Sunday, August 28, 2016

Easy as one,two,three, slip-on and off with Lacoste

The Straightset Slip On sneaker from Lacoste is a casual shoe with a slim silhouette. Designed with premium leather and a golden metal crocodile that is the focus of the shoe, the slip on is perfect for an everyday look. The Straightset Slip On takes inspiration from the Straightset trainer but with added elegance and flair. Pair up with skinny jeans and a basic tee for a complete every day look.

Now available in different colors across the region


Saturday, August 27, 2016

WINTER FAVE: Bomber Jacket

Winter is coming and here goes another post of winter fave fashion to look forward!!!
Well, as I’ve said time and again, I’m not a fashion guru but I would considered myself as a person with an eye on fashion (yeah!!!)

So lemme just start with this so called BOMBER JACKET,  I think this year will be the year of bomber jackets,I love love love bomber jacket, it’s a perfect complimentary to any kind of look… 

So better prepare  for a very colorful, uniquely design bomber jacket winter of 2016…. Here we go!! 

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Creative Ideas: Magnetic Toy Blocks

Here’s a very creative, highly recommended toys for kids, it’s safe , fun and creatively educational.....I love it!!! ..

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alien Invasion....

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Been married to alien addict, I mean, hubby likes to watch alien movies,  anything that has invasion of alien, history of alien as long as there is alien rest assure that he will find ways to get to it!! But I thank God our kids are normal not even a single drop of alien in all aspect bwahahaha…… ok so moving on….

I found these wonderful collection of alien invasion stuff, as much as I would want to buy all for hubby I still have the correct mind to mark a stop into that alien fantasy heheheh, so check this out, I’m sure you’ll find it cute as well… don’t cha??

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