starving for pizza and cheese cake, hopelessly waiting for the night to end and hoping for a wonderful day tomorrow…… soo sad that all I can do is to cry till I close my eyes to sleep

And this few days,  the final week of this month the hardest of all,   it was never my intention to get in-touch with the person I always want to forget, somehow,  in everyone’s journey, there will be a point in time that we have to face our past in order to laid down the heavy bagage we’ve been bringing for so long….. I met my father “my real father” in facebook,  I’m surprise to see him there , I was not prepared to step into the moment, we have a few exchange of mails and it was so long before I response to his plea of forgiveness ,  yes,, I finally forgiven him and felt so free, I guess, this is what GOD wants me to experience, a sad physical birthday but  freedom from pain, I could not ask for more……

In the end, I decided not to go further with what me and my dad has right now, im not ready and  I never thought of it…… it’s amazing how simple things we thought just a mare hobby or a plain social network site but it makes different when experiences like this happened

Trully, everything happens for a reason in perfect time and place, I’m now, putting every sinlge event into the pocket of my experience, a learning process, a memory that once in my life I found the inner freedom  and forgiveness!!, 

Thank you LORD for keeping me strong and healthy ….. I become wiser and faithful to GOD...keep myself ready for whatever life has to offer…

keeping the faith---->WISEMUMMY SCEAM!!

Facebook Timeline.....

Facebook's new Timeline may be the greatest change that they've ever pushed out. Facebook Timeline, is going to replace the iconic Facebook Profile to represent your entire online life.

There will be a visual history of your online existence! Cataloging your life online. Now why didn't I think of that.

Using It

Timeline not only looks wonderful, but it's wonderful to use. The chronological stream of the Old Wall remains, supplemented by everything you've ever done or participated in on Facebook: status updates, wall posts, photo tags. Everything is there, enlarged, and unmissable. The further you scroll down, the further into your past you go.

This makes it easier to share and revisit the things you loved, and the things that sucked. At this moment, Timeline is still in its pre-release state, so there could be some bugs to it.

Unless you want to quit Facebook, it looks like you don't have a choice, and you've got to use it. It'll be coming in the coming weeks and will be pushed across the entire network uniformly.


Wiser Wisemummy.......! IM BACK!!

Hi Everyone....!

I'm finally back...., I was at my deepest self for like the whole month of september, the best and painful month of this year....

indeed,  sad, disappointed, free, forgive, forgiven  and a bit overwhelm on the side, will talk about it in the days to come....

before anything else, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for my son on NBK back to school competition,

voting is still going on, you can click on the photo and "LIKE" .... however, the ranking is way over the top that I cannot imagine how the other parents campaign, I never get even half of their votes but I applaude them for being so resource and amazingly wonderful for their kids....

Ive done my part and it's the best I can give... it's not bad afterall!!... 

Again, thank you so you for the vote.... with all my heart...