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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Marcelito Pomoy sings "The Prayer" (Celine Dion/Andrea Bocelli)

This is heaven!! I’m a fan of Marcelito Pomoy eversince he won Pilipinas Got Talent competition… 

Here’s a live video of him singing to the tune of THE PRAYER, I truly believe that he is genuinely talented, a very gifted one!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Zaita Valentina : Air Freshener

Ever since, I got my car, I have struggled with too many interest in getting the right stuff for my car, I just happen to believe that everything in your car reflects your personality so without exaggeration I always check the cleanliness of my car inside and out.

Smell very essential to me so I make it appoint to get/ try all the best fresheners in the market.

But very recently I visited a store in Salmiya area and found this really great deodorizer, I swear!!! I tried all sort of fresheners for my car at some point I thought, it’s all the same regardless of its brand.  But beyond brand and marketing, I truly love Zaita Valentina air freshener, just a few spray and it eliminates all unwanted smell in the car, it also provides a long lasting scent.

What I do is, I put a few spray every after going out of my car, the next time/day I enter the car it smells really amazing without that feeling of nausea.

 it's available in Al-Raie Super Market in Salmiya, price is around 0.750 per 400ML

Wild Tiny Apple in Kuwait

It’s amazing how a little wild fruit can be so hard to search in google ( hehehehe….)
I was walking back to the office when I saw a bunch of farriers busy eating and taking fruits on the ground and in the tree just near to my office, out of curiosity I asked them, what was their eating, they hand me a couple of fruits and told me that they don’t know what’s the name of the fruit.

As I arrived at my desk, I washed and put it on my mouth, it tasted like apple not that sweet but it has this apple like taste, for me I like it more with salt.
Anyway, I’ve been seeing this fruit in Kuwait because it’s everywhere but I only came to know that it can be eaten.

So with a little help from my friend google, I found such an incredible discovery of this tiny apple like wild fruit. 

Malus sylvestris, the European crab apple, is a species of the genus Malus, native to Europe. Its scientific name means "forest apple" and the truly wild tree has thorns.
Wild apple has an expanded crown and often appear more like a bush than a tree. It can live 80-100 years and grow up to 10 m tall with trunk diameters of 23-45 cm. Due to its weak competitiveness and high light requirement, wild apple exist mostly at the wet edge of forests, in farmland hedges or on very extreme, marginal sites. The tree is rather rare but native to most European countries. It occurs in a scattered distribution pattern as single individuals or in small group

Hmmmmm Meaning that,  This dry looking tree that bears tiny wild apple like fruit near my office which I don’t usually get notice was already standing, living and bearing fruits for like more than 10 years or so, and it can live up to 80 - 100 years??? OHMYGEE!! Isn’t it amazing!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Car sharing service featuring Nissan’s ultra-compact electric vehicle launches in Japan


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: March 19, 2017 – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and the City of Yokohama are introducing a round-trip car sharing service today featuring the Nissan New Mobility Concept, an ultra-compact electric vehicle.
The service, “Choimobi Yokohama,” enables users who register online to pick up and return cars in 14 locations around Yokohama Station. Cars can be reserved 30 minutes in advance and can be driven within the city.
The service costs 250 yen per 15 minutes plus a 200 yen basic charge, with a maximum daily charge of 3,000 yen. Users need a Japanese driver’s license, a smartphone and a Japan-issued credit card. 

Registration is available on the Choimobi website: Nissan and the City of Yokohama previously conducted a two-year trial of Japan’s first one-way car sharing service using ultra-compact electric vehicles, starting in October 2013. The aim was to encourage low-emission transport options, improve the quality of transportation and promote tourism. In October 2015, the partnership began renting cars to local tour operators and businesses.

The new round-trip service is meant to further promote ultra-compact mobility and build a sustainable business model through public-private cooperation. The service will also include guided tours around central Yokohama and long-term car rentals for businesses.
Nissan and the City of Yokohama will continue usability and feasibility studies by encouraging various local entities to join the program.
As the leader in zero-emission mobility, Nissan continues to seek ways to harness ultra-compact electric vehicles to improve transportation and the quality of life.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Creative Idea: Artistic Blooming Tea

Photo Credit: Store:Shop1627176 Store/

This is like one of distinctive product I ever introduced in this blog, my question is, would you try it?? 

As amazing as it looks, this tea provides same benefits as the usual tea, Only that it is in an artistic blossom form, I love tea but having this on my morning routine will definitely change my mood, I can only stared at it and appreciate its beauty not even want to ruin its design….