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Saturday, April 1, 2017


When Kuwait offers something relevant to its country it always comes in exaggeration but in a good way, don’t get me wrong!! I had been to different events and museum in kuwait and it never fails to give me that “WOW” factor, that is why I said, it always comes in exaggeration simply to describe how amazing it is!!! 

THE HABITAT MUSEUM in Al Shaheed Park is one must place to visit specially for the young ones, the place offers a very modern interactive journey of kuwait’s local eco-system, in all honesty, I can stay there all day with no complain as the place really is incredible!!! I love everything about it!! 

It's open for public with no Entrance fees 

3 in 1 MOKATE Coffee Surprisingly YUMMY!!!

Coffee is one of many things that makes my day complete, it is like my energizer to keep me going the entire day and while others are not able to sleep after having a cup of coffee at night, surprisingly I have no sleeping issues drinking coffee before bed or anytime of the day.

 I consider myself as "coffee addict" my love for coffee has able me explore different taste and coffee shops in Kuwait as well as the instant coffees available in the market, in the days to come, I will eventually post more of my coffee recommendations.

For now, let me just leave you with this new found yummy 3 in 1 coffee, MOKATE instant coffee from Poland and it’s now available in Kuwait. It’s unexpectedly good!!!! 

A Visit to ANGELINA PARIS Kuwait

Angelina Paris on its first ever branch in Al Hamra -Kuwait, I personally love the interior of the shop specially the beautifully decorated sweet treats which are lined up tempting anyone who walks past.  The staff are amazingly helpful in all our queries. I got to chance to try its very delicious samples of chocolates.

As I was talking to the staff, I was able to get a brief background of this famous Parisian tea shop.

The Parisian tearoom that opened its first branch on Rue de Rivoli in 1903. Such branch is known to a favorite of the wealthy aristocrats and socialites, Coco Channel was one of their famous loyal customer.

Its signature pastry Chocolate Mont-Blanc which has become a chocolate lovers' delight in this new version.