Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Best Avocado Shake/Smoothie in TOWN

Been craving and having this for the last 3 days, I’m an addict!!  And I’m so crazy about it….  
My new fave in town, AVOCADO SMOOTHIE… 

I’m not being exaggerated but it is the best avocado smoothie I ever tasted in Kuwait, surprisingly cheap ( 1KD large size) it's clean, variety  and can found in a very convenient place in Kuwait.. SOUK SALMIYA!!

Before hearing all the disclaimers, please try it yourself then tell me about it…

One best smoothie, and I would really recommend it to all the people in Kuwait goooooo  try it and buy me one as well.…balasshhhhh !!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chinese man kept alive for five years with HOMEMADE ventilator

Being alive is something we have to be thankful every day ,
Being poor is not always a cursed …
Yes!! It’s great to have everything but being less in life doesn’t mean we have no right to be alive nor take advantage of the needs for human services ,
God has given us a brain and body to function above all things… Use it well and you’ll see how wonderful it is to discover and take chances!!!
Here's a wonderful and Inspirational story of LIFE and Taking Chances..... 

A Chinese man has been kept alive for the last five years thanks to a homemade ventilator that his family have to manually squeeze hundreds of times a day.
Fu Xuepeng was 25 when he collided with a car while riding his motorbike to a supermarket.
He was diagnosed with severe damage to his nervous system and has been paralysed from the neck down and unable to breathe unaided ever since.

Instead, he must rely on a ventilator with a breathing tube in his airway.
But after four months on breathing equipment in Taizhou First People's Hospital, his parents were forced to bring him home because of the unbearably high medical expenses.

Despite receiving 300,000 yuan (£30,0000) in compensation from the driver, it cost more than 10,000 (£1,000) yuan per week to keep Fu on a medical ventilator, according to a report by the website

His mother Wang Lanqin and father Fu Minzu were left with only one option - to remove him from hospital and try to care for him at home.
They bought a bag valve mask ventilator and have manually pumped lifesaving oxygen into his lungs by hand ever since.
To keep Fu, now, 30, alive, the attached air ball must be squeezed at even intervals to manually pump oxygen into the body.

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Feb Fabulous activities in kuwait from the Grapevine

Days gone so fast, we’re finally stepping into the LOVE MONTH

Here are exciting events/activities in Kuwait for the month of February….
Only from (where else?!!) the grapevine Kuwait

A healthy wonderful presentation

Sometimes it takes a colorful and creative presentation for us to spare an attention and read, I have gathered several wall posts from my facebook friends, I feel that it is important and would educate us on health issues….

 This is also to say THANK YOU for the people behind such informative and wonderful post....  I love it!!  

(Photos from FB account: Doctors & Hospital)

Funky drink wares...!

To drink or not to drink.... that is the question.... naaahhhhhhh!!!

If I happen to have even just one of these products , I won’t stop drinking even if takes my tummy to burst!! Ewwwww….! Lolsss

Obey your thirst and be funky!!

              Here comes the evolution of anything that says: Drink ware…


Source: Geek alert store & alibaba

Creative Ideas: Video Memo Pad

How cool is that!!!...
Would you rather write or make your note extra special….  

“Leave fun messages for family and friends with video memo pad
It’s fun and easy to use. A magnetic back adds an extra fun element allowing you to stick PLAY on your fridge or any metallic surface.
High quality recording with colour playback on a 2.4" screen

Holds multiple messages up to three minutes in total It's easy and fun to use with 3 buttons. Don't write it, say it! “

soruce : Nativeunion

To find out more about this product Visit: NATIVEUNION

Ice Show beynd Imagination.... It's coming to KUWAIT

UPDATE 1: We received the following message from the organizers:
“The number one cirque on Ice in the world is visiting Kuwait to share amazing shows for the first time in the Middle East!! The show will start on February 6th until February 9th at the Ice Skating Rink. There will be two shows everyday at 4:30pm and 7:30 pm. The tickets prices vary as following: (KD5 – KD7 – KD10 – KD15 – KD5).”
UPDATE 2: Tickets are available for sale at the Skating Rink from 10am till 8pm (Kuwait City, Soor Street, next to Discovery Mall)


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Creative Ideas: Shoes Made from Recyled Tires

Save the earth and be fashionable…! Why not??!!

Dressing with confidence is more than wearing the most expensive and the latest trend in the market,  Fashion is not all about brands or price tag,  it is finding what makes you comfy and  confident without compromising the quality

Here’s a perfect example of what I see fashion is all about:  stylish that prioritizes not only comfort, but helping the environment as well....

One of the biggest problems our environment, our community, our society faces today is trash. And one of the biggest and most overlooked contributors to environmental waste are used tires from vehicles. These are either thrown into landfills, left laying around community areas, or worse, burnt - contributing significant amounts of toxic smoke to the air we breathe!

What's the best way to help alleviate this problem? RECYCLE!

Created in 2011, Manila Sole is all about providing stylish footwear that prioritizes not only comfort, but helping the environment as well.

Developed with soles made out of recycled tires used locally, it is the goal of Manila Sole to increase the use of sustainable materials that will lessen eco waste and provide local jobs, while creating products that are made for the urban lifestyle of the everyday, modern Filipino.

Developed and handcrafted in the Philippines, Manila Sole is the footwear of the people, by the people, for the people. From the Pearl of the Orient, the new Sole of Manila!


Visit their site at: MAnila Sole Shoes

Discovering Young Amazing talent in Kuwait

Hola people of the world!!!  I’m here and a bit lazy to do my usual work in the office but I do have the energy to write and at least shed an updates to my ever loving blog page…

It’s been a tough busy week as I've been fully booked to attend several occasions and midnight sale so I felt like I’m floating right now relieving my stress thru writing..

Anyhow, today I’m going to share a wonderful talent discovery, I haven’t got the chance to fully get her details (what I know is,  she’s a only  12 years old ,FIlipino National &  currently in kuwait - of course!! hhehehe) anyway,  I manage to filch videos of her while doing her thing…

It was indeed amazing or shall I say splendid to be in her presence, every song was truly a blessed moment… 

I won’t be surprised if  one day i'll see her on TV !!!
( I instantly declare myself as her no.1 fan .... Proud to be PINOY!!)

YOu go GIRL!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aloe Vera Drink--- Refershingly Healthy

Last night while in the midst of thirst, wanting to sip anything refreshing

I  found a bit weird but yummy, healthy & refreshingly great drink

One good product to try!!!

Available at:

Al-Ashmar store in Kuwait city, price @0.350fils/ bottle

The Galaxy Fashion...

Well, what can I say!!!  I love to search/explore/discover anything even in the deepest sea or high above the surface….

So I’m bringing the whole universe and the galaxy down in the name of fashion….

 **sighhhhh**   definitely whenever I see someone wearing one of these, I won’t stop staring as I know how great the confidence inside to wear the statement….  

Photo Source: Panda Clothing Co. LTD

Source: Panda Clothing Co. LTD

Fashion Fave: Denim in Fashion

We often see/define denim as the usual element for pants or trouser… but wait!!
There’s more to dig than wearing denim the usual way…

How about walking in full denim the fashionista way!!..  love it or hate it!! But I certainly want to have it all in my closet…!

Source: New Well Fashion accesory co. ltd
Source:520 Fashion Product

Source: Discount Gift Mall-Hot China

Source: Discount Gift Mall-Hot China

Source: Zat Fashion

Source: Happy Shopping Co
Source: Panli E-commerce Co. ltd
Source: China-Fashion No.1