Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fashion Fave: Jelly Bag in Neon Colors

Get ready for Summer with this super fab extra colorful bags!! Love it to the MAX!!

Morrocan Bath Soap-- my new shower love!

This is not a review, but just want to share this wonderful discovery, been using it for days now and I just can’t stop myself from sharing!!

I super love it!! My skin literally feels smooth and clean!!

Available in Souk Salmiya @ 2.5KD/ kit

Heartbreaking moments parents say goodbye to their sons and daughters at China's 'baby hatch"

These heartbreaking photos reveal the anguish of parents as they abandon their children in China's so-called 'baby hatches.'

The images taken at a centre in Guangzhou - one of 25 such hatch facilities in mainland China, spanning 10 provinces and major cities - show the last moments before parents give up their infants  often due to poverty or an inability to cope with disease or disability.
Abandoning children is illegal in China, but the 'hatches' were introduced so parents could abandon infants safely rather than leaving them in the streets.
A mother cries as she intends to give up her child. Abandoning children is illegal in China, but the 'hatches' were introduced so parents could abandon infants safely rather than leaving them in the streets
The hatch in opened in January, but staff were forced to shut the door just two months later after becoming overwhelmed with 262 abandoned youngsters - all of which were ill or disabled. 
'My baby cannot take care of itself when it grows up. I just want my baby to survive,' said a mother reported the South China Morning Post.

A man holding his baby cries in front of the Guangzhou baby hatch after the baby was refused because it is too old

In one of the photos an uncle is seen leaving his niece who he says is suffering from leukemia and her parents can not afford her medical bills. 
Another distressing image shows a man crying after being told his baby is too old to be accepted.
A couple, whose child has Pierre Robin syndrome - congenital condition of facial abnormalities in humans - are also photographed walking to the centre to give up their child.  
A parent typically opens a door and places their infant in a small room, rings a bell and leaves before welfare services collect the child. 
Last month the welfare home's director Xu Jiu announced the suspension and told Xinhua news agency: 'I hope everyone understands the difficulties the welfare centre face.'

We are temporarily closing the centre [to new babies] so that we can properly care for the infants already at the centre.'

The centre, which also cares for orphans, has 1,000 beds.
Some 10,000 children were abandoned in China every year, said Wang Zhenyao, president of the China Welfare Research Institute at Beijing Normal University. 
Media reports say many of these are girls and disabled children.
Abandonment has been encouraged by the one-child policy and a traditional bias for sons, who support elderly parents and continue the family name, leading to the abandonment of girls. 

Even as China starts to relax the one-child policy, allowing millions of families to have a second child, it still penalises people who flout the rules.

Expressing my Heart out!!!

Just another story of busy days and super bad schedules, I thought, school holidays are going to be great, but it was exactly the time of sleepless nights and super busy households,  my life shifted 360 degrees with all its pain and joy!!

So then, I welcome myself to a new challenge, challenge to work things out to be a super cool mom, good employee and a medium wonderful housewife!!! (Wish I can say great!!!)  but somehow, stretching myself to the maximum gives me a lot of energy to meet up with the things I thought I can’t do, Life they say is a mystery and when you are in a situation of “no choice” everything comes unplanned and your expectations suddenly change, Everyday is like leaping from one experience to another to live with it and spend your time learning, it’s cruelly great to know that your way of life doesn’t limit only to live and work but to enjoy life with the existence of unknown….

Today Marks another year of living in this foreign land, 12 years of consolidated memories in Kuwait, but so far, none of these memories drag me down into the deepest misfit, It’s a constant learning to adjust and to make friends, to abide by the law and to practice acts of kindness and anticipating nothing in return…. 

It’s a great year and days gone so fast, let me just say, I thank each day of my life… whether I wake up with a smile nor stressed out, still I recognized the  pleasant things that make me who I am today!!!

Have a Great Day everyone!!  Dream big and Keep Moving!!

Love lots,


M&S opens new store at Avenues Mall

 Marks & Spencer yesterday opened its latest store in The Avenues Mall, its third in Kuwait and 27th in the Middle East. The new store is 12,594 square metres in size and located at the ground floor of the largest shopping centre in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti women looking for a quality international retail experience will enjoy the brand’s inviting and inspiring store design offering a wide range of stylish and innovative products in exceptional quality and at great prices.

Following a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony led by the Head of Operations, Mark Senior and Store manager, Ibrahim Qarmeesh, the new Marks & Spencer store welcomed enthusiastic shoppers and media to experience pleasant interiors and extensive product offering.

Speaking at the launch of the store, Mark Senior, Head of Operations at Marks & Spencer, Al-Futtaim said: “Kuwait is a growing market for Marks & Spencer and we have capitalized this huge retail opportunity by opening two big stores in Kuwait this year including the largest international store at The View in February. This significant investment reiterates our commitment to the country.

“The store opening is part of the UK brand’s regional expansion drive and strategy to build a stronger presence in the Middle East region. The Avenues is Kuwait’s luxury shopping mall which houses strong international brands and attracts more than 20 million visitors every year. The popularity and prominence of this mall makes it an obvious choice of location for the latest Marks & Spencer store. We want to create remarkable international shopping experiences and with this opening we hope to attract an ever increasing number of customers,” Mark Senior added.

The new store exhibits an excellent interplay of lovely interiors, attractive display windows and exceptional lighting scheme complemented by a convenient customer shopping experience. The collection displayed at the store offers confident style, innovation and outstanding quality designs at fantastic value whilst focusing on timeless fashion trends for women.