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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Moms Incorporated

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For the people who knows me well…  Thank you for all your support and for your continuing visit to this site, I may not be able to update this from time to time, rest assure that in my heart, I know,  I need to find the space and time to do this blog of my life  hehehehehe…… so ok, enough with the drama!! 

Life they say is a mixture of Failures and success, we all go thru the process of failures and for sure, we all have that moment of happiness due to great success.  I chatted with a friend the other day, it’s amazing how time flies, when we are in college we used to talk about projects, program codes (yeah!!! I’m one of them peace!!), fashion, events, food and anything alike. This time, we are much into households, raising up kids, business and so on… she asked me, how I am able to manage a very busy household, 3 kids and having a top position at work.

Hmmmm…… actually, I’m a superwoman, I acquired a great powers from my ancestor who has given me a stone to swallow whenever, I needed a boost of energy and to be in places in one time !! That’s my secret…!! (bwahahaha….)  and I seriously wish I have the stone haaayyyyyy…… my goodness!! 

Kidding aside!!

Honestly, I am able to iron things out by simply going into the process of trials, failures and struggles from that, I created a better logistics and make it work. 

Always remember to seek advice from those who mastered the challenges in life than to those who uses the experiences of others.  There's a difference between being a witness and being in the actual situation when all your life lines are out and you are in face of your own egg crying out loud wanting something you do not understand. 
Life is all about balance, compromise and adjusting into the hard times, it’s like experiencing emotional pain, it’s inside of you, it hurts, you can’t make it go away in an instant but in time you’ll know how to live with it!! 

In life, there is nothing we can’t do!!! Humans just like you and me are created with a highest forms of intelligence, use it in a way to make your life better and a fulfilling one!!

Have a blessed Saturday Everyone!!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Zephere Sea Food Restaurant

I never thought that Egyptian sea foods cuisine taste amazingly great!!, I love it!!   

So people out there craving for  sea food in Egyptian style of cooking, I would highly recommend ZEPHERE Restaurant in salmiya @ Piccadilly Tower.

 I still have the hang of this resto, the food is really really good!!!!!!  I’m officially a fan!! 

Breakfast @ the ROOF

This is like one of the simple yet overwhelming breakfast experience.

THE ROOF resto at the ZONE gulf road near to Shaab Park, offers a buffet breakfast at a very reasonable price. 

The interior design of the resto is very  warm and pleasant creating a perfect vibe for breakfast.