Monday, December 12, 2011

Oyster Language..

Scientists in Japan have begun studying the "language" of oysters in an effort to find out what they are saying about their environment.

Researchers are monitoring the opening and closing of the molluscs in response to changes in seawater, such as reduced oxygen or red tide, a suffocating algal bloom, that can lead to mass die-offs.
Using a device they have nicknamed the "kai-lingual", a play on the Japanese word "kai" or shellfish, scientists from Kagawa University want to see if they can decode oyster movements that might warn of possible problems.

The "kai-lingual" uses a series of sensors and magnets to send information on the opening and closing of shells in response to environmental changes.
The technique has never before been used on oysters farmed for food, but has been employed by pearl oyster farmers.

"With kai-lingual, we can hear the 'screams', like 'we are in pain because of insufficient oxygen'," said Tsuneo Honjo, director of the Seto Inland Sea Regional Research Center at the university.
Pearl oysters have been placed among their food-farmed cousins where they have acted as "interpreters", alerting growers to ocean changes, he said.

"We have firmly established conversations with pearl oysters through years of research. They should translate into the reactions of the farmed oysters for us in this project," he said.
The research started in October and will last until the harvest in March, Honjo said.
"So far, oysters are talking in a healthy fashion," he said.

Source: Yahoo

Another Lobster Night..!

Preparing for Dinner..

Been craving for SEA FOOD monster like shrimp, lobsters, crabs and more... so, being a spoiled wife! .... hubby just can't say NO to that!... but wait!! make no mistake coz I know it's not his intention to grant my cravings but for his self interest..! hah!! ouch!

He's a SEA FOOD addict specially lobster..... it's SEA FOOD that binds us together!
Spoiled Wife + Sea Food addict hubby = Gluttony... oh..FORGIVE US our dear sea creatures!

Wisemummy: Pick of the DAY!!

ok.. Chill people...., I'm not an energy addict not even a fan of the common drink RED BULL but you know....! when curiosity strike, I'm one crazy mama taking things without thinking...

anyhow, here's my PICK of the day!... MEGA MONSTER ENERGY DRINK! .. lols..imagine?! it's MEGA + MONSTER+ ENERGY + Ginseng + B vitamins in one can... just by the look of the CAN rush me to grab one and think of  the effect later.....

well, it tasted really good! but I don't recommend it with the younger ones and those who wants to have a good sleep coz this will make you  high and active!  so hook up with the new heavy hitter mega monster.....because you can never get too much of a good thing!...wheeeeeee!... yeah yeah!

ohhh by the way, after hitting the content down to the very last drop simply recycle the CAN into a coin/money box...really nice!! yep yep yep...!

Just Dropping by....

It’s been a week of laziness, late night out and wonderful time with my kids, YES!! I have taken a time off from work for 10 days and it’s amazing how I becoming close to the reality I once want to see myself, “ A full time Mom and wife”… I love it and the funny thing is that, our nanny is going crazy with the arrangement where all she have to do is to carry the baby and looked at me doing all her chores , but I don’t want to make an impression that I can do everything coz she might pray that I’ll stay home forever
Anyway,  with so many things I planned, I end up the cleaning the whole flat, I can’t believe how many things I have to throw  and how many basket of kids clothes I have to packed for cargo, UNBELIEVABLE!!!   Kids really grew up so fast…**teary eyes!!***   And going thru the cute little clothes they wore when they were babies  makes me felt I’m getting old and scared!!,
 SCARED that one day they’ll looked at me and say, mommy I’m getting married …. Ohhh… no no no… I don’t want to see myself in such scenario but I know in time I’ll be prepared as well as THEM coz it’s gonna be a big drama!!  bwahahaha…..eeehhh?! why not?! It’s ok to be selfish isn’t?  hahaha this is how pathetic I am!!...  to think my kids is just 5 years old,  2yrs old and 7 months old,
Going back, I still have few more days left and I’m thinking of traveling to Dubai with hubby and maybe if budget permits, will have a family night stay in one of chalet in Hilton hotel…can’t wait!!!  The weather is cold and lovely, the time is perfect and I’m ready to be the best mom ever!!

Just dropping by to wish & hope everyone enjoy their break at work or school!
Christmas is almost near!! Let’s all celebrate!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wisemummy:Pick of the DAY!

For us Catholic, Christmas is our ultimate celebration we always prepare and do manificent things on or before christmas and this is also the reason why we save money to buy gifts to our love ones and for ourselves, It's a celebration, a day to exchange love and gifts..

Today we decided to buy gifts for ourselves for Christmas, me & hubby visited clark store in the AVENUES MALL... (by the way, CLARK is our fave brand for shoes

 it's quite  hard to decide which one to take I, go gaga with so many pretty shoes on display, it took me an hour!!!! , but at the end of the day, we both enjoy and well satisfied with our choices!!!.... one best SHOES for christmas!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Boots Teeth Whitening Programme

So aside from featuring this on my PICK of the day, I'll show you how did I start with my programme...

Before anything else, let me just say that it gives me the feeling of excitement starting this progromme, I always wants to add a little white on my smile and this product is just one simple simple answer to my prayer..(corny ehhh!)

so before starting the programme it is very important to read and go thru the instructions, all stages needs to be carried out  in the correct order for safety and best result

the very first stage is to do the shaping of the dental tray according to your teeth shape and size,  a leaflet is enclosed indicating the easy steps in doing so....

and here's the exact measures of my teeth, it's simple and easy! now, I'm ready to do the programme, 

The whitening process comprises to three things,
 1.) Pre-Whitening toothpaste 2.) Accelerator  & 3.) Whitening gel, 
Again, you may refer to the leaflets for instructions,  the whitening process should be repeated morning and evening 10 to 20 minutes upto 2 weeks

and PLEASE follow the exact procedure for safety and to attain good result!  Good luck to me and to the future user/s!

Have a wonderful SMILE!!!

Wisemummy: Pick of the DAY

I'm going to start using it tonight.....

Available at any BOOTS Pharmacy and will post more about this on my next blog!

Cutypie BANANA>>!

As we dropped by the Friday market somewhere in the Fish and Birds area to buy small fishes for feeding,  I got excited to see a SENORITA banana in a nearby street...  obviously, I bought bundles of it , super sweet!!.... super like !

Hubby's Guilty Pleasure!

Ok... Let's face it, we all have this so called : "Guilty Pleasure" and my hubby's game pleasure is making me insane to the highest level! it's expensive and it bothers me all the time coz I just can't find anymore space to keep the stuff toys!!!...

At the very beginning,that was 6 months ago I was really the one forcing him to play and beg not to stop till he catches the biggest teddy, it's wonderful, cute and people rejoice when he caught something on the hook!! and NOW,  it's never ending, he become an expert, a daredevil, HE always have one or two  sometimes 3 stuff toys on every weekend visit giving us more and more stuff toys at home!! 

I'm going crazy!! but Loving someone is not only accepting what's good in him but also the craziest  thing that makes that person happy! I love my hubby so much, it is his extreme happiness to play this game so I guess, have to live with it!! ***snifff..sniff****

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wisemummy: PicK of the DAY!

I'm a fan of Chinese health products and Japenese Invention, it's overwhelming to see and be in a place sorrounded by the things that makes me happy, 

It is located in City Center-Salmiya, the STORE is  full of Japanese stuff  from household items , cosmetics and more.... !

ok, let go back to the topic.....

Here's my pick of the day :

I used it last night, I should say:  It's not an easy sleep but not terrible either ,  maybe Im not comfy having something glued on my sole , the feeling is bit tight,sticky and spicy cold! but it's all worth it!
the next morning I was really surprised with the ewwwww! revelation ,  a feeling of nausea when I saw the dirt & grease after I removed the patch, I'll definitely  do the "PATCH" every other day,  GOODNESS!!

you should try...! afterall, it's all for health sake....

Wisemummy: Creativity!

Me and My fellow business partner loves joining bazaar we've been active participant in local bazaar since 2009 but recently had stopped due to work commitment,  most of our products are personal choice or rather handmade, that's why we called our homebiz " HANDMADE TREASURE", I'm not gonna take you long, but I just want to share one of my creation that sold 100pcs in one time exhibit...(pretty creative hah!) 

Overcoming my Dental Fear!

I guess, I'm not alone by saying I hate going to the dentist and I don't feel safe leaving my ugly-precious teeth with some pretending dentist in kuwait, there are so many horrifying dental experience I've heard and it gives me the feeling of extreme fear stepping into the dentist office

Last week, I finally decided to face my fear of going to the dentist, though, I already have 2 extractions done way back in highschool with a good dentist in Philippines, Kuwait is one of the country that rates high in poor dental practise so, I have to be more cautious and do an extenssive research before booking myself for an appointment, I already have my files in AL Rashid hospital that's one reason of keeping myself in same establishment regardless of  so many advises from my fellow,

Anyhow, I visited Alrashid hospital last week,  had all the procedures done after 2 days upon receipt of approval from the insurance company, Everything turn out to be a GREAT! , the doctors are good , friendly, professional and well mannered!!  it's a good experience by the way...! Thank you Dr. Jacob & Dr. Ferras!!

Soooo, If you happen to be in the middle of the decision of choosing the right person to handle your precious teeth, you can go to Al Rashid Hospital  and look for the same doctors I've mentioned above...!

Ohhh, I forgot to mention, for the whole month of November they're having a PROMO for 65KD  that includes zoom whitening, scaling, cleaning, consultation & open files -- TOO bad!! I was not able to post earlier but hoping they'll extend their promo coz I needed one as well...

Our Simple Christmas Prep.!

Today is December 1 and I'm counting the days till it's finally Christmas... well, to prepare our house as well as the kids for such event, we have decorated our "Not so Tall" christmas tree at home, 

We have lots of shiny shimmering christmas lanterns, stars and more..., I trully enjoy this simple gesture being with the family.... I love it!!