Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blog Challenge: What's in my Bag

This is basically a request from one of my reader; she called it a blog challenge, well, with so many request lined up, this is something easy and would not hesistate to show what I have and what I can afford.... 

 So to you Dear Jenny: Request GRANTED!!!...

What's inside my bag??

I know,  I have nothing to hide, but this is also shocking from my side, I never relized I have a lovely fork inside my bag till I have this challenge... hahahah.... maybe my kids just playing around and decided to give mommy a safety gadgets,,,,,,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shout OUT: Karma to the people who stole the TIRES!!!!!

Early morning Christmas day my sister had her share of cruelty when she found her vehicle tireless...,

Kuwait has become a perfect cage for animals and freaks, How heartless it is to steal one’s possession, we all worked for better lives fair and square, and if you don’t have the money to buy seek help or assistance in the right way….

Stealing in all aspect is a sin and it is sooo wrong!!!!!, we may never know who you are, you may get away with it  but in God’s will you’ll have your KARMA

Winter Favorites: Men's Fashion

Men I always thought that men’s fashions are the easiest, what else do they wear than shirt and jeans, right???  but when I got married everything has changed, I think Men in terms of fashion is more complicated than women, they are actually very precise on the cut, the fit, the brand , colors, how it was ironed , accessories and so on….  Its simple but basically complicated…

Just like women, Men’s fashion in the new era is moving into more playful and colorful…

It's perfectly ok when we do not want to be on the trend, but CHANGED is the only constant in this world, Don't be scared to go out of the box and find better style that fits you right…….

Catholic Chaos...

I was out with hubby yesterday the plan is to drop by the church  to hear mass but on our way to kuwait city we were surprised to see the chaos in front of us, everyone is on the very edge of the stairs wanting to get into the church… 

It’s overwhelming to see the growing numbers of catholics in Kuwait but having a huge population of believers in 1 medium size church is not overwhelming at all.....

Sadly we have to take a turn and go back because even cars are on the traffic mode; It seems endless and heavy….
Well,  I thank the Lord for this day and everyday of my life….. I may not be able to get into HIS house yesterday but by faith and sincerity I know I was heard and forgiven….

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Join The March of White, (Run Against Crime!!)

A young man starting to find success in his life, enjoying a wonderful weekend but only to be stabbed  because of a shallow parking rant,

I feel that such horrendous event is an eye opener to many that there is no safe place anymore,  I was saddened with the news but if you think about how many of my fellow filipinos in kuwait who are working in desperation, yes, they are alive but they would rather die instead... life is cruel to begin…

 I am posting this to invite everyone in Kuwait to be part of the venture,  I will participate with respect and in memory of  Dr.  Jaber Yousseff and to offer my participation  to all my fellow kababayans and other nationalities in Kuwait  who are victims of violence and abused …

Let’s march and join forces
No against all crimes/violence/abused
Once and for all!!! “

Read related news about the stabbing incident at : ARABTIMES

Creative Idea: Mini Motion Sensor Light

This tiny little bumble bee is not just a sticky light but it function more than what we expect from it looks,

This baby right here is called the Motion SensorLight- tailor made for many uses, it has a sensor that detects movement (human) and improve the brightness of the surroundings when it is needed, it's multi-purpose!!!

Design by: DOODA

Photos: Gloomy Christmas Morning with a Rush

I woke up late this morning, the company transport left me and the taxi arrived 20mins late, 
a supposed to be a Christmas morning madness turns out to be a pleasant gloomy morning…..
I have such a wonderful trip going to the office and sharing with you few photos of my views from the car window….

"(It’s not everyday I have a chance to appreciate the another side of the road ) "

xoxo.... Wisemummy81

Winter Favorites: Playful Winter Fashion

Winter fashion is always label with dark colors because black or dark colors signifies warm and sexy

I’m always been fascinated with people who go beyond basic and do not fear fashion to let their real character comes out! Or what makes them pretty instead…

Fashion in this generation has becoming funky, colorful and playful……

Here are few of my favorite winter fashion... ....the playful and colorful ones!!

Fashion is not all about brands or name or walking into the trend,  it is who you are and what makes you comfy and confident....

Monday, December 24, 2012

Chritmas Photos: a summary of week

Here are just few of my snaps posted thru instagram, a collection of wonderful things before Christmas…!

Perfect sweet for a merry Christmas from my officemate pretty gracey!!

 Writing my first note... isn't great??!! technology is overwhelming!! I wish I can always afford it!

While shopping for gifts, I stumbled upon this wonderful window display,
it's almost like real 

hmmmm.... as much as I'm fond of good gifts,
I also love reading honest notes... like this one??!!

and more of this so called modern tech...
just a touched of it would make my day right!!... my mom's latest hobby

more lovely gifts...! love it!! thanks much wonderful people

I'd Rather Have the One who Holds my Heart

I was listening to the song this morning, I was like static!!...  The chorus is just soooo intense; I stood still and let my emotions flows in the air, it’s a wonderful feeling when you know that one person you’re so deeply in love will hold your hands and face the world with no conditions

The songs simply grace into the pain of reality, we do not understand it at times but it’s actually a test of destiny, Temptations/ Barriers in different forms and faces simply come & go, it’s deceiving especially when everything fell into superficial happiness "blind-sided"

Always remember that: the world was created in perfection and so as the bond between husband and wife, beyond what heart and mind can't speak,  REAL LOVE  is self less, forgiving and can see right from wrong, it's not blind nor deaf , it is strong -for it can stand in any twist of hardship....

Ann Landers

I’m not saying my marriage is perfect because 7 years of marriage is nothing but I considered it as an achievement in a shape of a better curve, we have our bad times which we tried to live it out in our way, Marriage is not simple as it spell, it is a lifetime commitment of life and love..

Start the New Year by seeing the truth within, Love is precious and so as the PERSON you love!!!  Learn to forgive and pray that separation is not always the solution, take time and looked back seek that moment you found love in the eyes of the person you’ve loved once in your life!!!!

Happy NEW YEAR!!!