Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kid's Summer camp 2011

Camp Fees
4 weeks : KD250/-
3 weeks : KD 220/-
2 weeks : KD 200/-

Summer Tour PAckage from Alghanim Travel...!

2nd day.... Ninety-8 days to Go...:))

I think the thing that I'm doing right now is bit working for me, I'm on my 2nd day of diet and I just cant stop thinking about putting it on the journal the next day, the feeling of excitement and eagerness to find myself  in a succeful day without the temptation of indulging into a heavy meal, I even, forgot I am on diet yet my mind sets to eat less and be healthy..!

2nd day diet menu:

3 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee
1 small pack tiffany coconut biscuit


2 slices of bread ( Bread talk Mongo)
2 glasses of water
1 cup of tea


1 cup of rice
1 small bowl of chicken soup
2 glasses of water
1/2 cup of pepsi ( I know, I know... I cant help it!!)


1/2 slice of Chicken 
1/4 serving of white pasta (Sabarro )
2 glasses of water

right before my sleep, I had a cup of ROYAL Lax tea

Monday, May 30, 2011

Best thing in LIFE....


WaNNa go to JapAN...! (sooo freakin' Bad!!!)

In my quest to find a good ROMANTIC place to travel as a gift for my husband's birthday,  I was really into PARIS, HAWAII and EUROPEAN tour... but I was diverted  due to the price and VISA issues  (I'm bit disappointed coz these places are already on the  top of  my list, )

To my disappointment, I googled "  Weird Places for Romantic gateaway" and guess what!! I found JAPAN on the top spot, I was like!.. hmmmmpppp.... this is fun..!   
I never thought, that JAPAN can be so  Exciting, Interesting , weird and  I guess, FUN at the same time,

" The Interesting Facts about JAPAN :"
  • The Japanese language has a word for 'death from overwork'. It's Karoshi.
  • The crime rate in Japan is amongst the lowest in the world.
  • Japan is an archipelago of more than 3000 islands, with the four main islands Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkiado comprising 97% of its total land area.
  • The prefecture of Greater Tokyo Area, which includes the Japanese capital Tokyo, is the largest metropolitan area in the world.
  • It has the highest life expectancy in the world and its literacy rate is almost 100%.
  • Japan is the tenth largest country in terms of population, the second largest economy in the world after America, and the third largest purchasing power in the world.
  • Japan is the most vulnerable nation to earthquakes amongst all the regions of the world. Each year about 1500 earthquakes are recorded in Japan.
  • Japanese food is considered the most nutritious and healthy food in the world.
Japan Fun Facts - Lifestyle
  • In Japan a watermelon costs about 250 - 300 USD and a musk-melon costs around 100 USD.
  • If you want to buy a Coca-Cola can from a vending machine, it would cost more than a dollar.
  • It is considered inappropriate behavior in Japan to blow your nose in public or tear gift wrappings, although you can smoke almost in every public place.
  • Japan has the longest reigning monarchy in the world.
  • They are the largest consumer of timber imported from the Amazon rain forests.
  • Japan has a high rate of smokers, with almost 60% of the population indulging in smoking.
  • The Japanese language incorporates four different forms of writing.
  • English happens to be the only foreign language taught in Japanese schools.
  • Rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with tea for lunches and dinners is a common Japanese diet habit.
  • There is a vending machine almost in every corner of its cities, where you can get beer, cigarettes, newspapers and cold drinks
Weird and Curious Japan Facts
  • After breaking up with their boyfriends, Japanese girls usually cut their hair.
  • Few men too shave their heads as a form of apology to someone.
  • Japanese firms serve alcohol to the employees in the evening after 6 pm.
  • Japanese people 'slurp' their food, which is considered as a sign of tasty food. If you don't do it in Japan, it may disappoint your host.
  • Many people in Japan are accustomed to eating raw horse meat.
Fast Facts of Japan
  • The US has almost 90 military bases in Japan.
  • Japan does not have an atomic weapon, yet it is the only country in the world against which atomic weapons have been used.
  • Japanese constitution provides for an article, completely renouncing war or aggression.
  • It has the world's largest sex industry.
  • The Japanese culture is essentially entertainment loving. It has the largest density of cafes, massage parlors, gaming centers, restaurants and clubs in one square kilometer area, more than anywhere on the Earth.
  • The Japanese practice whale hunting on a large scale, as whale meat is a common food in Japan.
One of the fast facts about Japan is that, Japanese people are extremely fun loving, intelligent and friendly people. Today, they are one of the leading nations of the world in technology, science, human development and inventions.



I have copied few pictures from the site: FUNLOL.com

                                                 Horse Meat

            Japan here we come..... This gonna be an exciting TRIP!!

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

For so many times, I thought  of  getting surgery that would somehow makes me feel confident,  I have a lot of imperfections in my body that I just wish would go away without  much of my time taken from gym and salons, Surgery will take less of my time and will give me best result, though, it will drag me to debt (LOLS) as I don't earn much to do all the changes in one time...

But everything change when I came accross the site : anythinghollywood, it's funny, strange, scary and pity to see these celebrities who go beyond PERFECTIONS and got into WORST...,

Hang Mioku is a South Korean woman, 48, not necessary a star but she’s made repeated headlines in the celebrity news due to her insane addiction; Mioku manifests what happens with many plastic surgeries. She became so addicted to it that she injected cooking oil into her face ultimately. Yikes! As Hank Williams sang these words,”Hey good lookin’, what you got cookin’?”, he should have told Ms. Mioku to use the cooking oil for her dinner, not her face. Remember Muammar Gaddafi?
Michael Jackson, the King of Pop had multiple nose jobs, cheek implants; eyelid surgery, a cleft put in his chin.You name it he had it. He just had too many inappropriate operations.

Mickey Rourke undergone face reconstructive surgery. Rourke, the once boxer turned Hollywood heartthrob went back to boxing in the early 90s; and Mickey suffered a lot of physical injuries including facial scars. Mickey said he had gone to “the wrong guy” for his surgery and that his plastic surgeon had left his features “a mess.”

Heidi Montag had her old breast implants increased to DDDs, a nose job revision, a lipo on her stomach and thighs, a butt augmentation, a brow lift, etc, etc, etc.
Montag shocked the world when she underwent ten plastic surgery procedures in one day. Most of us either don’t know or have forgotten that Heidi has already had two plastic surgeries done prior to her big tune up. Watch out Heidi, don’t go any further otherwise Good God we don’t want to have you looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein down the road.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, this is the formerly beautiful billionairess socialite Wildenstein, who is also being referred to as the Bride of Frankenstein. She reportedly spent millions on plastic surgeries to win back her estranged husband. He may have run even faster after the surgeries!

The list goes on, 
Read more: http://anythinghollywood.com/2011/05/10-worst-plastic-surgeries/#ixzz1Nob38PX6

Looking at the photos gives my the reason to save my money for better reasons,  beauty does not define by physical attributes, it is the person wholebeing that involves physical, mental and spiritual aspects that truly defines TRUE BEAUTY, we all are BEAUTIFUL, we just have to feel, look and love ourselves...
Real beauty comes from within and created by our GOD , it is not on the hands of the surgeons who created a picture of perfections that is achieveble by money and wealth,

Live your life  with joy and  sorround yourself with positivity with freinds and family,  only then, you know what makes a TRUE BEAUTY...!

Diet Motivation..the S.M.A.R.T strategy

I read several DIET motivational articles and kinda like this one, from Motivationnow.com on   
 " DIET MOTIVATION  succeeding on diet journey" , there are basically 3 diet motivation success strategy but I found the S.M.A.R.T strategy an easy teachnique to follow

Diet Motivation Success Strategy #2:


Goals come from having a clear vision of what you want. Knowing that you want to build your very best body is a great start, but you need something more than that—a statement so compelling it literally pulls you, like a magnet, in the direction of its achievement.

So you say you're not certain how to set effective goals? Well, don't worry, everyone starts off this way...merely stating they want to get into better shape or have a slimmer waist. And these statements might be as good as it gets for them.

But to really set effective transformation goals and ensure you'll reach them, you're going to have to learn what I call the SMART technique in goal setting to pave your way to sure success.
Using the S.M.A.R.T. technique will ensure you've set an effective and commanding goal and compel you to achieve it. Not only will this technique enable you to set the most effective commanding goals, it will help focus your efforts on exactly what you want to achieve.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for:
(S)pecific—you must be specific about what you want to achieve, creating your goal in the present tense…that means using "I am (in the process of…)" to start your goal statement.

(M)easurable—how do you measure "better shape" or a "slimmer waist?" You can't. Therefore, you must ensure your progress can be measured by scaling your goal to a specific number (e.g., 10% bodyfat, a 33-inch waist, or a size 6).

(A)ction-oriented—you must be able to create an action list of things you must do to achieve success (this is similar to a to-do list, only it pertains directly to the achievement of your goal).

(R)ealistic—make certain your goal is realistic, that it stretches you but is something you can achieve, given your expectations and timeframe.

(T)ime-conscience—this is where we harness the power of a deadline. Nothing becomes important to us unless we set a deadline on it.A date forces us to give it priority and set positive pressure on us to achieve it.

99 days to go....

Yesterday, I started my very first day to 100 days diet commitment,  I feel happy and fulfilled as I end up my day not being tempted to eat much my body requires...

Here's my Menu:

2 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/ creamer
1 Biscuit ( small pack of tiffany coconut biscuit)

1 slice of bread
1 glass of water
1 cupf of tea w/ milk

1 cup of rice
3 small slices of fish fillet
2 glasses of water
1 cup of soup ( Shorba)


 1 cup of soup (shorba)
 1 glass of water

I woke up with great feeling..... and can't wait to write my next day journal!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Strange Product....

Been looking for a graphics idea for my presentation and I found this site : strangenewproducts.com
it features strange , funny and ingenious things 
I can only say :  Great things comes from stupid ideas.... but this is a complete definition of CRAZY IDEA
Below are few that makes my mind wander....
 Poop Soap
What the world needs now is some soap that looks like poop.
"Nope It's Soap" claims to have a coffee scent, and can be used as an exfoliator.Got a kid with a dirty mouth? Tell him you're gonna wash his mouth out with this!The manufacturer claims that each bar pile of soap is hand made, and unique, no molds, no mass production. Just like the real thing.
 Pubic Hair Coloring
pubic hair coloring
Betty Beauty is the name of a hair coloring made especially for pubic hair.

Apparently many hair salons have made the practice of providing women with a brown bag of hair coloring to match the coloring they just got put on their heads. A woman named Nancy Jarecki decided why not sell a product like this over-the-counter.
Penis Enlarger Device
Penis enlargement devices are not new, what made me curious is that this is supposed to be worn underneath your pants, as if you can go about your day totally unnoticed.

The merchant's eBay listing doesn't really say how it's supposed to be used, though it's probably obvious.

I can't imagine any guy being able to walk, sit, or crouch around the office with his weenie under such trauma, and have this contraption totally unnoticeable to others.
                               Now you can stick George W. Bush up your butt.
celebrity buttplugs
Celebrity Buttplugs have the likeness of famous people.
Thus far, they have...

  • George W. Tush
  • Smell Gibson (Braveheart Edition)
  • Parass Hilton
They'll also make a"custom buttplug" for you, if you send them a close-up photo of someone, perhaps yourself, your ex, or whatever turns you on.

Soon to be available is an "expander" for the Dubya model that squeezes air into his head, expanding his ego, and increasing your pleasure.

Visit Celebrity Buttplugs at: http://www.celebritybuttplugs.com

Anti-Hemorrhoidal Toilet Paper

anti-hemorroid toilet paperCatching my eye today is this roll of toilet paper called, "Hemo Roll".

It's a product of Slovakia, made by a company named "Tento".

The paper is infused with herbal compounds that are claimed to help prevent hemorrhoid inflammation with continued use. According to the product's website...It goes on to say that it's recommended to use Hemo Roll just for preventative purposes too.

Visit online: http://www.tento.sk/eng/index.php
Toilet paper Hemo-Roll is 3 plies hygienic product. The coloured side of a piece of Hemo-Roll tissue paper contains a herb micro-layer of an extract from oak bark, marigold and common yarrow, with easeful effects on rectum.
Urine Sample Candy
The yellowy sweet concoction oozes out slowly and tastes like lemonade. Kids will want to run drug tests on each other as they analyze the sour samples in their mouths.

Or better yet, play a gag on your next doctor's visit and leave this for the lab technician and watch your physician throw a fit when your blood glucose level comes back way too high!

Buy this at Stupid.com: Stupid.com
Living Floor
Living Floor is a line of tile that contains a layer of liquid, and a clear coating, such that when you step on it, you can see the liquid escaping from the weight of your feet.

It's kinda like those psychodelica art thingies of the 1960s, where you applied pressure with your finger and made all the oils and bubbles squish around. What were those called?

Well with this set of tile, you can walk across it and see your foot prints left behind, before the liquid erases it. I wonder if you can make snow angels with this stuff?

Via Home Tone

The new extreme Hollywood diets: the food

Here's the skinny: If a strictly restricted eating regime is your thing, check out the Russian Air Force Diet! Based on an airman's diet, this is essentially a low-carb plan. Breakfast is coffee and a piece of toast or a pastry, lunch is protein and a piece of fruit, and dinner is protein and a salad.

How it works: Your body will have to turn some of the protein you eat into carbohydrate in order to meet basic energy needs, so you'll start to use up your body's fat stores.

Daily menu

Breakfast: Coffee and a very small amount of starchy carbohydrate
Lunch: Two eggs and a tomato
Dinner: 6oz of red meat and a green salad
Snacks: None - but you should drink at least 4 glasses of water or diet soda a day

What the experts say: Any starlet trying this crash diet can expect to be low on energy; they should also refrain from working out while on this diet as it does not include much carbohydrate, which your muscles rely on for fuel. Plus it falls short of the recommended eight glasses of water a day - those pilots must be thirsty! Though following the Russian Air Force Diet can lead to weight loss, the weight may return quickly because the diet does not teach you to change your eating habits overall.

Verdict: Your weight would crash like a plane hitting the ground - but so would your energy levels.

The egg diet

Here's the skinny: The Egg Diet has become increasingly popular, thanks to a few high-profile celebs who have successfully lost weight by eating only eggs. To lose 30lbs for his role in 'The Pianist', Adrien Brody following a version of the diet, adding in fish with steamed veg for dinner.

How it works: This diet is basically a variation on the Atkins diet where the focus is on restricting carbohydrate intake. However it completely cuts out whole foods groups (like most fruits and veg)... and hasn't anyone heard of the effects of too many eggs?

Daily menu:

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, half a grapefruit
Lunch: Roast chicken without skin, green salad
Dinner: Two-egg omelette with spinach and tomato
Snacks: None

What the experts say: High protein, low carbohydrate diets help to reduce appetite, increase the rate of calorie burning and eggs are a good source of protein and vitamins. However it isn't a healthy or balanced approach to eating and the lack of carbs will make workouts a no-no.

Verdict: Don't try this at home! Dieters risk not only nutritional deficiency but also severe disruption to their health and well-being.

The three-day diet

Here's the skinny: Only three days until the big day? No problem - this diet claims you'll shed up to 10 pounds in just 72 hours. After the three days, you're allowed to take four or five days off... you'll need to!

How it works: The Three-Day Diet focuses on mixing certain types of foods that supposedly create a specific metabolic reaction in your body. The chemicals are supposed to boost your metabolism and help you burn fat at a higher rate than usual.

Daily menu:

Breakfast: Coffee (no sugar), half a grapefruit, and a piece of toast with 1 tbsp peanut butter
Lunch: A can of tuna, a piece of toast, and black coffee
Dinner: 3oz of chicken or lean meat, a cup of green beans, one cup of carrots, one apple
Snacks: One cup of regular vanilla ice cream

What the experts say: Quite simply, this is a very poor choice for anyone looking to lose weight. The ‘unique metabolic reaction' claims are unsupported; the only reason you would lose weight is because of severe calorie restriction. Because of the low amount of carbohydrates in the diet, it is also possible that a person on this diet will primarily lose water weight, as carbohydrate encourages your body to retain water.

Verdict: You may shed weight - water weight, which would return as soon as you back to eating a normal diet after you three days are up.

The grapefruit diet

Here's the skinny: This is an older diet which is enjoying a revival in Hollywood circles. The diet is designed to promote fast weight loss, promising a 10-pound loss after 12 days on this plan.

How it works: The premise of the Grapefruit Diet is based on the ‘magical' ingredient in grapefruits which, when eaten with protein, theoretically triggers fat burning and causes weight loss. Therefore on this plan you can use all the butter and salad dressing you desire and prepare foods in any method, including fried.

Daily menu:

Breakfast: Two eggs, two slices of bacon, black coffee, 1/2 grapefruit or 8oz grapefruit juice
Lunch: Salad with salad dressing, unlimited meat, and 1/2 grapefruit or 8oz grapefruit juice
Dinner: Red or green vegetables (except starchy ones such as peas, beans, corn, sweet potatoes) or salad, unlimited meat or fish, and 1/2 grapefruit or 8oz grapefruit juice
Snacks: 8oz skim milk (at bedtime)

What the experts say: This low-carb, high-protein eating plan averages 800-1,000 calories in most versions. Most people will shed pounds when calories are dramatically reduced to this level. Unfortunately, there are no explanations for how the mysterious grapefruit enzyme works and why it is only contained in grapefruit and not other citrus fruits.

Verdict: Anyone would lose weight getting by on as little as 800 calories a day, with or without a grapefruit or three.

Dr Siegal's cookie diet

Here's the skinny: Eat cookies all day and lose weight? It sounds crazy, but apparently Dr Siegal's Cookie Diet has helped thousands of people lose weight since 1975. This retro regime is also enjoying a resurgence, thanks to the attentions of a certain nameless Hollywood starlet who's bought all her friends his book!

How it works: According to the good doc, his cookies are scientifically designed to help to control appetite and reduce hunger. Each contains 90 calories and contains low GI ingredients such as whole wheat flour, bran and oats. However the main reason he says they work is due to a secret blend of amino acid proteins.

Daily menu:

Breakfast: Two cookies
Lunch: Two cookies
Dinner: A high-protein dinner containing up to 6oz of either chicken, turkey, fish and other seafood with one cup of vegetables (red meat is not recommended because of its high fat content)
Snacks: Two cookies

What the experts say: There is some scientific basis to this as proteins have been found to have a greater effect on appetite reduction than carbohydrates and fat in the diet. The total calorie intake averages around 800 calories per day - and Dr Siegal does emphasise that this plan should only be undertaken with the agreement from a doctor and under medical supervision.

Verdict: Nutritionally inadequate but at least you won't feel hungry... but don't expect a tasty biscuit. These are healthy!

Hallelujah diet

Here's the skinny: As its name would imply, Pastor George M Malkmus developed the Hallelujah diet based on what he believes is the ideal diet God intended for us to eat in the Garden of Eden. He describes the diet as composed of God's natural foods that are "bountiful in ‘live' enzymes that nourish cells and provide true energy."

How it works: The diet is fundamentally a vegan raw food diet and the basic guidelines of the diet are simple: consume 85 per cent raw foods and 15 per cent cooked foods. The cooked portion is usually consumed at the end of the evening meal.

Daily menu:

Breakfast: BarleyMax (Malkmus' barley juice drink)
Lunch: BarleyMax then after 30 mins a meal of salad or raw fruit
Dinner: BarleyMax then after 30 mins a large green salad with a variety of raw vegetables, followed by nut loaf, baked sweet potato, whole grain pasta or a vegetable sandwich on whole grain bread
Snacks: Carrot and green vegetable juice (2/3 carrot and 1/3 greens) with flaxseeds (mid-morning) and carrot and green vegetable juice (2/3 carrot and 1/3 greens) with raw trail mix (mid-afternoon) plus a piece of fresh fruit or a serve of fresh apple or pear juice.

What the experts say: While it may be beneficial for a short term cleansing diet, the Hallelujah diet isn't a viable healthy diet over the longer term. Stars on this diet who are physically active, as well as people with digestive disorders or chronic illnesses, will especially fall far short of their daily protein needs.

Verdict: A short-term feel-good fix that's sadly too lacking in protein and other essential bits and bobs to last you long...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top 10 weirdest Diet according to Forbes

I've been surfing the net for diet ideas and found this article, top 10 weirdest diet from FORBES... it maybe weird but there are few I like to try...

10.)Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Heidi Klum and Fergie have been linked to this strange diet plan, according to Allure magazine. Before each meal you drink three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to curb cravings and cut fat. Medical experts say there's no science behind it, but that you may lose weight because it ruins your appetite. There are apple cider vinegar diet pills that doctors strictly warn against, saying the concentrated acidic formula could burn your esophagus

9.) The Shangri-La Diet

 by psychology professor Seth Roberts came out in 2006 and advised a new way of beating hunger. Based on studies of rats, Roberts theorized that individuals have a weight "set point" or average weight, which can be lowered by eating certain bland foods. He suggests drinking olive oil about an hour before each meal to suppress the appetite.

8.) Cotton Balls

Weight-loss expert David Edelson, M.D., says some models and dancers have eaten cotton balls in an attempt to feel full and not overeat. Cotton is not digestible, so the "risk is huge," he says. The cotton balls will wreak havoc on your system and can do serious harm. Nutritionists advise eating high-fiber foods to get the same effect without causing damage to your body.

7.) Tapeworms

In the early 1920s vendors were selling dieters pills with tapeworms in them. The theory was that the worm would attach to the stomach lining and eat some of your food, so you would lose weight without trying. It may sound good in theory, but in practice the parasites take necessary nutrients, cause digestive problems and may reproduce in your system. Doctors say tapeworms are a no-no, and hopefully no one is still trying this.

6.) The Master Cleanse

Celebrities like Béyoncé made this weird diet fashionable. Followers take laxatives in the morning and evening, and drink a mix of lemon juice, syrup and cayenne pepper in water whenever hungry. Experts say this cleanse is abrasive and excessive. Edelson does not endorse laxatives and says cleanses should only last three to seven days, as opposed to the 10 or more this cleanse suggests.

5.) Breatharianism

Almost a religion, followers of Breatharianism believe that food and water are unnecessary and that people can subsist on spirituality and sunlight alone. Basically it is a prolonged fast. Practitioner Wiley Brooks founded a Breatharianism institute in the U.S. but has been spotted by the press drinking soda and eating junk food. Others have claimed to only live on sunlight, but scientists have not confirmed it. Medical experts say prolonged fasting will lead to starvation.

4.) The Freegan Diet

Those who call themselves Freegans try to reduce society's waste by using only second-hand products and discarded goods. They adopt a vegan diet (no animal products) and only eat food they can find for free. They "Dumpster dive" to find food in the trash, eat people's leftovers and forage wild plants. Doctors say there's nothing inherently unhealthy about this lifestyle--it's just kind of gross.

3.) Fletcherism

Horace Fletcher became known as "The Great Masticator" in the early 1900s for his weird diet. He proposed that people "Fletcherize" their food, meaning that they chew about 100 times per minute and only consume its liquids. Meals would consist of the juices that trickled down the throat, but anything solid left over was spit out. Even though his diet was extreme, weight-loss experts do advise that you eat slowly to curb overeating.


2.) The Last-Chance Diet

Robert Linn, M.D., created one of the weirdest diets of all time in the mid-1970s. On his program, people ate nothing except a liquid protein elixir called Prolinn a few times a day. The blend was pre-digested animal hides, tendons and slaughterhouse byproducts combined with sweeteners and artificial flavors. The FDA stepped in after several last-chance dieters died.

1.) The HCG Diet

A truly bizarre diet plan, practitioners inject themselves with a hormone that is naturally produced by the placenta of a pregnant woman, which is supposed to burn fat. The dieters are advised to only eat about 500 calories a day and are promised a weight loss of one pound per day. Doctors suggest you stay away from this one, as the calorie counts are too low, and hormone injections can be dangerous.

Losing weight is all about "COMMITMENT, DETERMINATION and LIFESTYLE" ..
without that strong urge to change, we can never be succeful in our quest to losing weight....