Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dear Self... Anonymous Sender..

Thank you for sending this mail to me and for giving me the permission to post.... I do hope you'll be better and finally find your purpose in life... you're a great person and please write more!!


Dear Self,

It’s been a while, you and I had been partners for as long as I can remember, when I was young I thought I am not able to survive but things had completely changed even the way I think and the way I accepted life as it comes

Lately, things had been tough for both of us, while you tried to balance me with the reality and imagination, I on the other hand started to process a very low self-esteem and it’s affecting our relationship, you want me to be better while I wanted to just let go and die, should I be worry?? 

 I’ve been through a lot of pain and struggles but I really don’t know what happen to me this time… it’s like a bomb, I wanted to explode from within!!!  I wanted to face the reality but it seems so hard, I’m lost in the shadow of my existence….
I wish, I can say I’m ok but deep within you know what I feel, it hurt so much that it pumps so fast….. I hope I’ll be ok…. I hope this feelin of emptiness will soon be filled with happiness and contentment, it’s my fault for allowing myself to feel such kind of emotions, and I failed to recognize the consequences..

So Dear Self, I hope you’ll be kind to me, I need you to be ok, I need you to stop all the non-sense, I need you to heal, I need you to be happy and finally accept that such feeling comes with pain, I want you to cry and to mourn, I want you to say good bye, to say enough, to say no more…. I want you to find the light, to find that something …. To find that reason to live!!! 

I’m sorry self for being rough, I have nothing but you.. So please stay strong!!!


Sunday, September 11, 2016


Kuwait City, Kuwait (8, September 2016) PUMA  - Global Sports Brand PUMA continues igniting cities across the world with runners. IGNITE City Crews are communities of city runners and to drive this concept forward PUMA has joined forces with running crews in cities around the world, the latest of which is The Burrow Run Club, Kuwait City.

The time has come to don your running shoes with PUMA and IGNITE YOUR CITY with The Burrow Run Club. The club, which is open to both Burrow members and non-members, will give you a chance to meet new people and try something a little different.

The Burrow hosted the #IGNITEKuwait event on Saturday 27th August to kick-start The Burrow Run Club at Al Shaheed Park in association with PUMA. Over 50 participants attended the event and battled it out in 2 different fitness challenges including The Bleep Test & Death by Burpees to test endurance, and helped build a foundation to track progress throughout the duration of Run Club. Attendees were kept energised and on their feet with the amazing #IGNITEKuwait DJ, with refreshments available to aid recovery. Still not a part of the coolest club in town? Don’t sweat it. You can still sign up to join The Burrow Run Club by emailing your contact details to:

The new IGNITE Dual and running apparel is available at the PUMA Store in Avenues Mall, Kuwait City. Gear up for your next run and join the movement.