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Creative Ideas:Cardboard Smartphone Projector / DIY Mobile Phone Projector

Just before 2014 bid farewell, I have to post something creative to wrap things up…

Horeca Culinary Art Show 2015

Know Your Rights - Rent Rules Kuwait

KUWAIT: The law in Kuwait allows a landlord to increase rent only after five years from the date of signing the first lease. He is allowed to increase any amount up to 100 percent of the present rent after the five years only. On the other hand, the tenant can refuse this increase if it was unreasonable and demand the court to evaluate the increase.
But what do you do when the landlord or more likely the haris is knocking on your door, threatening that you must pay an increase in rent – even if the legal five years is not up.
You refuse and in a steady stream of harassments and annoyances, they try to make living in the building impossible. According to Attorney Mubarak Mijze’a you have a few options:
1. File a police case. “If the landlord cuts the water or electricity, for instance, the tenant should go to the police station to report the incident and have a policeman go to his flat to prove his statement. And the tenant should register all incidents such as the malfunction of the air-conditioning system or the elevator,” he told the Kuwait Times.
2. Pay at the court. “If the landlord demands an illegal or unreasonable increase the tenant can refuse it and start paying at the court. the tenant should be careful to pay before the 21st of the month. Otherwise the landlord can expel the tenant from the flat for not paying the rent,” added Mijze’a.
3. Fight back by asking for a rent discount. A tenant can demand the decrease of the rent in some cases. “If the tenant suffered from problems and lack of services in his building the judge may even decide to decrease the rent.
Reporting the various abuses at the police station will support the tenant’s case at the court, and will also serve as a warning for the landlord to refrain from further abuses,” the attorney concluded.
A new center has been set up in South Surra to receive complaints from tenants who live in the Hawally governorate.
This will help collate complaints against specific landlords and also ease the burden the various police stations.
By Nawara Fattahova Kuwait Times

Upcoming Events in Kuwait 2015

When: 03.06.2015 – 13.06.2015
Where:Hall 5 , KUF, Mishref, Kuwait


About the Event: The Family Expo is an annual trade event 
that showcases quality suppliers of gift, household and kitchenware.
Products & Services:
  • Furniture
  • Home accessories
  • Gifts
  • Kitchenware
  • Outdoor home accessories
  • Electronics
  • Lighting accessories
  • Prints, pictures and frames
Visitior Profile:
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers in the gift & household products industry


Etihad Airways today revealed its much anticipated new uniforms at a spectacular show in Abu Dhabi, paving the way for a new age of glamorous and sophisticated flying.
Created by Italian Haute Couturier Ettore Bilotta at his atelier in Milan, the new uniform exudes a classic elegance seldom seen in the aisles of modern airliners, and cleverly merges dramatic elements of old world haute couture from 1960s Paris and Rome, with the more contemporary fashions evident on the runways of London, New York, Milan and Tokyo.

The beautiful collection possesses a style which has come to characterise the Etihad Airways brand and which will enhance the airline’s reputation as the standard-bearer of superlative customer service.

Unveiled at a catwalk show held for global media, the launch has been timed to coincide with the arrival of Etihad Airways’ fleet of Airbus A380 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft, equipped with the airline’s revolutionary new cabins. The debut of the new uniforms represents the grand finale to what has been a momentous year for the airline on the world stage.

Peter Baumgartner, Chief Commercial Officer of Etihad Airways said: “Ettore, working with our teams, has once again delivered a new uniform which will showcase our brand with characteristic flair at every city on our ever-growing network.

“The world has been paying very close attention to us this year and our new collection will not disappoint. It is the embodiment of the Etihad Airways brand, service ethos and unshakeable commitment to excellence, marking our arrival as a leader of sophisticated flying.”

Multi-award winning, New York-based photographer Norman Jean Roy, whose prolific career includes work for leading publications such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, leading fashion brands and Hollywood studios, was commissioned by the airline to capture a breath-taking set of images of the new collection. The photo-shoot took place on the majestic sand dunes of Abu Dhabi’s Liwa desert and on location at the exclusive Qasr al Sarab desert resort.
The new uniforms will be introduced system-wide from 27 December and will be worn by Etihad Airways’ cabin crews and ground teams, and feature new designs for the airline’s Butlers in The Residence by Etihad, First Class Inflight Chefs, Business Class Food & Beverage Managers, Cabin Managers, Cabin Crew, Flying Nannies, and airport and lounge teams. 

Ettore Bilotta said: “Since the launch of Etihad in 2003, I have come to know the airline, its teams and management, very intimately, and have developed a style which has evolved as the airline has grown. For me it has essentially been about dressing a brand and an ethos.”

The brief given to Bilotta by the airline was for a design which would represent timeless sophistication, glamour and elegance. The designer has succeeded in realising the airline’s aspiration to reimagine flying by creating clothing which captures the understated style and innovation of Etihad Airways.

Aubrey Tiedt, Vice President Guest Services at Etihad Airways said: “This is not just a uniform. This is pret-a-porter concept – a future lifestyle statement and homage to the golden age of glamorous flight. It is about bringing back classic elegance, allure and richness to our men and women in a style which will become their signature look. No matter where you are in the world, you will know this is Etihad.”

Made from 100 per cent Italian wool, the uniforms feature an intricate jacquard design and were made in various locations across Italy, with additional manufacturing taking place in Shanghai, Tunis and Bucharest by a dedicated team which totalled approximately 400 staff. Uniquely, approximately 30 per cent of the outfits were handmade or hand-stitched.

Stylishly cut and fitted, each ensemble is easy to wear, flexible and practical, allowing cabin and ground personnel ease of movement as they carry out their duties.

The uniforms have been created incorporating almost all the brand colours of Etihad Airways’ brand palette.

A warm chocolate brown has been chosen as the base colour for the different uniform variations, with a deep purple accent colour for cabin crew and lounge teams, and a burnt orange accent colour for ground crews and Special Services teams. Bilotta has also taken the unusual step of breaking up the main primary shades by introducing all the secondary colours as accents on blouses and accessories.

Female cabin crew, ground and lounge teams will wear a skirt suit, accessorised with fitted gloves, belt, hat and scarf.

Hats worn by the crew are now more aerodynamic and ‘retro’, inspired by the iconic stars of the Hollywood Silver Screen and the sweeping formations of the Emirati desert sand dunes. The new style is classic and enduring, reminiscent of the much-admired designer collections of airline crews in the heyday of international air travel.

Male cabin crew will wear a three-piece suit, while male ground crew will wear a two-piece suit. Accessories will also include belts and gloves. Male lounge agents will wear new Food & Beverage uniforms in line with those worn by the onboard Food & Beverage Managers.

A classic trench coat adds a sense of catwalk drama to all the variations of the uniform and can be worn in all types of weather. The light-weight coat is versatile and foldable, reducing cost and allowing easy carriage.

All gloves, scarves and neckties feature intricate geometric patterns and fretwork. The same level of detail is also evident on matching accessories such as new slim-line handbags, which have been made to the dimensions of a tablet device.

For Etihad Airways’ acclaimed Butlers, the airline has combined historic British butler attire with new world design to reflect Etihad Airways’ modern and globally recognised style. The fabric colours used for this uniform are warm brown for the long-tailed jackets and ties, ivory for the trousers and waistcoats and white for the shirt and gloves. The tones used reflect some of the subtle colours evident in The Residence by Etihad, and also the airline’s new ‘Facets of Abu Dhabi’ corporate livery.

Style and image have been re-examined in line with the new collection and the bold fiery make-up and lipstick tones used previously have been replaced with calmer shades which are currently de rigueur and which also perfectly complement the earthy colours now being introduced.

Etihad Airways has collaborated with leading make up experts MAC to provide their products for crew use at the airline’s ‘Style & Image Suites’ at its Training Academy and its recently opened Innovation Training Academy

Hyundai Opens Middle East’s First Digital Showroom

[ December 23rd ] Hyundai has launched the Middle East’s first digital showroom, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing marketplace. Hyundai plans to revolutionise automotive sales with its innovative showroom concept that provides a unique brand virtual experience and allows visitors to explore the entire model range in a more personalized and modernized scale.
The Hyundai Digital showroom, which is located in Dubai, offers all the traditional features of a car showroom while catering for those who increasingly expect to browse products and services digitally. 

Located in the Deira showroom of Hyundai’s United Arab Emirates distributor, Juma Al Majid Group, with whom it was developed, the state-of-the art facility occupies 70m2 and features touch screen digital kiosks, multiple monitors and a designated customer area, all of which allow customers to conveniently browse the Hyundai line-up, comparing models, colours, pricing and features. It also allows them to view finance deals and other special offers. 

The Digital showroom forms part of Hyundia’s new Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) program, which will incorporate a coherent identity in all exterior design and interior spaces on a global scale. The new showroom’s concept takes into account Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design concept, which focuses on ‘Inner Force’.

The Digital showroom showcases Hyundai Motor company’s design philosophy of ‘fluidic sculpture,’ it combines these new elements with a more personalized customer consultation approach.

Mr. Tom Lee, Vice President and Head of Hyundai Africa & Middle East Regional Headquarters, commented: “Our first digital showroom in the Middle East is testament to our commitment to continuously bring new and innovative experiences to our customers, and reinforces our on-going efforts to introduce useful technology in all aspects of consumer interaction. It represents a major step forward in following the company’s ‘Modern Premium’ brand direction, which has helped to transform public perception of the Hyundai brand and make Hyundai one of the world’s fastest growing automotive brands in terms of both volume and brand value.”

Death of the hairdryer? Eco-friendly gloves made from hi-tech microfibres that dry hair twice as well as a towel unveiled (and they apparently create curls too)

Designers have come up with an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional hairdryer - a pair of revolutionary gloves made from hi-tech microfibres.

The 'Hair Drying Gloves' look just like ordinary gloves and their makers claim they dry wet hair twice as fast as the traditional bathroom towel. 
The microfibres in the gloves are apparently specifically designed to absorb the water and leave hair completely dry; they even work without removing styling products such as hair gel and hairspray.

A spokesperson at Hammacher Schlemmer said: 'They are a must-have tool. They are a great problem solver, less heat drying creates less damage on the hair.
'The gloves work by absorbing water from hair and soaking it up in the gloves and they air-dry when you're done with with them, just like a towel.

'They are made from an exclusively designed microfibre technology, that was created to help dry hair in half the time it takes for a towel.

'This microfibre is so fantastic that it absorbs water without removing styling products.'
As well as drying, makers claim that the gloves can style hair, too.
The spokesperson said: 'As well as drying, the gloves are a styling tool. They are good for scrunching hair, twisting into tight curls or loose waves.'  


2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Videos

Hello guys!!... I was just chillin’ and relaxing waiting for this year to end,

And with so much pride, ( oh!! I know its kinda late upload) but I wanted to share this wonderful videos which also presented to me by Victoria Secret Gulf Marketing Division

“The behind the scene videos “of the recent VS fashion show  2014!!


Behind The VSFS 2014 Show Trends: Gilded Angels

Behind The VSFS 2014 Show Trends: Dream Girl