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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wild Tiny Apple in Kuwait

It’s amazing how a little wild fruit can be so hard to search in google ( hehehehe….)
I was walking back to the office when I saw a bunch of farriers busy eating and taking fruits on the ground and in the tree just near to my office, out of curiosity I asked them, what was their eating, they hand me a couple of fruits and told me that they don’t know what’s the name of the fruit.

As I arrived at my desk, I washed and put it on my mouth, it tasted like apple not that sweet but it has this apple like taste, for me I like it more with salt.
Anyway, I’ve been seeing this fruit in Kuwait because it’s everywhere but I only came to know that it can be eaten.

So with a little help from my friend google, I found such an incredible discovery of this tiny apple like wild fruit. 

Malus sylvestris, the European crab apple, is a species of the genus Malus, native to Europe. Its scientific name means "forest apple" and the truly wild tree has thorns.
Wild apple has an expanded crown and often appear more like a bush than a tree. It can live 80-100 years and grow up to 10 m tall with trunk diameters of 23-45 cm. Due to its weak competitiveness and high light requirement, wild apple exist mostly at the wet edge of forests, in farmland hedges or on very extreme, marginal sites. The tree is rather rare but native to most European countries. It occurs in a scattered distribution pattern as single individuals or in small group

Hmmmmm Meaning that,  This dry looking tree that bears tiny wild apple like fruit near my office which I don’t usually get notice was already standing, living and bearing fruits for like more than 10 years or so, and it can live up to 80 - 100 years??? OHMYGEE!! Isn’t it amazing!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Creative Idea: Artistic Blooming Tea

Photo Credit: Store:Shop1627176 Store/

This is like one of distinctive product I ever introduced in this blog, my question is, would you try it?? 

As amazing as it looks, this tea provides same benefits as the usual tea, Only that it is in an artistic blossom form, I love tea but having this on my morning routine will definitely change my mood, I can only stared at it and appreciate its beauty not even want to ruin its design….  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Self Help : How to be a Smart Expat

It’s very hard to be an expat, far from your love ones, living away from your comfort zone, holding yourself to speak because of so much hesitation not to be understood, adjusting into the food which does not suit to your taste buds, new rules, new life, new environment and new YOU!! 

Time flies so fast and honestly, I still have the hang of questioning myself how did I survive??? 

It’s tough!!! I mean, really hard to live in foreign land, to compete with other expats, to find your spot in the corporate world and curbing all your emotions for survival.  Yet I was able to live a life in Kuwait for more than 12 years, Yep!!!! I’ve stayed long enough yet every moment I am here is giving so much be thankful for, I was able to build my dreams, myself and my family. 

And with that, I’m going to share how to live a life in a foreign land, better as” HOW TO BE A SMART EXPAT”

Before that, I would like to mention that I do not have any professional certificates in relation to this article, I’m not an expert, all  I have is the experiences which I am willing to share especially those who are in the MIDDLE EAST.

How to be a SMART EXPAT

1.)    Be a good Citizen 

Every country has Laws that needs to be followed, Some rules might be the same with our home country but regardless of that, the moment we entered into a foreign country we are bound to abide the laws .
Being a foreigner is somewhat an advantage and disadvantage, for us “Filipinos", we came to work not for pleasure, it is very important for us to be aware of the standards, Being smart is not just by pretending to be one you have to fill your brain the essential information.
LAWS are made to protect and keep us all safe.
Abide the rules, act what is expected of us, dress and live according to the rules of the country

2.)   Be Nice 

Whether we like it or not, we have to live and work with different nationalities, it’s very seldom we can automatically adopt to the routine but most of the time we need to leap a huge step to embrace the new environment and people.

Leave all your frustrations at home, maintain professionalism and be nice even if you don’t feel like smiling, I can assure you it will be your first weapon to success…. Be Nice!!

3.)   Reach out and Have Friends 
One of many reasons we find it hard to let go and leave our home country is because of the people we love, letting go involves so many hard emotions and sadness makes the most part of it.

Being an expat doesn’t limit you from reaching out to others, there are many groups or communities who are very much willing to accept and get to know new members, do not hesitate to join and mingle with fellow expats. In time, you’ll find your perfect buddy.
We all need companion, someone we can talk, and someone we can rely on. So go ahead and reach out!! 

4.)   Always remember the very reason why you are in a FOREIGN LAND 

As I quoted before, we all have our reasons of leaving our country
Always keep that reason/s in your in mind and in your heart, use that as a motivation to make a plan in reaching your goals. 

In my many years as an expat, I met people and get to know their stories, most of the time I felt very much disappointed knowing that many had taken a different side of the road perhaps a SHORTCUT, I understand that it’s very tempting to just let go of our principles and accept whatever it is that comes easily.  YOU REAP what you SOW, Many of my fellow expats had ruined their marriage just to make things easy, totally neglected the very reason why they have to leave their country.  

Is it worthy to ruin your family/marriage for financial security??? 

Is it right to commit adultery just because you are lonely and needed to fill the gap??!

Have you ever think of your dignity in exchange for a job you been dreaming of??? 

“NO CHOICE” is the constant excuse I’ve heard, needless to say, that from the time we are born the right to live and the right to choose is already given to us, we have the mind to think and the heart to decide, every aspect of our lives is surrounded by choices it’s all up to us which path we have to take. So don’t give that DAMN excuse that you have NO CHOICE!!!  

5.)    Choose your Friends Wisely 

This is not to say that you discriminate people who don’t live up to your level of expectations,  but simply chose the person you would like to be associated with, 

Being away from our love ones enable us to feel the need for someone to cover the gap of loneliness and that lead just to desperation.
Our desperation to find a stranger to be our friend can sometimes drag us down or bring us into our goal.
My point is, we can be friends with anyone but keep someone who have the same goals and can influence you into a better you.

6.)    Value your hard work not the Money

Most of us dream of having a lifelong financial stability 
Notice how the world transformed into a money worshiped society, fame is money and Money is happiness. 

We are willing to sacrifice ourselves even our family by being far from each other just to earn and provide a better lives.
And Yes I must admit, I like money especially for shopping and anything alike, but the more I aged the more I see the deeper side of life. More hard work, More Money
Try this, Every time you shop think about YOUR hard work, the TIME you have invested to earn and not the money, 
For each time you shop or invest something ask yourself, is this worthy to spend the long hours of hard work? Is it worth the toil???
Value your hard work, Make every expense worth every sweat, time and tears.

7.)   Enjoy life but Know your Limit

Take advantage of the beautiful things a foreign land can offer, visit public places, try new delicacies, go shopping, buy gadget but spend wisely and know your limits.
There’s no better way to fight the boredom than to enjoy life. Find your passion and enjoy every moment of it

There is no shortcut to life, every moment is a destiny in a making. Life should not or should never be complicated so let’s make it simple!! 

Always remember that, we are blessed to be where we are right now so make the best of it. 

Be productive, hold on to your goals and make it happen. BE A SMART EXPAT

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Largest International Bike Sharing Network now in KUWAIT

More than 100 cities worldwide - Now in Dubai and Kuwait
photo credit:

With more than 17.000 bikes in 14 countries Nextbike operates the largest international bike sharing network and is present in more than 30 German cities and in Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Dubai (UAE), Hungary, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and UK

Now having their First station in Kuwait located in Salwa Sala Al-Ahmad Hall, Prices are as per the below rates:

KD1.5 – 30 Minutes
KD2 – 1 Hour
KD2.5 – 2 Hours
KD3 – 3 Hours
KD3.5 – 4 Hours
KD4 – 5 Hours
KD6 – 24 Hours

I still don’t have the sets of rules for renting but will try to get it as soon as possible. However, Payments is thru Credit Cards or Knet