Friday, September 13, 2013

Topic: Attitude!!!!!

I saw the above post in  facebook news feed  last night,  well, it’s kind funny when you read it literally but in contrary, I think the person who posted it, is somewhat have an attitude problem and not recognizing it,  

We all  have that sets of attitude that differs from each other,  it is where we stand and it is something we do without training, it shows naturally because that is who we are from the day we understand the wordattitude….

Have you ever stop for a moment and realize how people treat you??  Do you take time to adjust?? Or don’t care because it is who you are and you do not need to please anybody but yourself???   

What we know and what has been installed in us is what we believed is right, that’s is why, there are many broken marriages, gossip, bad relationship, damaged trust because in one way or another we take pride of what we believe in a wrong attitude,

Attitude plays a vital role in establishing rapport, relationship and friendship, we cannot blame our fate for not having friends that last or a strong relationship……..   It’s all about attitude towards life and others because attitude defines us not we define attitude!! 

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