Thursday, July 28, 2011


late night shopping @ city center salmiya, one guilty pleasure ive shared with my hubby and froggy sister in-law.....!!


Espirit Designer Watch

Trying out: Max's Fried Chicken Recipe

ok ok.... I have a lot of explaining to do, lolsss..... the fact that I have completed my DIY week 1 challenge ( CHOPSUEY) , I happen to see the kitchen in different prespective, I think I'M starting to fall in-love with it... ( yup..yup..yup..**evilface**.) 

one of my best buddy in the office loves to print out recipes to try,  she told me that MAX's FRIED CHICKEN from tasted really great and the preparation is easy.....

I actually, just ignore it at first but, when I saw the video right down there!!  jumped me off my bed and gathered all the needed ingredients as it is all available in our sleeping fridge...

since, the video presented an easy steps, I don't have to repeat it here..., instead, I present to you the pics of my attempt...

Now, The Verdict...??? FANTASTIC..yummy!!.... oh weell, I accidentally editted the pictures that resulted to look like boring nasty chicken butt,(**facepalm**) but I pledge my small time not famous name that its really GOOD!!..  a must try try TRRRRRRYYYYYYY!! **coughing hard***

tha result... !
 (sorry it looks ugly here.. me & my stupid editing skills) 

Paper-Cut False Eyelashes

If you're the type of gal who's picky when it comes to wearing false eyelashes, then check Taiwanese designer Ting yu Wang who's put a new twist on the Chinese art of papercutting with these exquisite paper eyelashes

There are eleven symbolic designs in total, which can view and purchase at the Paperself online store. The only putting us off from trying these designs is the risk of getting a really painful paper cut.


WISEMUMMY: WEdding Gown Collection

OH MY...!! Wedding gowns are the cherry on top in every wedding event, the preparation specially the BRIDE is extenssive that she has to struggle with her shape, size and skin ,to look good and fit her gown just right....
here are just few from my collections and it's for SALE

i'll be posting more of it....,  so be sure to drop by everyday!!

Suzhou Ants Co., Ltd.


Hi Everyone!!.... I dont want to say that I'm super busy again, Im not!!!.. but something came up, it's traumatic that I have to get a day off from work and run after my kids,  now, I'm settled peacefully sipping my cup of good coffee and wandering  infront of my laptop wrinting this!! ( heheheh....), anyway, here's the latest edition of my CHINATIC OBSESSION....!!

and so glad to inform you my dear readers that whatever being posted is now for sale,
 (will get one for myself as well...!!hehehehe...)

so ready????

haaaayyyyy...... I just can't get enough of this "CHINA OBSESSION THING!!".. love it and can't wait to get my hands with this wonderful design classic bags!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JW Marriot Hotel Ramadan Offer....

The JW Marriott Kuwait hotel announced that it has launched a series of festivities and special offers to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan this year.

Layaly JW Marriott El Ramadiniya offers all diners a lavish Iftar and Sohour buffet in an exquisite and large indoor Ramadan tent located at the Al Jahra Ballroom on the first floor sponsored by Al Zayani "London Taxi", Tanagra, Zain, Etihad Airways, Home Selection, IKEA, Hassan's optics, Damas Jewelery, Kuwait Airways, Morad Yousuf Behbehani, Kefan Optics and Joyalukkas Jewelry.

Complete with rich drapery, comfortable cushions and seating, the ambience of the magnificent tent reflects the warmth and generosity of the true spirit of Ramadan in addition to private tents for families.

For KD 10 per person for the Iftar & Sohour buffet, diners can begin by breaking their fast with delicious dates and laban followed by tantalizing cuisine.

The Iftar buffet serves more than 50 varieties of international food including Kuwaiti, Egyptian and Lebanese specialties. Subject to 15% service charge.

The Iftar and Sohour buffet features various live cooking stations serving pasta, Saj, Shawerma, foul medames and the traditional Lamb Ouzi, a favorite dish on the buffet. A special cart featuring various nuts and preserved fruits including dates will be featured accompanied by traditional Arabic decorations and chandeliers.

During Sohour, diners will have the opportunity to listen to authentic Arabic live music, watch their favorite Ramadan shows on large screens featured on Al Rai TV while enjoying shisha of different flavors. There will also be weekly raffle draws on gifts and airline tickets.

Everyone enjoys home cooked meals, so their chefs have prepared delicious starters along with main dishes featuring international cuisines including Mutton Briyani; Chicken Mouloukhya; Fish Sayadia; Oriental Mixed Grill; Lamb Harres; Beef Stew with Black Olives; Celery Pilaf Rice; Fareed Lamb; Whole Fish Hara Sauce; Shish Barak; Lamb Bamia; Kofta Bilsinaya; Tomato Rice and Roast Beef with Roasted Potatoes.

Complete your meal with Arabic sweets and desserts such as Mixed Baklawa; Cheese Kunafa; Um Ali; Halawa Bil Jibin and Kellaj. Also, don't miss out on the French pastries and Blueberry Cheese cake along with Ramadan juices including Jalab; Kamaraldin and Tamarindi.

Prior reservation is required. For reservations, please call +965 97202823 or +965 22455550.

WISEMUMMY SUPPORT" Pack a Bag Campaign!!

I support this campaign and would like to encourage everyone to be part and share!!

It's not HOW big or expenssive is your contribution what matter most the gift JOY you give


Summer Exhibition at Buckingham Palace in London

The exhibit features The wedding dress of Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge  as well as the earrings, bouquet and the Royal Cake

Source: AP associate press

Monday, July 25, 2011

Air Force 1 Hyperfuse high-tops from Nike Sportswear's 2011

New eye-catching Air Force 1 Hyperfuse high-tops for from Nike Sportswear's 2011 fall/winter season.

                                 Available soon at select Nike Sportswear locations in Kuwait

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Botox Trial Might Help Asthma Survivors Breathe Easier

Botox is not just for getting rid of unwanted wrinkles. The numbing procedure may be linked to help smooth the way for asthma sufferers, and is currently in a trial to treat people suffering from the condition. From the Telegraph:
The trial follows a recent survey by the university which found about half of severe asthmatics suffer problems with their voice box as well as their lungs. The problems were similar to vocal cord dysphonia – or loss of voice through overuse – a condition which Botox is frequently used to fix.

Under the trial, which is a world's first, thirty asthma sufferers will have the treatment.

Researchers hope the jabs will allow the muscles to relax and remove any sensation of breathlessness

Troubled diva Amy Winehouse dead at 27

LONDON (AP) — Few artists summed up their own career in a single song — a single line — as well as Amy Winehouse.

"They tried to make me go to rehab," she sang on her world-conquering 2006 single, "Rehab." ''I said 'No, no no.'"

Occasionally, she said yes, but to no avail: repeated stints in hospitals and clinics couldn't stop alcohol and drugs scuttling the career of a singer whose distinctive voice, rich mix of influences and heart-on-her sleeve sensibility seemed to promise great things.

In her short lifetime, Winehouse too often made headlines because of drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, destructive relationships and abortive performances. But it's her small but powerful body of recorded music that will be her legacy.

The singer was found dead Saturday at age 27 by ambulance crews called to her home in north London's Camden area, a youth-culture mecca known for its music scene, its pubs — and the availability of illegal drugs.

The London Ambulance Service said Winehouse had died before crews arrived at the house in leafy Camden Square. The cause of death was not immediately known.

The singer's body was taken from her home by private ambulance to a London mortuary where post-mortem examinations were to be carried out either Sunday or Monday. Police said in a statement no arrests have been made in connection with her death.

On those lost points- ( AZRAQ vs AZKALS)

As I watched the Kuwait Men’s Football National Team put the finishing touches on a clinical display of top-notch football – a 3-nil win over the Philippines in Kuwait -- I felt bad for a couple of things.

One, for the team, that had worked so hard and is sometimes dealt terrible hands. They carry the burden of expectation not just of themselves but now a nation starved for glory.

Two, for our country that with every game, every win and every draw, hopes to stake its claim as an heir to the world game. Denied in basketball, maybe in the world game, we can be someone.

And three, it’s a sobering lesson that we have a long ways to go.

If the home matches against Mongolia and Sri Lanka taught us anything, it was the advantage of a home field game.

If there was anything that the sobering loss to Kuwait taught us is that we need more experience. And that is something not learned in the span of a week of training camp in Germany or Bahrain. There are no short cuts in sports (one that the Miami Heat can relate to). One must the highest of highs and the lowest of lows before one can build a winner.

For one scintillating half, the Philippine Men’s Football National Team showed the Kuwaitis and whoever was watching that we could be right there with the best of them. We nearly blindsided them on a couple of counter-attacks and repeatedly took possession of the ball. We forced them to be a little more defensive and cautious.

Who knows had a strike, even one strike, found the back of the net early on? That could have changed the complexion of the game.

I got to speak to midfielder Fahed Ebrahim who scored the third goal for Kuwait as they were waiting for their flight to Manila (via Kuwait Airlines) and this is what he had to say, “The Philippines made us think about our strategy and what we were doing wrong.”

Added playmaker Fahed Al Elenezi, “They made us work for our points.”


I can say, this is one CHALLENGE that took me lots of time investment and standing in a long que but after all the pain & sweat, I hereby present to you the EVIDENCE....!

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Mary Grace P. Gaza

it was a wonderful experience!! though, our TEAM philippines lost the Game by 3-0, my heart goes out to the AZKALS for giving kuwait a good match, it was indeed a hard with courage game played by azkals.... win or lose GO GO GO AZKALS!!.....

now, I'm thinking for the new DIY challenge....wait & see...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wisemummy: SPOTTED!!

Wisemummy: Fortunate event with AZKALS

I was one of the “ Many Fortunate” to be inside the practice area where the popular Philippine National Football team “AZKALS” run for another practice 2 days before the set game in Kuwait,   it was a sweaty, hot  and superb experience seeing  the players up close ! (Particularly Angel, Phil & james- Actually, I still have the hang of it!!)

Filipinos from all over kuwait gathered and cheered, as the players arrived the crowd went gaga and scream!!  I can feel the emotions and YOU KNOW!! The excitement of each and every Filipino, its unexplainable emotions that I just want to scream and jump!!...., I overjoyed the moment as if I’m on another episode of a wonderful day dream haaayyyyy… 

we’ve stayed till the end of the practise and had given the chance to take photos with the perspiring  handsome AZKALS players (lolss)

  Everyone is wonderful and  friendly,  AZKALS popularity is definitely rising but they remain to be down to earth  with their supporters!!

Wisemummy DAMN!!  Observation:

Ok ok… I know it sounds rude, that after a wonderful experience right up there!!, I have to write another cruelty … what can I say!! I owe this page and I have every right to talk and tell what is there that freak me out of nowhere!!.. Ready??!

In the said event, although, I was happy to see my fellow kababayans being crazy and ecstatic  with the AZKALS, I must say, they are many who really act like animals in the field!!!.. I don’t judge them if their body heat steam over the young and handsome players but COME ON PEOPLE!!!  can you just wait till the players are ready to face and have their time with you  for a photo session??!! DID  you hear  the announcement??! “  WAIT TILL THE PLAYER IS READY, JUST 20 mins of your freaking precious time for the players to freshen up" !!!!

I saw lots of ladies who intrude and run over while the players are busy changing their clothes after the game, fans are screaming like crazy, jumped their butts on the lap with their hands gripping on the neck of the deprived players … it’s pretty unpleasant and rude to see these people acting wild just to get a picture and all for sure to be posted on their facebook album and boast it all to the world…! (got ur point honey...loud& clear!!)  Sometimes being popular is a curse.!! !... Can you imagine yourself with a stranger exploring their hands over your body nor had their butt on your jingle bells … HARRASSHMENT baby!!!  publicly harrashed by people who cant control their animalistic volcano erruption self!!......

QUESTIONS....: do I hear you right?? am I jealous of you getting the your butt near them?! what?!! watta shame!! shoul I be jealous??! hmmm.....

For the love of monkey!!  Can we put ourselves on their shoes …. It’s ok to be crazy but it’s not cool to be overly wild and act like an ANIMAL….!! Gets mo?!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Philippine Azkals Finally in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, July 19: The Philippine Azkals arrived in Kuwait on Tuesday evening after their two friendly matches in Bahrain in preparation for their match with the Al Azraq (Kuwait National Football Team) for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers slated for July 23 at the Mohammad Al-Hammad (Qadsia Club) Stadium in Hawally.

The Azkals were welcomed by Philippine Embassy and Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) officials led by Ambassador Shulan Primavera and Labour Attache David Des Dicang as well as Bader Abdul Jalil, the Technical Director of the Kuwait Football Association (KFA).
KFA Media Officer Talal Al-Mehteb informed that tickets priced at KD 5, KD 3 and KD 2 will be available on Thursday at 5 pm at the KFA Headquarters in Adailiya and at Qadsia Club Stadium. Tickets will also be sold on Friday and Saturday at the two venues.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

REBORN HARRY POTTER Doll Collections...!

hmmmm....  I'm a super duper freakin lovin fan of Harry Potter, Ive seen this collections while I was surfing for Harry potter google photos , I THINK, IT'S CUTE!!  

(just watch out for the baby Valdemort doll,  it's a nightmarE.!!!) **goosebumps!!**

you can purchase them thru this site:  H.P DOLL COLLECTION