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Monday, February 18, 2013

Easy Beauty....

Looks can be deceiving.......

                             Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder....
Nowadays it is very hard to define real beauty as people tend to look at the outer aspect than the deeper side, I’m not generalizing but majority of  men always look at the physical  than the attitude and I feel that it is the main reason why women reinvent themselves into something they’re not!!  

I’m not fond of make up, I’m the kind of person who do not mind going out without make up, I don’t care what people say as long as I feel I’m comfortable… but being a lady, I think that at some point we have to learn and try new things in the name of experience , fun and enchancing yourself for better
Just a few creative, easy and fun  beauty products to dig!! love it!!

Covered Hair Blower

Glowing Nail Polish

Soft face foam

Eyebrow Style pattern

nail Art practice false fingers

PHOTO Source: Beauty care/aliexpress

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recommended Products!

Hi guys…

I was deep busy jumping from work, household and business commitment, I rarely visit my blog for updates but thank God, everything is in a better phase and I can now go back to my normal shed....
Anyway, for the last 3-4 weeks been trying out new products, it is sort of great dicovery adventure!!

Here are new products I have tested and highly recommended:

1.)   Milcu Foot & underarm powder deodorant

At first glance, I thought it was a joke, but I have used this brand because I have no choice, I was in Philippines at that time and ran out of body spray, my mother in law gave me a small bottle of this as an alternative, and it was indeed great!! 3 days of using it, all I can say is, its amazing, no sweat, no smell and it lasted for whole day, so before coming back to Kuwait, I have secured 5 big bottles of it and I can’t express how grateful I am to have found a product so good as milcu 2in1 powder, ohhh I did tried it as foot deorant and it works the same!!

2.)   Royale Pinkish Glow

My sister came in our house last month with a huge bag of Royale Products, from soap to lotions, I was not interested at all but in due respect I have to buy 1-2 items, so I bought pinkish glow and glutathione cream in blue bottle, the next day, I started using both products, I fell in love with the pinkish glow, it blends perfectly to my skin, covering even the small spots, I look fresh and natural with pinkish glow, I don’t have to wear any foundation nor a powder, just a little spread of this cream and you’re good to go…!

3.)   Laminine

Few weeks back, I have posted about this miracle supplement and I would want to post my recommendation as well, this supplement as I said before, gives me great and wonderful result internally, in my own experience, it reduced stress, headache, it gives me a peaceful and wonderful sleep at night,  my skin looks healthy and glowing and I feel great all in all!!

Our body is our best asset, it is our machine to earn our living, so it is only safe to say that we should take care of it, and caring our body would always starts with a good hygiene and a healty skin

Monday, September 24, 2012

Battle of the Kojic

Prior to my wedding I have tested lots of  whitening soap to fade away impurities,  rough and dark spots, I tell you it’s not a simple quest..>!

 I found brands that I considered to be pure and the result is visible
Merely 5 months in process, tested and documented, I, hereby, recommend the following ( with pride hehehe….)


1.)  Kojic San

2.) Bioskin Kojic with Gluta Soap

3.) MAGIC 3 in 1 Kojic Soap

I am not paid to recomend nor advertise the above products,  consider it as a free ad for products who exceeded my expectations and I continue to use and discover wonderful products just like the above....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My List of Skin care products available in Kuwait

For one thing, Filipinos are known to be one of the expat in Kuwait who loves skin care products specially the whitenings, if you dropped by Kuwait city area, there are lots of beauty shops that offers hundred skin care products in various brands and content,

 if you are new and naive in this kind of game, I would suggest to do some research and make sure that the product is of export quality, original and known for its result..

Here are list of products which I personally tested

so basically, I have sensitive and oil skin, the products which I listed below caters to my skin type and sensitivity"

1.)    Sutla papaya

-         In all the battles of papaya soap, this one I consider as effective winner!
I tried using it 3 years ago; my experience is bit painful but considering the result it is GOOD!
it would take weeks to see the result,  bit painful when it started to peel, redness and rash is present during first week,  you need good moisturizers to moisten your skin,

2.)    St. Dalford cream

- it is sort of whitening cream, it whitens and fades blemishes in no time but not suitable for oily skin, there are lots of imitation cream in the market, please make sure to buy only original,

3.)    Kojie San ( Kojic Acid Soap)

-  I love this!!...  It whitens and it peels your skin slowly with lesser pain, it take 2-3 weeks to see it’s wonder but  it’s worth the time and budget

4.)    Green Peel Oil

- When I found this product, all I can say is: contentment, I super like this, the result is magic and no pain at all, it makes my skin fair and lovely (hahaha fair & lovely!!l)

5.)    Belo whitening soap


  I'm using this as normal bath soap, the smell is great and it moisturize skin after every bath

The above are personally tested products
"Please note that everyone will have different effect/results that varries from skin types, would be best to check  your skin type before testing

available in all Filipino beauty shops in Kuwait with a price less than 2KD, 

or you may visit Philippines Beauty Center in kuwait @ the 2nd floor of UTC building

you can find all of the listed items and more beauty products @ very reasonale price