Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wisemummy81 : The Fan Space

I’m overloaded with mails from my readers so I decided to share &  answer some questions e-mailed to me

(note : that these are chosen questions, so I apologize if some queries are not answered, do write me if you have anything in mind???)

1.)  What sort of People irritates you??

There are two kinds of people that always ruin my day without a doubt
1.)              the parasite
2.)             The user
Like literally!!

2.) Are you Lesbian???

I thought I was, but I'm happily married with kids and so far I never had any doubts on my gender….

3.) Why did you decide to blog???

Not for popularity, because till now I don't feel like I am…. The main reason why I blog is to exercise my writing, as I said before, I'm a struggling writer , this blog really is a place for me to write with freedom

4.) I love your blog, what is your inspiration???

My family… my kids especially….

5.)  Do you have regular Job??

Yes I do have…

6.) Can you feature me in your blog???
Sure, I always have space for people who would want to be part of  my blog….

7.) Are you Fashionable??

It depends on how you define fashion, but I would consider myself as fashionable in my own way, I'm confident with myself and make sure that what I wear  gives me a piece of confidence

8.) Is your hair Straight???

Yes… my normal hair is straight…. And I wanna keep it that way

9.) What is your favorite Food, colors and Fashion Style??

Anything…..! I don't always go for trend but for what makes me comfy and happy

10.)                    What is your opinion on Miley and liam break-up

Not so interested.. I just feel that  whatever they do or decide,  it won't affect me as a person, so let them live their lives…!

11.)                     Where you from????

Philippines dear!! J

 There you have it!!  Blogging is so fun when people recognized your effort … thanks readers for the time and I’ll try my best to blog more !!

Love lots,


Face Mapping: What's causing your breakout!!

When we are not expert in acne-related issues, we often assumed or follow the advise from people with the same experience our fellow “acners” (hehehehe…love the word!!  )

over and over again we left perplexed by the outbreak of spots in different areas of the face. That sometimes we questioned ourselves, if Is it hormone-related? or Did I miss my five-a-day?

Today, I just read about this wonderful information which was a practice from long long time, The ancient art of face mapping can help you identify the cause of your blemishes by splitting the face into several sections such as forehead, chin and nose and understanding the different 'zones'. 

1 & 2: Digestive System — Eat less processed or junk food, reduce the amount of fat in your diet, step up water intake and opt for cooling things like cucumbers.

3: Liver — Cut out the alcohol, greasy food and dairy. This is the zone where food allergies also show up first, so take a look at your ingredients. Besides all this, do 30 minutes of light exercise every day and get adequate sleep so your liver can rest.

4 & 5: Kidneys — Anything around the eyes (including dark circles) point to dehydration. Drink up!

6: Heart — Check your blood pressure (mine was slightly high) and Vitamin B levels. Decrease the intake of spicy or pungent food, cut down on meat and get more fresh air. Besides this, look into ways to lower cholesterol, like replacing “bad fats” with “good fats” such as Omegas 3 and 6 found in nuts, avocados, fish and flax seed. Also, since this area is chock-full of dilated pores, check that your makeup is not past its expiry date or is skin-clogging.

7 & 8: Kidneys — Again, drink up! And cut down on aerated drinks, coffee and alcohol as these will cause further dehydration.

Zone 9 & 10: Respiratory system — Do you smoke? Have allergies? This is your problem area for both. If neither of these is the issue, don’t let your body overheat, eat more cooling foods, cut down on sugar and get more fresh air. Also keep the body more alkaline by avoiding foods that make the body acidic (meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar) and adding more alkalizing foods like green veggies and wheatgrass juice. Another thing that most of forget – dirty cell phones and pillow cases are two of the top acne culprits and this area is what they affect the most!

Zone 11 & 12: Hormones — This is the signature zone for stress and hormonal changes. And while both are sometimes unavoidable, you can decrease their effect by getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, eating leafy veggies and keeping skin scrupulously clean. Another interesting point: breakouts in this area indicate when you are ovulating (and on which side).

Zone 13: Stomach — Step up the fibre intake, reduce the toxin overload and drink herbal teas to help with digestion.

14: Illness — Zits here can be a sign that your body is fighting bacteria to avoid illness. Give it a break, take a yoga class, take a nap, take time to breathe deeply, drink plenty of water and know that everything always works out!

So the next time you break out or notice dark under-eye circles, look to your face map: your skin is probably trying to communicate on behalf of the internal organs. However, do remember that, as with all medical issues, it is always best to see your doctor or dermatologist for a proper prognosis. This is just a general guide to head you off in the right investigative direction – just because you break out between the brows doesn't always mean you have a bad liver!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to Spend your time in Kuwait

Been in Kuwait for 10 years now, I was once a newbie and felt that living in Kuwait somewhat boring and lifeless but today, by all means, I have to take back my words of impression….

This place is not boring at all if you know where to go and meet fun people

To begin, depending on how you define fun because for me , FUN is having a great time with my family in a safe and budget friendly place with lots of food and goodies..
(Yes!! That’s fun for me...!)

Here are few good ideas on how to spend your time in Kuwait

1.)   Mall-ing

Surrounded by dessert sand and heat,  Kuwait do have the widest and the largest malls,  if you’re a person who loves to shop or window shopping then surely you’ll enjoy walking and shopping at  The Grand avenues , 360 mall and Al Hamra Mall these are just the common malling places but  there are many other places with same set-up

2.)   Seaside

The very common area in Kuwait, where you can find family and people gathered every weekend for a picnic , you don’t need lots of money to enjoy the place simply bring your family, food and smile and you’re good to go…

3.)   Coffee Shops

Kuwait is the country of coffee shops, everywhere you  go is like a mushroom of coffee shop with free wifi, so if you’re the kind of person who loves to jam and relax with a good coffee then visit nearby coffee shops and please do not get intimidated with the crowd  because you are all paying the same price of coffee

4.)   Religious Community

Who says Kuwait is close muslim country???   In Kuwait, we, expats have given the right to exercise our beliefs , if you’re a person who loves to worship God and trust only the people who shared the same belief then worry no more, we have every rights to worship and practice our faith in Kuwait

5.)   Food Trip

With the recent listing of country, Kuwait currently tops as the country of most wasted food… not because no one is capable to buy  one, but becoz there are so many variety food to try and the serving is quite big/huge!!  And I’m describing it literally…  if you love food surely you’ll enjoy resto in Kuwait,

6.)   Sports
Yes!! All sort of sports are available in this country; you just have to google it to find the right people to contact….

7.)   GYM and Health Spas

Yup got that right!!!!  Looking at the young generations, Arab teens are keen and very conscious  with their self, with such demands the rise of gyms and health spa are unstoppable like a wild grass,  there were many health places in different range and set up depending on what you can afford

Meet the last of China's women to have her feet bound

Such a very bizarre tradition and feel so lucky not be born during that time…. Would you rather have the status or live a normal live with normal feet???

Meet the last of China's women to have her feet bound: 102-year-old subjected to ancient custom had her toes broken when she was just two-years-old

Han Qiaoni, from Yuxian County in northern China's Shanxi Province, had her feet broken and bound when she was just two-years-old. 

She says her mother used a long cloth to wrap her toes, minus the big toe, so they were bent pressed against the sole of her foot. 

According to Han it took six months before she was able to walk properly and get used to the pain.

Millions of Chinese women bound their feet to turn them into 'three-inch golden lotuses' or  'San Cun Jin Lian'.

Having small feet was seen as beautiful and a status symbol - often the only way for a woman to marry into money. 

The practice was first banned in 1912 but some families would have children's feet bound in secret. 

Records show that footbinding dates back to the Song dynasty between 960 - 1279AD

Read more: Dailymail

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another year Round!!

Hi People,

It’s another year round for me and I can truly say, I’m old and happy!!...

Thank you Dear God for another year of my life such a very adventurous year but I’m still standing tall…..

Lots of love and Luck for all the people out there!!!

And Happy Birthday to all the people who are celebrating there birthdays today

Let’s celebrate life !!!

Love lots,


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Deco Pen

I just love it!! don't yah....?!!

Creative Ideas: Sky Planter

Law of gravity??? Add a little style into your plants with the upside-down plant plot, an built in irrigation system able you to feed your plants with water directly to its root without the messy drip….

What do you think?? Cool enough ah!!!  You can order this wonderful item thru here by simply sending me a mail, Cost with Freight USD 160/ 4 set

Creative Ideas: The Egg master

One of many tings I love to do for my kiddos is to prepare their lunchbox for school, I absolutely love it!! I ‘m not the type of mother who prepare only healthy foods but I take chances of giving my kids  all sort of food for them, to try ensuring that everything I gave is at the minimum quantity with no risk of damaging their health (of course!!!)

Having said that,  here’s a super creative gadget,  A machine promises to end the laborious process of frying, poaching or scrambling eggs - and invites users to simply crack an egg into its upright cylinder and select a desired cooking time

I simply love the idea and can wait to try it !!!!!!

Oh!!! (with excitement) by the way, if you’re interested to have one of this machine you can order directly from me for $65Usd including the shipping cost.. 


Friday, September 13, 2013

Topic: Attitude!!!!!

I saw the above post in  facebook news feed  last night,  well, it’s kind funny when you read it literally but in contrary, I think the person who posted it, is somewhat have an attitude problem and not recognizing it,  

We all  have that sets of attitude that differs from each other,  it is where we stand and it is something we do without training, it shows naturally because that is who we are from the day we understand the wordattitude….

Have you ever stop for a moment and realize how people treat you??  Do you take time to adjust?? Or don’t care because it is who you are and you do not need to please anybody but yourself???   

What we know and what has been installed in us is what we believed is right, that’s is why, there are many broken marriages, gossip, bad relationship, damaged trust because in one way or another we take pride of what we believe in a wrong attitude,

Attitude plays a vital role in establishing rapport, relationship and friendship, we cannot blame our fate for not having friends that last or a strong relationship……..   It’s all about attitude towards life and others because attitude defines us not we define attitude!! 

photos from google image

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fashion Fave: The animal Prints

Winter, spring, summer or Fall animal prints will always be a trend…    just one fashion fave I can’t get enough!!!

BIRTH SIMULATOR that could reduce childbirth mortality rates in developing countries

Norwegian designers created the devices with the aim of reducing the number of newborn babies and mothers that die just after giving birth with a trio of affordable products aimed at helping to save lives in countries where preventable birth-related deaths is greatest as many midwives do not access to  education or training.

The concept, which combines industrial design and education, was dreamed up by Laerdal Global Health in response to the shocking statistic that 3,000 newborn babies die from birth asphyxia along with 1,000 birthing mothers every day.

'The Natalie Collection' comprises a birthing simulator, suction device and newborn simulator to provide practical training in a bid to help reduce the number of newborn babies and mothers that die just after giving birth - two of the UN's Millennium Development Goals.


Parents in Kuwait " be SMART enough!!!!!"

I can’t express how painful it is for a parent like myself who strive hard to give out the best for  my kids...

We were in the middle of admission for the new school year, my son already passed the entrance exam requirements for grade 2, we have completed all the necessary documents in a week and only to found out that the previous school was was not recognized by the ministry of education in Kuwait, we have no other choice but to swallow our pride and follow the ministry regulation even if it takes  to waste the thousand KD we have invested for the last school year..

I would like to warn fellow parents specially the Filipino communities to be aware of the school legalities, always do a background check regardless of the recommendations

One school located in salwa is operating till 10th grade yet the ministry of education validated their license till KG2 only ,  Form 137 can be accepted in other Philippine school but other recognized schools in Kuwait who are following as per the ministry requires validation of the documents  and any forms from such school is not valid from grade 1 onwards.. so be very careful!!!!

September events in Kuwait