Saturday, November 12, 2016

PUMA Drops the Latest Fierce Trainer

PUMA Drops the Latest Fierce Trainer
Adding Fierceness to Your Training Routine. Worn by Kylie Jenner.

Herzogenaurach, Germany (27th October, 2016) – Global Sports Brand PUMA continues to slay with innovative performance gear merged with contemporary styling. Dropping this month is the latest style of the brand’s next level training shoes, the PUMA Fierce KRM.

First introduced in April and worn by style icon Kylie Jenner, the PUMA Fierce features a lightweight lace-less design that mixes performance technology and street-worthy style. The PUMA Fierce has a demi height slip-on construction, a supportive midsole, and flexible outsole allowing for fast, multi-directional movements. The style’s performance functionality and distinct design will carry the wearer from their latest training class to the street.

There’s not a fitness routine that the Fierce KRM couldn’t handle. It works with you – never against you – through every workout. It’s inspired by dance movements and designed for rigorous training: a lightweight construction, supportive high collar, and full length flex groove for stronger moves. In addition to its fierceness, it exudes beauty. The upper material features an exquisite 3-dimensional kurim lace-like pattern intertwined with the Fierce’s trademark neoprene construction. Available in four sophisticated colourways - Black, Winetasting, Olive and Whisper White, you are sure to rock the gym in style.

The PUMA Fierce KRM drops in, PUMA stores and selected retailers starting November 1st.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Fitness pal app

I just started working out weeks ago and I feel really really good, I haven’t seen any obviously physical change but the unseen changes slowly coming into my system, I feel energize,  healthy and I am able to sleep better at night so I’m giving myself a whole 2 months for proper weight loss routine (hopefully!!) 

I happen to find MYFITNASS PAL on play store, it’s a free application you can download it anytime, it is very helpful for gym beginners like myself,  it’s a wonderful and it’s so easy to use application where you can track your calories intake, goals, weight anything you would want to track and achieve all in one application. 

I’m so happy to have this app on my mobile and sharing it as well for the benefits of others!!

Enjoy and keep moving!!!

a Note to a Modern Working Parent/s

photo credit: google search/kidspot

Just like any working mothers out there, we feel tired, weak, sick and sad, that’s the feeling of being HUMAN, I sometimes wish,  I have the power to be in different places in just a snap but I’m just normal mom who would want to extend the household in the office and play fair with hubby when it comes to finances, I would want to provide and save a better future for my kids and feel better within, although, hubby has the ability and right resources for me to be settled at home, I feel that it gives me  satisfaction inside to work, it is what I see myself today, tomorrow and as long as I can, but if times come for me to decide to stay home, I would not hesitate to turn my back, family first of course…! 

But at the moment, young mothers like myself needs to find an outlet for strength, yes!! Maintaining a household needs endurance, care, love and self-satisfaction.
I am saying this because modern life has given us a different twist of fate, everything is in the fast phase, and everything is in digital. 

New generations are bound to be lazy and impatience, if we parents do not know where and how to push the control button then we might just regret it in the future, that’s is why Modern parents need not only love, time and money, it requires patient and endurance to bring your kids into an active lifestyle.  

And it should start from YOU!! So remember, there is no greater happiness seeing our kids grow up to be healthy and smart, stop the guilty feeling do the right thing, exercise for better you and be a good influence to your kids, let’s start turning off the gadgets and let our kids out for a play, socialize with other kids and introduce a healthy and smart lifestyle. Don’t wait for tomorrow when you feel tired today, do it while you can!!

Just thought of writing this article to end my day right….! Have a good day everyone!!!