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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Swim America- Kuwait

My kids started their swimming classes at swim America, it’s too early for me to write review about the school but definitely the first day is one of the moment I saw my kids in their all out smile, they enjoy it to the max!!

Swim America is located at Dasman Biligual School gate 3, behind Dasma Diabetic Institute

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sleeping issue

photo credit: natural sleep aid blogger

Been sleeping a lot lately, in my many years in the corporate world I never felt so rested till today, I’ve slept for like 12 hours straight and woke up with no headache,  I never slept that long in my entire life… honestly, since I was young I was trained to sleep only at night fall to a max of 6-8 hours only and woke at the very same time in the morning ---that is 5:00am  (the usual), I don’t take a nap in the afternoon, I rather go out or read books to make my time useful till I get into my next schedule.

It’s been like that ever since but today is something unusual to me, I know, you’ll be like.. helllerrrrrrr…. What the heck??!!  But just to let people know that there is special kind of creature like me who enjoy being awake than sleeping, how about yah??? Do you sleep like a baby at night??? How long is your ideal sleep?? 

Hit me back and comment below…. Let me hear you!!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Wonderful Visit to China

This has been the busiest month of my life, I’m running beyond miles completing all my office task while working on my visa requirements and  itineraries for china trip, somehow, I was able to survive and enjoy trip and now, I'm back in Kuwait and finally enjoy my first day of hard earned annual leave!!

Let me start by sharing my wonderful experience in china, we often judge china as unsafe country with exotic foods and racist people but it was entirely a wrong assumption created by people with hate and exaggeration by medias but being able to personally experience china is far different from what people assume, it open my eyes  to the real beauty of the country and its people. 

Every corner is just tremendously clean, people are discipline, it’s safe even at night, there is so much care for the environment and respect for their leaders, it’s amazing how this country continuously grow in unity and advances their technologies with utmost consideration on  people and environment. 

Honestly, I feel a little sad looking at the current situation in the Philippines, I have so much love for my country and I can only wish we can all be united and rebuilt our country and raise beyond.  China has given me so much hope that everything is possible.

Thank you china for the wonderful experience!! I’ll see you soon!!