Monday, August 22, 2011


Most of us may be learning about this syndrome for the first time through the story of a teenager who cannot comb her hair as the very activity can actually kill her.

Brushing hair can spell doom for 13-year-old Megan Stewart, due to a very rare medical condition called hair brushing syndrome. 
Megan was diagnosed with the condition just three years ago after she turned blue and collapsed while her mother combed her hair.  

Any contact with static electricity is enough for Megan’s brain to completely shut down.  

Clearly, this means she has to completely avoid contact with fabrics like polyester or any shiny material as this could turn life threatening for this teenager.  

Read more: Have You Heard of Hair Brushing Syndrome? | MedIndia

Sunday, August 21, 2011

and my rant continuessss

so... right after a fight for my terms now the unthinkable happened..!! the machine suddenly shut down and the bad thing is that  I have to complete the 165KD for the machine cost and now, we have to buy boxes of bottled water.....

Early morning today, I have booked for service to repair the machine @ vefpsa customer care service center, the customer care rep. is ok and fast,  confirmed to me that a service personnel will be at my place  after 5pm to fixed the machine,  happy and contented with the fast service, I waited for the service guy to come....

and now, it's already 10:30pm and nobody show up.....  unfortunately, I left my diary at the office where I jotted the phone number of the customer care, now, im hopelessly sitting waiting for nothing....

FYI: the machine was installed dated last july 28 and not even a month that it requires service!!!....  sooo badddddd of you VEFPSA!!!!!!!!!


Update:  Aug. 22,2011 @11:30pm

Finally, service crew came I instructed them to come even if its late at night..we will not sleep till the machine is fixed!!...

so... the machine working better now!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My rant gainst VEFSA Sales person......

 I woke up late this morning and the nanny already prepared a wonderful breakfast for me and my kids, while we were in the table enjoying the moment, my phone rang… I’m not supposed to answer it but the nanny said it’s been ringing since 8 am so, I have no choice but to stop the moment with my food and had to attend the call,
The call is from the sales representative from vefsa and right after the conversation, I turn into red  and lost my appetite….

Now, I can’t stop myself for being so mad because I felt so betray with the agreed terms ,
And for all I know, ever since the day  my friend gave out  my number to  VEFSA sale representative  my phone is driving me crazy to the highest extend,   I don’t want to disappoint my friend who almost everyday been talking about the water purification system  along with the sales person from vefsa who’s been disturbing me the entire week, I have ordered  the system and got it installed at home on installment plan, you know,  when everything is not in your plan and you have to please someone  you’ll end up buying things beyond your control….,  after installation,  we have met out terms that I have to pay it  on installment plan, but since, they have not expected for me to get an installment  they added 5KD to my bill giving me the total of 165KD and request for  15KD deposit  which I eventually obey…..
And today,  almost a month after that said installation has made, my phone started messing me up again, the VEFSA rep. been calling me to get the money for the 2nd installment,   I’m not escaping on the obligation but my point is,  can they understand that we have agreed to have the payment on the day of my salary that is every 26 or 27th day of the month and they been calling me  a week before  and asked for at least a deposit 20KD or more prior to the schedule day of payment, is it an harrashment!!??   I was really mad this morning that it ruin my good mood and appetite, I even, told the sales person to  take the machine back for I don’t want it anymore because of their  constant disturbance, if they cannot wait for my salary then I cannot do anything than to return the machine…..  after all, we much comfortable using the usual bottled water …….

although, many been satisfied  with the products which I consider myself as one but I guess,  I will not recommend to any of my friend  because I don’t want them to experience the same .....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ostrich Egg...

I was with hubby at carrefour today and I still have that the feeling of amazement looking at the ostrich egg, it's big and shiny, I, actually, seen the egg long back but I havnt got the chance to take a picture of it,  the funny thing is that, while my hubby is busy taking a picture of me holding the egg,

there were two arab couple who also get the interest to look at the egg and imitate my pose for  snap, they been asking us so many question about the egg (of course, we cant answer them since, we never tried to cook one before...)  but  we all end up laughing and getting our imagination wandered on how to cook and what sort of dishes can be made out of the big egg!!

Ostrich egg is available at the avenues mall, carrefour egg section price: KD 2/-

here's few fact about the ostrich egg:

An ostrich egg, at 3.3 pounds is the largest single cell that exists today on our planet. It's also the largest egg, and it looks about the size of a medium cantaloupe.
You could put 4700 bee hummingbird eggs inside one ostrich egg. The bee hummingbird egg is the size of a small pea and weighs .02 ounces.
Carving an ostrich egg is difficult and wears out the drills rapidly. An ostrich egg shell has to be tough enough for a 300 pound bird to sit on it.
I've seen pictures of an adult in South Africa standing on an unhatched egg.
The ostrich hen will typically lay 10 eggs, but some productive hens will lay more.
The hens will often lay their eggs in the same nest as other hens, with the result that you can find as many as 50 eggs in single a nest.
Ostriches are native to South Africa, but you can find them everywhere from Texas to Beijing. Farmers grow them for their hides, feathers, meat, eggs, and other byproducts. They're the world's largest living bird

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh my!!.... what's with this so called GHOST MONTH...!

I was watching a latenight news and got a very strong  goosebump over an episode that tackles about the hungry ghost month which annually celebrated by chinese people.....
I never have this idea before but somehow, this only signifies that china really is a country full of weird, amazing and mystical festivals and belief.....

The seventh lunar month in the traditional Chinese calendar is called Ghost Month. On the first day of the month, the Gates of Hell are sprung open to allow ghosts and spirits access to the world of the living. The spirits spend the month visiting their families, feasting and and looking for victims.

There are three important days during Ghost Month. On the first day of the month, ancestors are honored with offerings of food, incense, and ghost money - paper money which is burned so the spirits can use it. These offerings are done at makeshift altars set up on sidewalks outside the house.

Almost as important as honoring your ancestors, offerings to ghosts without families must be made, so that they will not cause you any harm. Ghost month is the most dangerous time of the year, and malevolent spirits are on the look out to capture souls.

The Inauspicious Month

This makes ghost month a bad time to do activities such as evening strolls, traveling, moving house, or starting a new business. Many people avoid swimming during ghost month, since there are many spirits in the water which can try to drown you.

The 15th day of the month is Ghost Festival, sometimes called Hungry Ghost Festival. The Mandarin name of this festival is zhōng yuán jié (中元節 / 中元节). This is the day when the spirits are in high gear. It’s important to give them a sumptuous feast, to please them and to bring luck to the family. Taoists and Buddhists perform ceremonies on this day to ease the sufferings of the deceased.

The last day of the month is when the Gates of Hell are closed up again. The chants of Taoist priests inform the spirits that it’s time to return, and as they are confined once again to the underworld, they let out an unearthly wail of lament.

Dates for Ghost Month and Ghost Festival

2011 - Ghost Month - July 31 to August 28
2011 - Ghost Festival - August 14
2012 - Ghost Month - August 17 to September 15
2012 - Ghost Festival - August 30
2013 - Ghost Month - August 7 to September 4
2013 - Ghost Festival - August 20

Further Resources:

Girgi-an Event sponsored by Zain@ AVENUES MALL

Last week,  it's a bit tough but we  chopped our sched for this good event sponsored by zain @ the avenues mall, to my surprise the place is jumppacked with so many kids and parents who's been swimming like whale just to get their ramadan gifts for their kiddos....

there's one thing, I do not like, the lady mascot looks really scary, my kids dont want to get near to her simply because she looks like a voodoo doll ( sorry zain but it's true!!),

right after that, we dropped by SHAKE SHACK for dinner.. the burger is chewy fabulous!! I love it!!....  I still have the hang of not getting the baby jumpsuit but i'll be back to grab one of that, it's perfect for my little one!!...

Ghab-qa @ JW Marriotte Hotel

 I was with hubby and sister in-law at Marriotte hotel last night for Bridgestone Ghabqa invitation,

Absolutely a night to remember, I trully enjoy the variety of the food , good service and the ambiance... no question why the hotel earned 5 stars quality, 
AMAZING AMAZING that's my last words to sum up my experience!!

Girgi-an @Al-Fanar Mall

Al-Fanar Mall has been holding several Ramadan festivities this year.

They have put up a tent where children can have their face painted and henna done on their hands, and there is also a traditional Oud playing. The tent activities start around 9pm every day.

They will be celebrating Gergean with face painting, henna painting at the tent, Gergean fashion show, traditional songs, magic show, quiz show, gergean gifts, and other fun activities for children. The celebrations would begin around 9pm with different events/activities every half an hour. The children's fashion show will be at 10pm.

When: August 18th, 19th & 20th
Where: Fanar mall, Salmiya-Kuwait
Time: Activities begin at 9pm (fashion show @ 10pm)

For more info: 2572-0289 or 2572-0298
Source: kuweight64 thru grapevinekuwait

Get Ready to CHA CHA with WATANIYA!!

Exclusively available with Wataniya, the Cha Cha is perfect for social networking. One button connects you directly to Facebook, the multi-touch screen makes surfing smooth and a spacious keyboard is ideal for texting. What more can you ask for? How about the following additional benefits:

What you pay:
➢ KD 60 (KD 5/month for 1 year)

What you get:
➢ The exclusive HTC Cha Cha handset
➢ Free Gold number
➢ Unlimited internet for 3 months

Visit any Wataniya or Fono Store to get your Cha Cha NOW.

➢ 100 free SMS per month for 1 year

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tiring Week,,,,,,

I just wish I have the power to be in many places in one time......!!

sorry guys.. I havnt got the chance to update my blog the entire week... but promise to share all my  experiences and several downtimes in the days to come...


it's the time for me to make some changes in my  life, in my homes and be determined to survive and do whatever possible to keep my loved ones close and  provide the necessary to survive no matter what is thrown at us.

few words to ponder from Dr. Mommy blog....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011



This is harder than I thought, I was recently caught up with so many loads in the office at the midst of RAMADAN,  you know?!   hungry, tired and tempered!  getting home is my very escape to quench desperation for drink and food,  then I cannot think of anything else than to have a fast sleep the world night and wake up early to start for another day at work....

Having this routine shuttered what I called bonding time with my kids,  I somtimes thought, they started to become naughty and hard headed lately but I realize that Kid are bound to be naugthy or temperal when they seek for attention,  little do I know that this simple gesture of sleeping through the night leaving the kids playing with the nannies and give them the freedom to play with their friends all night long! will get them to become worst distant to me...

Today when I was reading an article about a father who has done evrything to keep a good memories with his kids, he died  of cancer but he left a very wonderful mail to his kids, and only then, I looked myself and asked: " WHAT KIND of MOTHER I AM??!   I have all the time in the world but I have not grab that very advantage to be with my kids and taught them what such father cannot teach when he is still alive...

and from now on, i'll start blogging things that I would want my kids to read nor learn and keep a better space of my time and love  because we would not know WHEN is WHEN and how LIFE trick  and twist....

I just hope that in the right moment in time, my kids will browse this site and read what their moms has left for them in the cyber world!!.... I love them so much and I dont want to leave a huge hole in their heart..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kids Gerge-an Fashion Show

Get your kids dressed up in their best Gergean costumes or Fairy tale costumes! The Kids Gergean Fashion Show event is sponsored by Fantasy World & it includes lots of entertainment & goodies. It is open to kids aged 2 to 15 years. This event will be covered by many magazines :)

When: Thursday, August 11th
Time: 8:30pm
Fees & Registration: 5KD until August 9th & 7KD after that (Registration is a MUST)
For more info: 9722-4813

Source: Grapevinekuwait

Sunday, August 7, 2011

House Design Made from HUMMERS

With the Hummer brand facing extinction after being cut off from the General Motors family, award-winning architectural duo Craig Hodges and HsinMing Fung of HPlusF collaborated to turn eight Hummers into a modular capsule-style dwelling.

The Hummerhaus is a combination of their love for innovative technology.
 Craig tells  Dornob

“Consisting of eight identical Hummer body shells supported by a prefabricated steel armature, the space is utilized in the manner of an industrially produced object, with 12 volt electrical systems, OEM refrigeration, heating, and media components, and ingenious use of the nooks and crannies generated by the pressed steel enclosures



Summer craze.....!  HOT FASHION.....

Dance Workout for Kids & Women ( Kuwait)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top 10 worst female health habits

From workouts to healthy diets, many of us make an effort to look after ourselves. However, we could be compromising our health on a daily basis without even knowing it. From carrying heavy handbags to wearing crippling heels, here are the top 10 female habits you should try to break.

Wearing heels

More and more of us are opting to wear heels on a daily basis, and this could be bad news for our health. High heels affect our posture, put pressure on joints, and can lead to a range of conditions including arthritis, hammer toes, back pain and tendon injuries – and that’s before you take into account any heel-related accidents! To minimise damage, limit your heels to 1.5 inches for daily wear, and wear insoles to help reduce the pressure on joints.

Carrying a heavy handbag

With the rising number of gadgets and accessories the majority of women haul around, many of us are carrying around several pounds of weight on our shoulders every day. As a result, lots of us are also putting our long term health at risk. While you may not feel the effects right now, lugging around a heavy handbag can lead to serious back problems and neck pain as well as poor posture. Don’t wait until the damage is done – do your health a favour and try clearing out all non-essential items and switching to a smaller bag.

Sleeping in makeup

Most of us have succumbed to the temptation to sleep in our post-party makeup at some point. However, leaving makeup on overnight – along with the dirt and oil that naturally accumulates on skin throughout the day –is a quick route to clogged pores, congested skin and spots. Sleeping with mascara and eye makeup on can also affect your health by causing eye irritation, bloodshot eyes or even infection.

Matching men drink for drink

From networking drinks to first dates and social events, there are many instances when women may feel compelled to keep up with the drinking habits of the opposite sex. However, women not only tend to weigh less than men but they have less body water to dilute the alcohol, which means they tend to get more drunk more quickly. To minimise the risks of alcohol on your health, try to keep within the recommended guidelines for alcohol consumption and alternate alcohol with soft drinks.

Wearing the wrong bra size

It is thought that more than 70 per cent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. However, wearing a badly fitted bra can not only affect the look of your clothes, but research suggests it can cause a range of health problems including back, neck and breast pain, breathing difficulties, poor posture, skin irritation, circulation problems and even irritable bowel syndrome. Rather than guessing your size, make sure you get measured to ensure you are getting the support you need.

Worrying and harbouring regrets

Stress is damaging to both our physical and mental health, and women are twice as likely as men to suffer from stress-related disorders, as well as having higher rates of depression and anxiety. While it is thought there may be biological reasons for this, worrying about the future and dwelling on regrets can also add to our problems, with research suggesting that women are more than twice as likely as men to harbour regrets over lost loves and broken relationships.

Obsessing over appearance

While both genders suffer from body insecurity, many women tend to overly obsess over their idea of the “perfect” body. Research findings published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology found that 16 per cent of the normal or underweight women studied believed themselves to be overweight, while a study commissioned by Dove found that 90 per of women wanted to change at least one aspect of their appearance. Body insecurity not only affects our mental health, but it can also lead to physical damage caused by extreme diets, yo-yo dieting, eating disorders and cosmetic surgery.

Emotional eating

While comfort eating affects both genders, research has suggested that men are more likely to reinforce positive emotions with food, while women comfort eat when they’re sad. Women are also more likely to satisfy their cravings with sweet, high calorie foods. Rather than letting your waistline suffer next time you’re feeling blue, try distracting yourself from cravings by doing something you enjoy, or boost your endorphins and health with an uplifting workout.

Not getting enough sleep

Not only can lack of sleep make us look and feel at our worst, but insufficient shut-eye can also lead to increased accidents, calorie consumption and heart disease risk. Unluckily for women, statistics suggest that sleep problems affect more women than men, while a study by the University of Michigan found that women are more than twice as likely to give up sleep to care for others. Unfortunately, sleep has been found to affect women’s blood pressure and mood more than men’s, making it imperative that you do your best to get a good night’s sleep.

Putting themselves last

Not only are women more likely to compromise their sleeping habits to care for children and others, they are also prone to putting their own wants and needs at the bottom of a hectic to-do list of chores and obligations. To avoid running yourself into the ground, learn to sometimes say no to those requests and commitments that are less than essential, and make sure you set aside some “me” time each week to do something enjoyable just for you.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

High School Girls’ banned during Ramadan

I'm an avid fan rather a silent reader of blog, little do I know that the topic posted  HERE  will hit a massive controvesy all over kuwait & UAE,  I havent seen the video yet so I have no right to judge or  state my opinion with no proper source, however, based from what has been emailed to Mr. p0ach, I believed that Al watan TV considered the traditions and rights of the " STARS" being featured in the film,  maybe, because the projection of being "CONSERVATIVE" still live up to date and has holding creative sectors of the country to emphasize their rights to do their job and be appreciated by their works and what they want people to know....

 In view to Ministry & other protester I understand their fight in respect to the RAMADAN season and MUSLIM traditions,but I guess,  Kuwait & Dubai is still not ready for this kind of art....!  

and so, I leave this topic with a quote that goes:

" The only constant in this WORLD is Change"



Article  posted in dated 02-Aug-2011


KUWAIT: The UAE Ministry of Information has banned the Kuwaiti serial “High School Girls” from airing during Ramadan on all Emirati channels.

The decision was welcomed by many broadcasters who decided to enforce the ban immediately. The serial is seen as highly controversial due to the way it portrays schoolgirls.

Television viewers have agreed that the show only paints a negative picture of Kuwaiti society. Currently there is a huge campaign in Kuwait against the serial to stop it from airing during Ramadan.


Kitchen Cures!!

Here's a wonderful article, Natural and safe remedies all available in the comfort of our home

When we’re feeling sick, we look at the medicine cabinet to see what pills we can take. We should check out the pantry instead. Many everyday ingredients can treat different ailments and unlike drugs, they are inexpensive and with less side effects.

  1. Honey Honey is good for cuts and scrapes. It has three powerful components: sugar for absorbing moisture so bacteria can’t survive, hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and propolis to kill bacteria. Plus, the honey dries to form a natural bandage. Just spread thickly over the infected area.
  2. Olive Oil

    Olive oil is actually the basis of many
    skin moisturizers. For eczema, rub olive oil on the skin to keep it from drying out.
  3. Spicy dish
     Good for a stuffy nose or congestion, spicy dishes loosen the mucus by making the eyes and nose run.

  1. Garlic

    Garlic is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and an antioxidant so it has many uses. Take garlic when you have a cold to fight the infection and boost the immune system. Mix together minced garlic, warm water and honey for taste. Leave the garlic in the mixture for a few minutes then swallow without chewing. Another way of taking it is by chewing raw garlic cloves with honey. Repeat every two to three hours. Garlic can also be used for
    athlete’s foot due to its antifungal nature. Simply rub a clove of raw garlic to the affected area.
  2. Baking Soda

    Baking soda is used to remove odor so it makes weird sense that you use it for body odor as well. Sprinkling baking soda on your armpits and feet will reduce the moisture you produce.
  3. Chamomile Tea

    Wrapping cold, wet
    tea bags in paper towels can help sooth itchy eyes from colds or hay fever. The tannic acid in tea reduces the itch. Chamomile tea can also be used for calluses. Soak your feet in a diluted chamomile tea bath to soften the hard skin.
  4. Ginger

    Ginger has anti-sickness properties so it can help in nausea. Pregnant women can also relieve morning sickness by taking ginger biscuits.
  5. Turmeric

    Turmeric is good for treating many
    skin ailments. It can be used to sooth acne, scrapes and sunburn. Mix several drops of water with ½ teaspoon of powdered turmeric to make a thin paste. Apply the mixture on the blemishes or sunburn and leave for an hour. Be sure to rinse after because turmeric stains.
  6. Rice Water

    Bangladeshis have been using rice water as a treatment for diarrhea forever. The proteins in the rice help stabilize the bowel and it’s tastier than any medicine.
  7. Banana

    Who knew that aside from being a yummy snack, bananas can be used for bug bites? All you have to do is eat the fruit and apply the banana peel
    fruit side down on the bite. Hold it there until the itching subsides.

Source: Denise V. Suarez


Futuristic Coke Bottle Design

Is this Coke's bottle of the future? Designer Andrew Kim created the design to solve the problem of Coke bottles taking too much space when they're empty, by adopting a square Coca-Cola bottle concept.
Not only can the space-saving containers be stacked and packed against each other horizontally, but they can be stacked vertically with each bottle's top fitting into the bottom of the container above.
The designer even offset the opening, giving you a "more comfortable drinking position." And when you're finished with your ice cold Coke, the container collapses like an accordion to a size that's 66% smaller.
So far, we're liking the idea of a futuristic square bottle. Whatever saves the environment and makes sense, fares well with us. We doubt that Coke would begin to repackage their beverages so differently, but who knows, this could be the bottle of 2020.

Monday, August 1, 2011

V. Five Continents Hospitality Group is slated to open the Ramada Plaza in Kuwait City, by the third quarter of 2012.

I truly remembered the late night studies and bundles of take home papers just to get this project proceed into construction, my hubby used to handle this project from technical studies to working drawings but sadly, there are client issues that apparently lead to stop the constructions leaving the building half way from its furnisned!!....

however, in the article below dated last 11-july-2011, Finally, RAMADA hotel will soon to open next year!!, 


Located on Al Salmiyah Road, the 299-unit property will target leisure and business travellers.

The hotel will feature two ballrooms, each seating up to 500 guests as well as an exhibition hall and conference hall with a capacity of 1000.

There will also be three dining options as well as a pool and health club.
”Ramada Plaza with its central location and excellent facilities, slated to open in the 3rd quarter 2012 will be a valuable addition to our portfolio which we are planning to extend to 15 new properties in the next 10 years,” commented Tarek Elsherif, managing director of V. Five Continents Hospitality Group.

“Kuwait as one of the richest country in the world with a well developed infrastructure, excellent entertainment and recreation facilities attracts business and leisure travelers alike and with our new 5 star property we will be able not only to meet but exceed the requirements of the most demanding travelers
I felt bit scared everytime I past by  this odd and hunted looking building!!.. , but I happen to browse the below article and glad to finally see it taking its bits & pieces and soon to open next year,