Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding details

I don’t usually give out information about personal things or details about what has been completed for my church wedding, but everyday is like listening to AM radio where all I can hear was news and crazy noise In between…

More and more of my close friends and relatives are keen to know about the plans and every little things or maybe they’re just concern as my very plan is do it myself from souvenirs to invitations,

I want it my way and I don’t care if it turns out ugly but at least I have exerted an effort convincing myself I’m creative enough to do it!.... bwahahahaha  (monster laugh)

Kidding Aside,  I only have 3 weeks to complete the invitations and souvenirs, I’m still leaving ¾ of the quantity for souvenirs and nothing has been done on the invitation part but still, i'm hoping I can pull this off according to plan

Here’s the glimpse of my souvenir and few instructions on how to do it:


Clear box
Wooden boat
Stick Glue
Thank you card

All materials can be found in Miya-miya shop in shouk salmiya and it’s just matter of putting all together in a creative way,  I enjoy doing it and I still have 50 more to assemble and complete

Wish me luck and I’ll post the designs of the invitations on my next post….

Open Kitchen Salmiya

In order to enjoy Kuwait, you have to know and seek for a place that is convenient, comfy and cost saving, Expat will always gonna be expat in Kuwait, so what better ways to enjoy your stay is find places, stuff or people that would treats you right…

I was out with my family last weekend after a game of basketball in hawally (PABAK), we’re all exhausted and hungry,  we decided to dropped by open kitchen in salmiya it is just opposite to EUREKA where MC Donald’s and Johnny rockets is located, we parked at the convenient slot and run towards the small entrance…

It was like a year ago when I last visited the place, indeed, surprised with few changes of the surrounding; we seated  near the counter area and order our food, my kids also have their share of convenient as the place itself have indoor rides for them to enjoy,  you just need a hundred fils  oh! if you don’t have fils/coins there is a counter available to change your KD into fils and kids can enjoy every single rides available in the area

After waiting for 15 mins our food was finally served, we were very hungry at such time so I apologize for the poor quality photos and I totally forgot to take a snaps before digging in , I ended with half consumed food photos hahahha…..

We order the following: 

Lomi --- ( traditional Filipino noddle soup)
Tocilog –-- ( Fried rice with Egg and marinated chicken meat
Fry chicken dumpling --- ( Shanghai)
Steam dumplings ---(Siomai)
Fry Noodles ----- ( Pancit)

The price is really good and the servings is more than enough for 2 persons...
we say good bye with a clean plate and smile on our faces,

this place defines comfy for families and anyone who enjoy filipino food, it's not a typical cozy, warm and fabulous set-up dine-in restaurant but when we talk about food, convenient and kids,  well this is the right place!!

good food + convenient place = HAPPY CUSTOMER!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My List of Skin care products available in Kuwait

For one thing, Filipinos are known to be one of the expat in Kuwait who loves skin care products specially the whitenings, if you dropped by Kuwait city area, there are lots of beauty shops that offers hundred skin care products in various brands and content,

 if you are new and naive in this kind of game, I would suggest to do some research and make sure that the product is of export quality, original and known for its result..

Here are list of products which I personally tested

so basically, I have sensitive and oil skin, the products which I listed below caters to my skin type and sensitivity"

1.)    Sutla papaya

-         In all the battles of papaya soap, this one I consider as effective winner!
I tried using it 3 years ago; my experience is bit painful but considering the result it is GOOD!
it would take weeks to see the result,  bit painful when it started to peel, redness and rash is present during first week,  you need good moisturizers to moisten your skin,

2.)    St. Dalford cream

- it is sort of whitening cream, it whitens and fades blemishes in no time but not suitable for oily skin, there are lots of imitation cream in the market, please make sure to buy only original,

3.)    Kojie San ( Kojic Acid Soap)

-  I love this!!...  It whitens and it peels your skin slowly with lesser pain, it take 2-3 weeks to see it’s wonder but  it’s worth the time and budget

4.)    Green Peel Oil

- When I found this product, all I can say is: contentment, I super like this, the result is magic and no pain at all, it makes my skin fair and lovely (hahaha fair & lovely!!l)

5.)    Belo whitening soap


  I'm using this as normal bath soap, the smell is great and it moisturize skin after every bath

The above are personally tested products
"Please note that everyone will have different effect/results that varries from skin types, would be best to check  your skin type before testing

available in all Filipino beauty shops in Kuwait with a price less than 2KD, 

or you may visit Philippines Beauty Center in kuwait @ the 2nd floor of UTC building

you can find all of the listed items and more beauty products @ very reasonale price