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Loving son takes his paralysed dad to Chinese university and rigs up special bed so he can stay the full term

*** I'm in tears reading this article and I wanna share it here for inspiration****


Most people could forgive Guo Shijun if he gave up on his dream of a university education: because of his full time commitments to caring for his paralysed father and sick mother, he is spread incredibly thin. 

but it is possible Shijun wouldn't forgive himself, as instead of giving up his studies, he persuaded university officials to let his father to stay in his dorm for the full term, after he was paralysed in a building accident. 

Shijun still managed to get a place at a top university, and, impressed with his dedication in the face of insurmountable odds, they let him bring his father to university with him to lighten his load.
Shijun, now 20, came from a poor family and had a tough childhood, as his mother was left mentally disabled when he was younger following a battle with meningitis. 

She was cared for during his formative years by him and his father, and despite this responsibility, he still managed to get top grades at school.

His already tough workload got worse when his father was injured after falling 15 meters off of a bridge he was working on in the city of Liuan in the Anhui province in the centre of China, becoming paralysed from the waist down.

Shijun's grandparents took over care duties for his mother, but they couldn't look after his father as well, so he rented a small room near his university dormitory and moved his father in, so that he didn't have to keep rushing to check up on him between lessons and during lunch

To keep up his studies he paid for university by borrowing money from friends and relatives until he finished. These costs, amount to £2000 a year for tuition alone, not accounting for food, bills and the cost of care for his parents.
However, despite the huge handicap to his studies, he managed to earn a scholarship to help him on his way.

Talking about his experiences, Shijun said: 'I can't say life is easy but the only way out of the problem is through hard work so I'm not complaining. 
'I think once I graduate things will get much better.'

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Kids & Trends 2014

Photo: Children Joy Store

Creative Idea: Magazine Cover Mirror

Magazine Cover Mirror

Envision your dreams of celebrity stardom with these magazine cover mirrors. Available with major magazine covers such as GQ, Time, Playboy, and Vogue – these clever mirrors make your face the cover piece of the magazine – perfect for the up and coming actors.

Kuwait Events for 2014

Cosplay Event @360mall


Landmark Group Art Olympiad event

Landmark Group of kuwait is hosting an art Olympiad 2014 for the seventh consecutive years on January 28th from 8:00am to 2:00pm @ centerpoint- Avenues mall, Children aged 14 and below can participate on the said event to showcase their talents in art…


Charity auction held at Emirates Palace

Abu Dhabi, January 13, 2014: An auction held at the end of Emirati television documentary series Beyond Borders has raised over 150,000 AED for Philippines disaster relief through the UAE Red Crescent.

The main item at the auction was a Jeepney bus - a popular mode of transport in the Philippines that featured heavily on the show.

Fatima Abdulrahman, who starred in the six-week long series, said of the auction: “I’m so glad we have this chance to raise some much needed funds for the Philippines. Ever since we came back from the trip we’ve all felt obligated to help out and have encourage others to do so too.

“The Jeepney was a big part of our experience – it took us everywhere and we met so many wonderful people on the Jeepney. Auctioning it off is a fitting tribute to our time in the Philippines and whoever wins the bus deserves our respect.”

Mohammed Al Mubarak, Chairman of Image Nation, the Abu Dhabi-based company who co-produced Beyond Borders, said: “We were overwhelmed with the response to the show. Not only was it popular amongst the Emirati community, but also among the Filipino community here in the UAE and in the Philippines.

“It was a real eye-opening experience for everyone involved and is a project that everyone here at Image Nation is immensely proud of.”

Throughout the series, Beyond Borders documented the adventures of the cast – Ahmed Al Ghurair; Salem Al Marar; Mohammed Al Ameri;Fatima Abdulrahman; Tasneem Al Naqbi and Mariam Al Kuwaiti - as they experienced life with Filipino families in Manila.

Their journey saw them living with locals and working in industries across the Philippines. This included working with inspirational charitable programs such as GK Farms and Liter of Light – taking on board the valuable lesson that ordinary people can make a difference to society.

The auction evening, which was held at Emirates Palace, also featured a short video highlighting some of the casts most memorable moments.


A range of nationalities will compete for 50,000 AED

Abu Dhabi, January 20, 2013: Image Nation has announced the 12 participants who will compete in the third annual competition Arab Film Studio (AFS) today.  

Amongst this year’s 12 competitors are an interior designer from Egypt, a freelance journalist from Haiti and an Emirati mother with seven children.

Aisha Mohamed Al Hammadi, a 23-year-old graduate from Sharjah who is competing in AFS, said: “It means everything to me to be a part of this competition and it's a great privilege.

“I think it is like being a diamond that needs polishing - I know I have the potential, I just need the chance to prove myself. I’m hoping Arab Film Studio will give me the opportunity to do this.”

AFS, which is run in conjunction with twofour54, provides a unique opportunity for aspiring film makers to learn the tools of the trade and get a break into the industry.

Image Nation CEO, Michael Garin, said: “The submissions this year were all superb which made the decision to cut them down to just 12 extremely difficult. The standard of our candidates this year are particularly strong and we look forward to seeing their final films. 

“It shows that there is still so much untapped talent in the UAE film industry. And it is programs like AFS, with the help of Image Nation and twofour54 that allow us to uncover and grow these talents.”

This year’s contestants include Ahmed Khattri, 30, from Egypt; Aisha Mohamed Al Hammadi, 23 from Sharjah; Ali Mohamed Al Marzooqi, 37, from Abu Dhabi; Amal KhairAllah, 23 from Kuwait; Carlo Cadet, 27 from Haiti; Fakhrah Abdullah, 34 from Fujairah; Israa Ibrahim, 20 from Sudan; Maryam Abdullah Alabbad, 22 from Kuwait; Mohammed Magdy, 29 from Egypt; Philip Jamal Rachid, 36 from the Netherlands, Shahad Al Shehhi, 24 from Abu Dhabi and Salman Ahmed, 40 from the U.K.

In compliance with AFS rules, all are residents of the UAE or a GCC country.

The program, which begins this week, starts with a three-month multi-disciplinary training program held in partnership with twofour54. During this time they will be given access to leading film professionals who will provide them with insider knowledge of the film industry.

Following the bootcamp stage, contestants will be asked to develop and produce their own short film with the help of mentors.

The films will be judged by a panel of industry experts from around the world with the winner receiving a 50,000 AED development deal with Image Nation.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Wearable tech is set to be 2014’s biggest trend

As usual, where Google leads others follow. 

Critics initially scoffed when the tech giant announced Google Glass but if this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is anything to go by, 2014 is set to the be the year everyone jumps on the wearable tech bandwagon.  
Yet a recent survey from wireless tech experts CSR found 72 per cent of people would only buy wearables if the devices look good, while 67 per cent admitted the gadgets need to they fit with their personal style.
And judging from the range of devices unveiled during CES, some companies have managed this, while others have a long way to go

Google Glass was seen as a revolution when it launched in 2012 and strongly divided opinion. 
People, dubbed Glass Explorers, who have managed to get their hands on the $1000 (£600) gadget have even been called 'Glassholes', because of how they look when wearing the gadget.

Moving on to smartwatches, Samsung may have seemingly rushed through the release of its Galaxy Gear watch at the end of last year to beat rival Apple to the punch, but the device was heavily criticised because of its large design. 
A number of smartwatches were displayed at CES this year, and some learnt from Samsung's mistakes, while others didn't. 
For example, watchmaker Burg unveiled its range of smartwatches including the Burg 12, also known as London, Burg 14 called Seoul, and Burg 18, known as Moscow.

This rise in wearable cameras was fuelled by the popularity of the GoPro range, which start at £185.
Onto the more obscure wearable items, CSR unveiled a Bluetooth necklace at the event that connects to Android and iOS devices. It alerts the wearer to notifications using a colour-changing LED fitted inside the pendant. 

The device is just a prototype at the moment and CSR has not announced when the product will go on sale. 

Elsewhere, Heapsylon's Sensoria smart socks are made with conductive threads that act as sensors, producing a current when pressure is exerted on them.
They pick up pressure points in three areas of the foot - around the big toe, the little toe and the heel.
The data is then picked up by the ankle bracelet, collated with outside conditions such as temperature, altitude and terrain, and then beamed via Bluetooth to a smart phone

And its not just humans that can take advantage of this growing trend. A smart collar for dogs that measures a canine's heart and respiratory rates as well as counting calories was also shown off at CES.

However, the most prevalent wearable devices at the show were fitness trackers. Sony, LG and Casio were among the big names unveiling new gadgets, yet devices from smaller companies including Notch, Razer, Tinke and Wao were also on display. 
Sony's foray into the world of fitness trackers includes its waterproof SmartBand that can be linked to Android phones and tablets via the Lifelog app.

The band tracks physical activity, including calories burned, distance and what type of activity the wearer was doing, such as walking, cycling or driving.

Do you need an extra good luck boost in 2014?

2014 Feng Shui Good Luck Tips for All Chinese Zodiac Signs

By Rodika Tchi


While we usually think of feng shui as mostly being applied to homes or offices, it is good to know that it has many more uses. Not only can you apply feng shui in your garden, your car or your office desk, you can also use feng shui to strengthen your personal energy with various feng shui good luck charms.

Your date of birth is the starting point for all feng shui calculations, be it your personal 
birth element, your Kua number, your lucky directions and, of course, your Chinese zodiac sign.

We will approach the Chinese zodiac sign predictions with the same healthy approach we have towards 
feng shui - we know that everything is energy as it continuously flows and gets expressed in various forms and in various cultures.

The story of how the Chinese zodiac signs came into being is sweet, but as with all stories, there are layers of deeper meaning behind it. Ultimately, the Chinese zodiac signs are specific archetypes as expressed in character and personality traits.

Let's look at easy 
feng shui cures for each Chinese zodiac sign in 2014, the year of the Wood Horse.

Is your Chinese zodiac sign compatible with the freedom loving Horse? And not just the Horse, but the Wood Horse? Will the energy flow easy for you in 2014 or do you need some help and 
protection along the way?

If you know 
your Chinese zodiac sign & birth element, let's proceed!

RAT Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: In the year of the Wood Horse, the Rat can still do well. You will need some feng shui cures to help calm some conflicting energy in 2014. => Read more

OX Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: The Ox will experience better energy this year, with some challenges in love and health areas. Explore feng shui charms and cures to calm the energy and take good care of your health. => Read more

TIGER Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: Tiger people will enjoy a much, much better year with all sorts of blessings, and just a slight challenge ahead. => Read more

RABBIT Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: An excellent year is in store for Rabbit people and a great combination of beneficial energies. => Read more

DRAGON Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: The relationship between the Dragon and the Horse can be a slightly challenging one, so be sure to read our recommendations and implement the cures that feel right to you. => Read more

SNAKE Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: A very good year is predicted for people born in the year of the Snake, much better than the previous year. Explore some feng shui good luck charms you might need in 2014. => Read more

HORSE Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: The Wood Horse year will not be a stellar year for Horse people, but with patience you can still make it a relatively good one . => Read more

GOAT Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: An excellent year is in store for Goat people - a well deserved change from last year. => Read more

MONKEY Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: Monkey energy people should do very well 2014, with many good opportunities coming their way. => Read more

ROOSTER Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: Roosters are predicted to experience excellent energy in 2014. => Read more

DOG Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: This will be a much better year for Dog energy people. Explore feng shui charms and cures to help you make the best of it. => Read more

PIG Zodiac Sign Feng Shui in 2014: A good year is in store for Pig energy people. Staying calm and taking care of harmony in all relationships will make it even better. => Read more

To conclude, remember that the Horse has a freedom loving, kind and independent energy. By attuning yourself with the beneficial aspects of this energy, you can enjoy a good and productive 2014 - the Wood Horse year.

And always, always - no matter what is happening in your life - do your best to generate kindness.

Have a beautiful 2014!

Fish Hotdog

Saw a pack of this hotdog in al Asmar-Kuwait City the other day, I was a bit hesitant to buy as it might taste “weird”  but somehow, I grab one to try ”out of curiosity", but after consuming a pack,  we have to run back to the store to buy more  as my kids simply loved it and I never imagine “FISHDOG” can be so sweet and tasty! I love the taste

One healthy alternative!!

Baking Experiment : Bread Pudding

I was clearing  our pantry yesterday and found packs of  bread ready to be thrown away, it’s almost expired and I cannot force my kids to consume it all…

I really don’t have the strong heart to junk it all as I feel there are lots of people in world craving and hungry for food,  so grab a few baking ingredients and do my magic….

and Finally,.......  one best recycle bread i've ever done!!!! 

So next time, if you have packs of  stale bread at home.. you already know what to do with it yay!!!??

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Kuwait: Book your Driving Test Online

I just happen to find out about this news from and glad to know about this great development!! 

Could Star Wars' holographic chess become a reality? Projector glasses beam games on to a table that are controlled using a 'wand'

It may have taken 36 years but the iconic holographic chess game from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope just took a step closer to reality thanks to a pair of augmented and virtual reality specs. 

The castAR system uses a pair of glasses fitted with a micro-projector on each lens that beams images in 3D onto a specially-designed flat surface. 

article from:

These images can then be moved and interacted with using a remote control wand.
A Kickstarter project has now launched in the hope of raising $400,000 (£250,000) to fund production of this system.  
'CastAR is a projected augmented reality system that displays holographic-like 3D projections right in front of you,' said the system's Washington-based maker Technical Illusions.

The camera uses these markers to precisely track a player's head position and orientation in the physical world.
The so-called Magic Wand can be used as a joystick and a '3D input device.' 

The handheld part of the wand has buttons, a trigger, and a thumb stick. The wand also tracks its own movement in 3D space, allowing players to interact with virtual environments.

Camel Race in Kuwait

If you’re looking for adventure in far away place in Kuwait, then camel racing club is one best choice to try,  it is open to all every Saturday from 2pm to 3:30 pm no entrance fee and definitely safe for the whole family just bring along some snacks as there is no nearby resto in the vicinity

It is located in KABD somewhere in Jahra,

Take the 6th ring road to Jahra, take exit 604 to your left to Kabd, then exit  left under the bridge to road 604. Go straight. Go passing 2 roundabout, once you reach the  3rd roundabout, take left turn and keep going straight. At the end of the road there is a T junction. Take the road going to the right. Keep going and you will see the Kuwait Camel Race Club building to your left, car parking and flags.

I truly enjoy my experience as well as my kids and family!!