Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life and More: A heart-rending and touching video

Nothing beyond words can explain how much I was touched looking at these wonderful photos , God Bless them and keep them safe always…


A heart-rending and touching video has emerged this week from Syria showing what was described as an emotional reunion between a distraught young father and his son, who he thought had been killed in a recent attack.

The 7-minute footage allegedly recorded in the southwestern town of Zamalka was posted on YouTube by Syrian activists Monday.

The video, which is sure to make anyone tear up, shows a young man running out of a house, his face expressing both joy and utter shock, to embrace his toddler son

Read More: Dailymail

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creative Ideas: Finger function 3D wireless Air MOUSE

This is what I like about creativity, it evolves and it gets better and wilder everyday!!!


The first wearable finger function air mouse..


2.4Ghz Wireless Ergonomic Wearable 3D mouse
Wearable + Wireless 2.4Ghz +Gryo + G-Sensor
3D mouse -work in the air & on the desktop with GYRO & G-Sensor;Completely free your hands,you can use it to manipulate the mouse while doing other things.
New concept of wireless wearable design get rid of the "mouse hand"trouble , using neoprene and silicone to ensure the comfortable wear.
2.4G transmission technology with lower power consumption.
Compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC.
10M working distance without signal interference.

Wedding Proposal Fail....

Wedding Proposal is an opportunity to express your feelings in a sincere way and not to impress!!! 

Please the next time you propose, do it in a right place, no interruption like a the train nor a small guitar to get you on the floor.... hehehe.... but really, do it with a good plan and get to know your partner.. Or end up like a crap....  Sorry Man!!  


There were times that I was want to write my feelings out , without direction nor a plan to create something out of a topic, writing from the heart if I were to describe it in one line..

Today, right after a busy morning at home, my kids are finally in school and  I gain the space and time to relax , staring at the blank page of word program in my laptop, over and over I think of something to write but something is really wrong , my mind is not giving me the exact word to start so I let my fingers run through the keypads and this is what I have to say…

 Should I be thankful or should I careless enough, Life is a bit tough and here I am wandered to what really installed for me, my family perhaps?? 

 I wanted life to be easy maybe I Imagine it to be easy…. do you have the time in your life where you just wanted to lay down and sleep the whole day???

 Do you sometimes create very greedy thoughts?  Greedy thoughts define easy life that would stake an easy climb into a ladder of our goals and dreams….  

Dreaming is free so use it and make sure you come back in the world of reality with your head up high without the floating sensation…

I have been to a lot of training and seminars, all of them says one thing….. 

“ get out there and be successful”, success is not an overnight plan nor  a simply wish of luck,  it’s a hard work and perseverance, we all want success and yet we fail to recognize the key to lead us into our goals, maybe we ignore the little details that matter or sadly we continue to do the same mistakes

I thank the Lord for the blessings, Trial are part of our lives to be better and to recognize the essence for being human…  I really don’t know where is this post taking me , I’m confused but somehow, expressing my thoughts and feeling through this medium is worth the time and space….

Have a great day everyone and whatever is in your mind right now a plan or something you really want to try... do it now!!! And make the best of everything…. 

Remember, opportunity strike once you have the option to grab it or regret it!!


Love lots,


Product Experiment: Wisemummy Recommendations

It’s been weeks and I know you've heard such line for so many times but then and again, I’m here and glad to hear your constant feed backs….

I’m back and that’s all that matters, right???
It’s been like a year when I started writing about my experience of products unknown to many, well, been using lots of products but really don’t have the right time to write, Today, I’ll be doing that very thing… reviewing all sort of products that provides me an extreme and wonderful result…


Seriously???!  Does anyone familiar with all the products in the photo??? ( excuse the messy can of bicarbonate heheheh) Maybe some or if I’m right no one knew it!!...  Well, that’s the point of this post....

Been using the above products for several weeks now and it’s been a wonderful..

YFIE Natural Body Lotion,  

well,I must say, that since I've found this, it feels like miracle as all my life I've been looking for the right kind of lotion to suite my skin type,

 I have an extreme sensitivity on lotions and it so often that I don’t use any of it as it would take a weeks to cleanse the rash right after using certain products but now, it seems like I’m Normal and I've been using it everyday since then.. my skin was never dried and it smells good!!


Eva Facial Care

As I said before, I have a damn messy skin so trying out products from known to unknown is a struggle,  and to finally found a brand that properly works on the areas I’m slugging with, is just amazing!!... let me tell you that this facial wash really works deep cleansing and control oily skin but definitely mild and don’t damage your skin…. Also, combining it with carbonated soda once a week is just great!! Try it and u’ll probably feel the joy I’m having right now!! 

all products are available in kuwait local department store, in a very reasonable price....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I finally Graduated...

I apologize for not updating this page, hopefully I'll be able to back on track.......

but just to let you know .. what i've been up to.... 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The underground cycle rack that holds 200 bikes below the streets of Tokyo

It is one of the busiest cities in the planet and so space is at a premium

So it is with little surprise that the Japanese have come up with a way of storing bicycles that takes up very little street space

This genius storage solution buried 11 metres beneath Tokyo stores up to 200 bicycles and each one takes just eight seconds to store


Experience: Suite Home Novotel Hotel

This is somewhat a very late post and I don’t consider this as a review but just a plain post of the things we as family experienced during our stay in Suite home Novotel Hotel

To start with, I have booked our reservation thru as I’m so convinced with the “SMART DEAL price” ( KD23/- per night with Breakfast)

As the day comes, we entered into the lobby to confirm our reservation and the person in the reception was so nice that he upgraded our standard rooms to suite due to the Ramadan promo with no extra charges, I was indeed thankful…

The suite room was clean and well arranged, my kids glances into every corner of the room and explore, the bed was super comfy that I have to jump twice and take a looong sigh as I rest my tired body into the comfort of the bed, bathroom is good and the water is just overflowing and warm

Moving forward….

As we venture into the lower floor where spa, sauna, mini gym and swimming pool are located well, quite small and basic but overall it’s a good place to relax in the middle of the city, my kids love their swimming pool as at that time, there are no other users than us, so we have the whole place to splash and do whatever we want… though, sauna and steam areas were not functional (maybe temporarily or at such time) but still I appreciate the effort of keeping the hotel well equipped

Overall, it was a nice place for a family to relax that cares for your budget…  we have a great time spent @ suite home novotel

And just want to say Thanks to the staff for giving us good service!!! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Creative Ideas: Magic Silicon Strapless Bra

Hello world.. Bit busy and lazy but glad I’m back again!! Hoooooowaaaa

 Well, have you heard about the new trend in underwear?? Hmmmm….. It’s sticky and soft, I haven’t tried it and it never enters into my mind as well but I think I will probably maybe soon enough open my mind to something like this
… Ready…??!! Here goes the…. Magic Silicon sticky Bras