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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Liquid Condom & HIV Killer Spray

This is kinda weird but knowing how fast the raising of people infected by HIV around the world, surely a product like this would be a hit for people who can’t resist the itch…

I’m actually having a 2nd thoughts posting this entry here, but I feel that, it is for the interest of others to be aware that product like this exist,  my blog operates not only for wholesome categories but anything useful , interesting & informative….

People let say hello to the HIV Killer Spray…

Photo & Product Source: China Fantasy/ aliexpress store no.216446
This product can quickly kill several kinds of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, such as neisseria gonorrhoeae, canidia albicans, escherichia coli, staphyloccocus aureus, pathogeniccoccus, syphilis, HIV etc. It can be used as liquid condoms that prevent gender crossing infection and protect men and women’s reproductive organs.

It also applicable to disinfection, sterilization, and relieve itching for the human body, new wound, insect bites and stings and our environment without stimulation to the mucosa.

Photo & Product Source:  aliexpress store no.216446

 Especially, for the prevention of Venereal disease and HIV infection, it is very obvious.

The test conclusion of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army disinfectant

HIV testing center, and National Research Institute for Family Planning:

Without the micronucleus, non-toxic side effects
No stimulation to new wound, eyes and vaginal
The killing rate of Canidia albicans is 99.99% in 3 minutes
The killing rate of skin surface natural bacteria is 90% in 3 minutes
The killing rate of HIV is 99.99% in 60 seconds
The killing rate of the sperm is 100% in 20 seconds

Usage: Directly spray. (Spray 4-6 times directly before and after sexual intercourse. For men spray on penis, for women on vaginal. It can last for 8 hours. If you want to be pregnant, please stop using it. When you use it, if you feel uncomfortable, you can rinse with water or sterile water directly.)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A healthy wonderful presentation

Sometimes it takes a colorful and creative presentation for us to spare an attention and read, I have gathered several wall posts from my facebook friends, I feel that it is important and would educate us on health issues….

 This is also to say THANK YOU for the people behind such informative and wonderful post....  I love it!!  

(Photos from FB account: Doctors & Hospital)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stem Cell Enhancer.....

Now a days, people are so addicted with anything instant from food, technology, health and wealth, everything seems to be in a fast chain that sometimes I forgot it’s already weekend have to take time to seat and enjoy the time in slow process, people are so keen on how to be rich and forget about their health,

 Last month, I attended a seminar about health & alternatives, I eventually, introduced to a networking business and a product

Well; imagine my reaction when the speaker openly said that such seminar is not only a plain health seminar but also an introduction to a networking business…

Hmmmm???..!   I was deceived that was my first thinking but I did not react, I continue to listen and this what I have gathered from the seminar:

 if you are familiar with STEM Cell therapy/treatment,  it is a breakthrough that potentially  changed the face of human disease and sooth sufferings , the problem is that ,it cost a fortune to get a shot!!  

So a specialized company in USA had venture into study and end up with a HAPPY PILL or LAMININE- a stem cell enhancer that promotes balance and enhancement in our body ( I don’t want to flood more explanation, I’m not here to promote but just to write my learning and experience)

Anyway, to cut it short… I did try the product and I swear!! I never felt such greatness inside my body when I tried it , I feel happy, less moody, no headache and I'm refreshingly active in 2 weeks of taking the supplement, truly : Don't jusdge the book by its cover, because that what happen to me, I judge before I listen and now I can never be happy and healthy if I turn my back because hearing about MLM  makes me wanna rush home

Anyhow,  this is not to advertise nor recruit anyone, I did not even sign up to be member but just a plain user with an experience of a good product..

Here's  more about Laminine:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cool insect repellant...

Do I hear it right???! This might be one of the answer to the never ending DENGUE disease in country, I think, this product as presented is cool and interesting ,

The best thing about it:

can be use for indoor and outdoor activities with no hazard

Product details:

Perfect for Adults and Children

Estimated Price: 1 usd/each

 Will fit on wrist or ankle with circumference of up to 25cm
 These are designed for human protection against disease carrying mosquitoes.
 It can be used on the Wrist, or Ankle, or through a Belt Loop, or Bag Strap
 Active Ingredient: Citronella Essential Oil

•Effective for up to 240 hrs when keep good in sealable pouch.
•Ingredients: 100% natural citronella essential oil, 70% ultra micro fiber.

-         How long does it last?

240 hrs with proper care

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weak-end....! literally weak!

This is one of the most tiring day of my life, it feels like drop down to the floor head first, I’m tired, I’m sick and it’s killing me in every  minute I sat on my desk waiting for the last 1 hour to finally out my butt in this lonely room….

I hate it when its summer, the temperature is high, it breaks my skin and nerves to pieces!! , I hate it when it dust specially when I have a  flu, … wish I’m home, curbing my pain in the comfort of my blanket and soft pillow…. Arrrrrrgggggg…… strengthen me oh Lord!

UV Portable Automatic Phone Sterilizer

For one thing, "Prevention is better than cure", anything referring to health and environment is a sure hit to me, I'm always curious and looking for something new and innovative...

Now, let me share with you the latest on my list...

it is called UV Portable Automatic Phone Sterilizer 

Although the existence of mobile phones defines convenient and handy  frequent use of mobile phones create a perfect living environment for bacterias and germs that most likely dangerous to our health and others...

With the help of mobile phone disinfector, we only need a few  minutes  to dessinfect our very own small gadgets,
 it can use for the mobile, bluetooth headset, earplugs, etc, and small equipment like MP3 player and so on... 
it has  ultraviolet light that is known to be a very good sterilizing effect, it kills 99% of germs & bacterias and


I can go on and on, but I was not paid to endorsed this product either to advertise it, lolsss... but it would be nice to share something useful as this little monster right here!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

yaH-cOOL.... (yakult!)-- HEALTHY ME!

When you look for sweet bottle of healthy drink, it is very easy to just walk in the alley of department store health section and find variety of healthy drinks in different brand, content and flavors, but, how do you know the product and how long it's been in the market and tested??

Since I was young ( not so... fetus of course--lols) , I'm always familiar with yakult, it's like a mandatory drink for us growing up student in school and even in pulic places such as markets and streets,  a bottled pack and samples of  this tiny healthy bottle can be found,

Now, I'm all grown up with kids of my own, it's becoming a vital part of my everyday routine and I'm sharing it with my kids.....

it's overwhelming to know that, YAKULT  is finally available in kuwait , I cannot believe how long and how far it travels just to reached where I am right now ( me &yakult are meant to be heheh) so start your healthy habits by experiencing the goodness of YAKULT      
you can buy it in any Filipino Bakala all over kuwait

Here's an overview of this product:

Yakult is a fermented milk drink made by fermenting skim milk powder, water and sugar with the beneficial live probiotic strain of good bacteria Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain. Probiotics are friendly bacteria or yeasts that have been used for centuries as natural ingredients in health-promoting foods, and recent scientific studies support the many health benefits of probiotics. Today, more and more people worldwide are turning towards probiotics for healthy living. The bacteria cultures are still imported from a mother strain in Japan regardless of production location

Types of Yakult: There are two types of Yakult - Yakult Original and Yakult Light. Both contain Lactobacillus casei Shirota in equal amounts, but the Light version has less sugar. Yakult Original has a red lid. Yakult Light is the one in the blue. You can choose whichever you like.

Nutritional Facts:
  • Yakult contains no colorings. The unique color is natural caramelisation resulting from the production process.
  • There are just 48 calories in a bottle of Yakult Original. A bottle of Yakult Light contains just 27 calories.
  • The reason we include sugar is that it provides essential ‘food' for the bacteria, keeping them alive during shelf life.
  • Both Yakult Original and Yakult Light are virtually fat-free and equivalent to 0.5 Weight Watchers points.
  • Ideally the digestive system should contain greater amounts of friendly, beneficial bacteria in order to outnumber those that are potentially harmful.
  • Yakult helps keep the balance between the beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria living in the digestive system.
  • Each 65 ml bottle contains approximately 6.5 billion bacteria, enough to help replenish the levels of good bacteria in the digestive system.
  • It plays a vital role in protecting and maintaining the health of the whole body.
  • Yakult keep the balance between what we eat and drink
  • ltress can cause the gut to become upset. So take Yakult to get relief from daily stress and busy lifestyle
  • A number of holiday factors like dehydration, inactivity and differences in eating habits can upset the gut flora. However building up your ratio of ‘good' bacteria in the gut, by drinking a bottle of Yakult every day for a fortnight before the holiday can protect your digestive system.
  • Control the side effects from antibiotics
  • The number of beneficial bacteria within the intestines tends to fall naturally as we get older. Our immune system also gets weaker. A probiotic will help top-up the beneficial bacteria in the gut, which in turn supports your body's natural defences.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy balance of the intestinal flora, important for good digestion.
  • Yakult can be taken by both children and adults. After 12 months, the child's intestinal flora is almost identical to that of adults. Therefore, the amount of beneficial bacteria in Yakult will help to re-establish a balance of intestinal flora in children and adults alike.
Storage: Yakult must be refrigerated. If Yakult is subjected to temperatures above 4°C, the Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain become active and use the sugar to multiply and produce lactic acid. This acid causes Yakult to taste sour, which is not a true representation of the refreshing, fruity taste of Yakult. Yakult can be added to cereals, smoothies, milkshakes, cheesecakes or any other cold foods.

Posted from Article:

for more queries and information about this wonderful product visit :

Monday, April 30, 2012

SPF 100 no better than SPF 30, says dermatologists

Summer is here, glowing and healthy skin always start with a good protection against the sun,

Here’s essential information about sunscreen and how to protect our skin:

Super SPF sunscreens are soon going to be a thing of the past.


By June 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has required sunscreen manufacturers to change the labels on their products.

Brands boasting of SPF 80, SPF 110 or more will no longer be allowed to do so. Instead, they’ll have to make do with the label, SPF "50 plus."

The FDA's ban on SPF claims greater than 50 is based on several studies revealing that consumers falsely believe that the higher the SPF, the longer they may expose themselves to the sun

This inaccurate notion has led to risky behavior in the general public, eventually leading to more cases of skin cancer.

Dr. Darrell Rigel, a clinical professor in dermatology at the New York University Medical Center says "An increase in SPF from 30 to 50 has only a one percent increase in protection against the harmful rays of the sun."

High SPF protects only a fraction of what’s claimed

Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself from the sun:

1. All skin types, colors, ages need sunscreen. More than 3.5 million people have skin cancer.

2. When your shadow is shorter than you, sunscreen is not enough. Get under the shade or wear protective clothing like a hat, long sleeved shirts or umbrellas.

3. Wear sunscreen daily even if you’re not in the beach. Eighty percent of UV rays can still pass through even on a cloudy day. Sand and water increases the sun's reflection by 25 percent.

4. Use sunscreen on all areas not covered by clothing. One ounce or a one shot glass is the ideal amount to cover all the exposed parts of the body. Therefore an 8-ounce bottle of sunscreen should last only for 8 applications. Using less than one ounce still puts you at risk for skin cancer.

5. Allow the sunscreen to dry for 15 minutes before going outdoors.

6. Re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours after swimming or sweating. No matter what the bottle says, sunscreen is NOT waterproof.

7. Know what type of sunscreen works best for you. Different types are ideal for different areas of the body.

          Creams for face and dry skin.

          Gels for hairy areas like men's chests especially baby's scalp.

          Sticks for areas around the eyes.

          Sprays are ideal and easier to apply on children.

8. Be aware of the expiration date. A sunscreen loses its protection after three years. Don't feel bad about throwing out a bottle that is half-full. The damage it can cause is not worth the extra pesos you spend on a new one.