Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Xiaomi Self balancing Scooter mini Car Two Unicycle Wheels 700W 16km/h

After the rise and fall of Hover Board trend, here comes a new balancing wheel with a sleek design basically intended for beginners,

Introducing:  Xiaomi Self balancing Scooter mini Car Two Unicycle Wheels 700W 16km/h 22km Long Mileage Smart System Beginner Mode


9 Scooter
White  or  Black
54.8(scooter width) x 26(wheel diameter) x 59.5(H) cm
12.8kg with battery
Power performance
about 16km/h
Motor rated power
350W * 2
Max power(instantaneous)
Motor control method
Sine wave vector control, current & speed loop-locked controlling algorithm
Trafficability characteristic
about 15 degree
Topographic condition
Harden ground, flat earthen floor, rampway below 15 degree,
step not higher than 1cm, groove not wider than 3cm
Chassis height
Ground clearance higher than 80mm
IP54 (ordinary waterproof, can be used in light rain)
Energy system
Energy resource structure
30 x 18650 high power Lithium battery unit
Travel distance
About 22km.
Typical life means: under the condition of full battery,
70kg loaded, 25°C ambient temperature,
15km/h average speed on flat road.
Smart BMS
Overpressure/undervoltage/short circuit/overheating protection,
auto sleep/awake, test the battery condition through APP
Charger rated power
Rated input voltage
100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Rated output voltage
About 63V DC
Charging time
About 4 hours
Braking shock absorption
Braking distance
Dry state 3.4m
Braking method
Somatosensory motor energy-absorbing buffer, energy recycle
Shock absorption mechanism
High elasticity magnesium alloy shock absorption body + shock absorption foot pad
Magnesium alloy high elasticity frame
Braking method
Somatosensory motor energy-absorbing buffer, energy recycle
10.5inch low pressure vacuum rubber tyre
Wheel hub
6inch magnesium alloy light alloy
Light system
Ambient brightness inductive LED front light
Self-induced LED taillight/turn light
Bluetooth indicator light
Battery indicator light
Smart system
Smart self-adapting learning algorithm
Auto optimize output power, turning sensitive degree and safe protection parameters
according to the driver's weight and history driving habbits.
Instrument panel, automatic trouble diagnosis, remote control drving,
firmware update, personal setting, etc
Smart safe alert
Overloaded, over power, over heating, slip, overspeed drving, etc
New learner teaching
Teaching learners the safe driving lesson through a interactive method
Driving requirements
Beginner Mode
New scooter need cumulative reach 1km  to unlock the beginner mode,
you can use APP to re-enter the beginner mode after that.
16-50 years old
Max load

Creative Ideas: House Hold Essentials

Been very very very busy these past few months, my life entirely turn 360 degree and it was tiring yet definitely great life adventure!!! And to add up to that, I finally found my space to write and be back in my blogging routine….

Christmas is near and it’s the perfect time to plan and save your money and energy for the big day, have you done your shopping list?? How about the gift list???? Well, to be honest I never done any of that for now but I was hoping I can do it all in a rush… hehehehe…. Sound fancy but it is what it is…

Anyway, since, I’m back likeee few minutes ago….(yah I know!)  This topic deserved to be in my first entry for the month of December, creative ideas for house hold essentials, I love it and I’m sharing it!!

Peace out!

Adjustable  Rack and Hanger

Shoes Deodorizer 

Playing Mat

Portable/Adjustable Shelf Racks

Broom & Mop Wall Mounted Storage

Lens Cleaner

watch out for the new wisemummy81 blog !!!

Been away in the world of blogging for the longest time but I was never out of sight, I love reading other blogs and anything that interest me!! My day won’t be complete without having a few minutes…. Ok ok… hours browsing interesting sites…

I love reading weird and funny staff as well as entertainment, gossip and fashion in and out of the Philippines,  somehow, it feels really weird seeing all other blogs than mine, I envy those who are writing that truly express themselves in many aspects, I know I can but I just felt like I don’t have that confidence to jive…

Anyhow,  2015 is almost ending and I wish to re-format my blog in a way that I am able to express myself more not by simply writing and reading but to capture the heart of my readers into laughter,

So till then and watch out for the new wisemummy81 blog !!!