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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Junkyard @ the Village

So here I am flooding my blogsite with lots of food post, this is me fillin’ the gap of completely not-visible for many days/weeks/months in the blog world. Heheheh…..

Junkyard resto at the village, a place to hang out the outdoor location is quite pretty nice, though, I gotta be honest, I was not able to enjoy the food not because it doesn’t taste good but the serving is a bit small and pricey, but I love the concept and the place itself, it’s spacious and very modern !!!

Saturday, April 1, 2017


This time, it’s not gonna be BREAKFAST but BRUNCH, I was a little bit busy today that I skip my breakfast and went out for brunch which in between breakfast and lunch, You know exactly what happen when you skip the very important meal of the day… YOU’LL GET VERY VERY HUNGRY….!!

And so today’s food adventure is a little bit heavy, I mean, literally heavy as I am very hungry I can eat a whole chicken!! ( hehehehhe). 

I maybe Asian but somehow, I still have my preferences when it comes to Asian food, I’m not a fan of thai foods but after having my brunch at the UBON restaurant I started to love contemporary thai food  specially the chicken satay , Pad Thai and PRAWNS.

Their Ice Lemongrass juice and Vegan Pizza are "TO DIE FOR"  I love it!!!     


When Kuwait offers something relevant to its country it always comes in exaggeration but in a good way, don’t get me wrong!! I had been to different events and museum in kuwait and it never fails to give me that “WOW” factor, that is why I said, it always comes in exaggeration simply to describe how amazing it is!!! 

THE HABITAT MUSEUM in Al Shaheed Park is one must place to visit specially for the young ones, the place offers a very modern interactive journey of kuwait’s local eco-system, in all honesty, I can stay there all day with no complain as the place really is incredible!!! I love everything about it!! 

It's open for public with no Entrance fees