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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Creative Idea: Artistic Blooming Tea

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This is like one of distinctive product I ever introduced in this blog, my question is, would you try it?? 

As amazing as it looks, this tea provides same benefits as the usual tea, Only that it is in an artistic blossom form, I love tea but having this on my morning routine will definitely change my mood, I can only stared at it and appreciate its beauty not even want to ruin its design….  

Saturday, November 12, 2016

PUMA Drops the Latest Fierce Trainer

PUMA Drops the Latest Fierce Trainer
Adding Fierceness to Your Training Routine. Worn by Kylie Jenner.

Herzogenaurach, Germany (27th October, 2016) – Global Sports Brand PUMA continues to slay with innovative performance gear merged with contemporary styling. Dropping this month is the latest style of the brand’s next level training shoes, the PUMA Fierce KRM.

First introduced in April and worn by style icon Kylie Jenner, the PUMA Fierce features a lightweight lace-less design that mixes performance technology and street-worthy style. The PUMA Fierce has a demi height slip-on construction, a supportive midsole, and flexible outsole allowing for fast, multi-directional movements. The style’s performance functionality and distinct design will carry the wearer from their latest training class to the street.

There’s not a fitness routine that the Fierce KRM couldn’t handle. It works with you – never against you – through every workout. It’s inspired by dance movements and designed for rigorous training: a lightweight construction, supportive high collar, and full length flex groove for stronger moves. In addition to its fierceness, it exudes beauty. The upper material features an exquisite 3-dimensional kurim lace-like pattern intertwined with the Fierce’s trademark neoprene construction. Available in four sophisticated colourways - Black, Winetasting, Olive and Whisper White, you are sure to rock the gym in style.

The PUMA Fierce KRM drops in, PUMA stores and selected retailers starting November 1st.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

SPY Game... your choice!!!


There is no perfect marriage but a working relationship, I believe that when we love someone we have to give our trust, loyalty and love. It’s not about how many years you’ve been together but how you’ve spent that years together.

Yesterday as I was searching for a Map app for my phone, oh!! By the way, I’m very very very awful when it comes to searching for location, if I am driving going to different location, it is always my protocol to google it first and get familiar with it prior to my actual journey, so going back to my story, I was fascinated how many GPS app available for downloads and how many apps on Family Tracker available for immediate download, I was like..” Come on!! “I mean, I have nothing to hide from my husband we’ve been together for 11 years and such action will be the very last thing in my mind, so let me just draw the line here and go deeper with this topic…

Why do you spy your spouse??? 

Hmmm…. Well, there are many reasons why but basically it goes down to TRUST issue, if you trust your wife/husband then I guess, there’s no need to download such app to his/her mobile, would you rather spy on someone you love than to just trust that person, does it gives you the satisfaction knowing that you have all the details of his/her phone message, calls and locations?? Then what???  You wait till you find something to argue???  Perhaps, you’re very reason to spy on your partner is to check if he/she is being loyal to you because you have so much love to give but no trust to live, you’re too afraid to trust such person or maybe afraid to lose that person, …. Guess what?!!! You’re being paranoid!! Stop right there, you know you why??  Whether you like it or not, you will always have something bad to find out about your partner and  it will always end up in argument or worst separation…… So be prepared!!! 

Well, writing this article gives me a heartache simply because the world is changing and everything seems so fast, Marriage and relationships should be our slow moment, to serve the person we love, to love them unconditionally, to give full trust and respect yet because we let ourselves flows into the modern world, we forget all that simple things in life, we chose to hold back and dictate our destiny rather than living it in a positive way.

Spying your partner might give you the sense of “in-control” I hope it does bring good to you and your family!!! I have nothing to say more…but bless you, if you already start doing it to your partner, because when the world turn upside down you only have yourself to blame!!!