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Alice Bucket List

I posted an added craziness to my blog few hours ago,  " WISEMUMMY: D I Y WEEKLY CHALLENGE" as part of my motivation to challenge myself to do things beyond expectations, while in quest for a good and fun challenge for next week, I surprisingly found " ALICE BUCKETLIST BLOG" , this site really captured me inside & out, and had a teary eyes after reading all sort of  author's day to day experiences as wellas  the pouring support from people worldwide,  ALICE PYNE is a 15 years old girl live in ULVERSTONE

on her profile she wrote:

Hi, I'm 15 years old and live with my parents and sister in Ulverston. I've been fighting cancer for almost 4 years and now I know that the cancer is gaining on me and it doesn't look like I'm going to win this one :( I'm hoping to write in here as much as I can and I'm also going to show my bucket list which I'm trying to get done before I have to go. Hopefully, I'll update as I tick each one off the list :)


I'm 15 and I have terminal cancer. I've created a bucket list because there are so many things I still want to do in my life ... some are possible, some will remain a dream. My blog is to document this precious time with my family and friends, doing the things I want to do. You only have one life ... live it!
Alice Bucket List:
 this so called " BUCKET LIST"  is a list things she will try to complete before things comes to an END.... , 
To swim with sharks

To make everyone sign up to be a bone marrow donor

To go to Kenya (I can’t travel there now but I wanted to)

To enter Mabel in a regional Labrador show

To have a photo shoot with Milly, Clarissa, Sammie and Megs

To have a private cinema party for me and my BFFs

To design an Emma Bridgewater Mug to sell for charity

To stay in a caravan

To have a purple Apple iPad but I’m not really allowed to put that on here and mum is trying to borrow one

To be a dolphin trainer (I can’t do this one either now)

To meet Take That

To go to Cadbury World and eat loads of chocolate

To have a nice picture taken with Mabel
To stay in the chocolate room at Alton Towers

To have my hair done if they can do anything with it

To have a back massage

To go whale watching

 I salute how this girl fight over things that most of us scared to face, 
Life is a mystery that we never know what will happen and when do we end..... 

I'm glad i’ve found her, she inspires me to do better things in life, loving my life every part of it , treasure what I already have ( my Kids, Hubby , Friends & rest of the Family) and to live a life with no regrets!


Thank you Alice for a wonderful thoughts and Inspiration, surely, you have touch number of people like me, be strong and i'll be praying for you and your family.....

Visit her site:  ALICE PYNE

WIsemummy: DIY Challenge of the WEEK

Ok ok… it sounded sooooo easy for many who are extremely fond of DIY projects...
I , for one desire to have “THAT” same easy feeling TOO!!  but sadly I’m not that typical mommy  who always have that “ GIRLSCOUT” attitude,   I sometimes forget things and end up buying a new one  just because I don’t gear up whatever or whenever it is needed (I'm not an Irresponsible mom that's for sure and for the record),  I'm a bit shy, play stupid at times, I love movies, I like sport but never done any of it on actual  and so many things I love to try/do/experience.....

So I came up with an initiative to challenge myself week by week, from SIMPLE to EXTREME -DO IT YOUSELF STUFF/things/experience  not limited to home projects but anything even out of this world idea I can ever think of….
Since, this is my very first DIY , I will start my challenge  in the KITCHEN.. ( YEP>>>> got that right?!! Lolsss) I’m not a kitchen person, I don’t cook nor bake (seriously!)  in many ocassion  the very least I can offer is a fast food delivery service for pleading guilty  of murdering a recipe!! (!!!Vomitface!!)  But with an exemption to frying & boiling eggs as well as steam rice!!  (I’m good with dat.. neheehh!-thank you ***grin**)


So anyway, here’ my week challenge:  

Chopsuey Ingredients:
4 cloves garlic; minced
1 onion; chopped
Chosse four (4) meat ingredients from the list:
·         1/4 kilo beef; sliced sliced into small pieces (preferred)
·         1/4 kilo shrimps; shelled (preferred)
·         1/4 kilo chicken giblets & liver; sliced to small pieces (preferred)
·         2-3 chicken wings, cut into small pieces
·         1/4 kilo hotdog sausage; sliced
Choose eight (8) vegetable ingredients from the list:
·         1 piece red bell pepper; sliced (preferred)
·         1 medium carrot; sliced into thin circles (preferred)
·         1/4 kilo cabbage; cut into thin ribbon-like shreds (preferred)
·         2 stalks of leeks; cut into 2-inch portions (preferred)
·         3 stalks celery; cut into 2-inch portions
·         1/4 kilo cauliflower; divided into flowerettes
·         1/4 kilo sayote; peeled and sliced
·         1/4 kilo snow peas (sitsaro); stringed
·         1/4 kilo bok choy; cut into 2-inch portions
·         1/4 kilo mushrooms; cut in 2-inch portions
·         1/4 kilo young corn about 2-inch long
·         1/4 kilo baguio beans; stringed
2 cups chicken  broth
1 tablespoon cornstarch
Salt to taste
Cooking oil
Chopsuey Cooking Ingreidients:
Saute garlic and onion, then add the meat ingredients. Cook for 5 minutes. Add broth and salt to taste. Add cornstach to thicken the sauce. Bring to a boil, then add the vegetables. Cook until done.
Cooking Tip:
Add vegetables in the order of their respective tenderness. Add first those that are longer to cook than those easier to get tender

** Coughing**** Ahem!!...  WISH ME LUCK!!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Window PHONE!

The Window Phone is one of those cell phones which is totally out of this world and brings in a completely new way of using cell phones.

it was designed by Seunghan Song as a fully transparent handset capable of making accurate weather forecasts by changing its appearance to reflect the upcoming weather conditions

Read more:

Wisemummy CHINATIC gadget Obessesion!

In my continuining obsession on CHINA Gadgets... remember my old post??!!....

I spotted this!

Strange oval iphone is one of the latest collection of chinese inventions, basically design for ladies since, it is called as LEADY PHONE ( excuse** their chinese but im guessing it should be LADY PHONE- -lols.. ) it cost arround 200usd,  Features almost same with Iphone with 16GB memory..,  I never tried it but looks really deceiving !

Found this at:

SALE at BHS-kuwait

Wisemummy: PICK of the DAY!

Just happen to accidentally visit " MAKE- UP AL MANSOUR" in kuwait city and, Darn!!..  just love the place, though, it's a bit crowded, not too spacious and  parking area is always full so have to be really patience but it's a great place to shop for make up, skin and Hair care products as well as cosmetics accessories and nail polish..

Price??!!  Well!!.... SUPERB!!   It’s 20-30% cheaper than the market price and  if you’re sweet talker or KNOW HOW TO BID – you’ll probably to get more discount!!

here's few of the things I bought from the shop...

                          Price   KD 1.500 after Discount : KD 1.050/- (L.A Girls Lipstick)

                                     Price: 2.500 KD/- after Discount  KD 2.250/- (Lorys Hair Conditioner)

                                          Price  KD 1.500  after Discount KD1.000/- ( L.A Girls Nail Polish)

****** Surely will come back for more!! wahllah!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Absolutely happy with the result and this guy really stands out ,  a world class talent that Filipino people can be proud of...  CONGRATULATION MARCELITO!! trully a pinoy pride!!

                               Here's  a video of his performance all the way to GRAND FINALS!!

Beat that!! weeeheeeee!!

Levitating Photographer shows how Flying Look EASY!!

The self-portraits that seem to show the Toyko photographer levitating above the ground are actually the result of a lot of hard work.

Natsumi Hayashi makes flying look easy. she added that ,she needs to jump 300 times just to captured the perfect stunt ,

Here's more of her fantastic self levitating photos....


Visit her site :


Dream Rich, Grow Rich Seminar in KUWAIT

I'm a DRAMA QUEEN!!! - WISEMUMMY visit her OLD Blogsite!

I just happen to visit my old blogsite:,   and found this article I've made not so long ago hehehehe..... I was 23 back then,  I never knew that I was so  " DRAMA QUEEN " .. I dont regret sharing it!..  and I'm posting it again here....


Life they say is a mystery,  Live your life and Discovery it's Mystery~

I thought, my life story is just a typical episode of a fairytale, bitter beginning and sweet ending, not until I’ve told my hidden book of life to somebody, I have found out that my story is not like an ordinary scenario, indeed a unique tale with a great adventures….

                             not all fairytales have a sweet ending....

Turning back the hands of time, I was seven(7) when my parents separated, me and my older sister kept on wandering why do things have to be complicated when all we need is a family, we go from one place to another, suffering from different abused made by my dad's mistresses, youthful days was taken from us, all we can remember was the hardship  we’ve gone thru ,  a time where we have to run away from home and found ourselves under a guava tree just to fill in our hungry stomach after we've been stocked naked on a big pale full of water... I can still remember our shouts for help when our body needs to be warm with clothing but nobody can hear us, a terrible year of childhood days........

a year after, my mom had stolen us from that hell and had brought us to davao, I thought, our miserable days was over, not until, we've found out that mom was abandoned by her parents due to her decision of running home, her parents totally turn their back on us and our only shelter was the dog house, no floors but soil, the only furniture we have was an old table by which we have taken it from the garbage, our nourishment was a spoon of salt and cooking oil that to be mixed in a cooked rice we are indeed blessed with a healthy body and thankful for the food we have... rainy days came and found ourselves on the top of the table praying and hoping that it would immediately stop, that was our usual days in davao,  as young as I am I never questioned life and its twist, I'm always been strong, although, I begun to pity and compare myself with other kids who has all the toys and great things in life, my mom would always comfort me with words that goes:, I should not be asking too much, because I am special and worthy of love........

Every Sunday, early morning we'll walked the busy street of boulevard going to  church, the only penny that my mom have was for the fare going back home, witnessing all the kids of my age glamour with nice clothes riding on a jeepney passing by, while we are walking in sweat just to get to the church,

after the mass, outside is a street full of vendors selling all sort of stuff like balloons, ice cream, pastries etc.. my mom would always give us an option of walking a long distance or a scoop of ice cream, since the only money we have is the exact amount for  fare back home, young and ice cream ignorant as we are, of course we chose the ice cream and walk a long distance going back home, .

At 9 years old my mom left us miles away in search for luck in other country to provide me and my sister a better future, we stayed with our grandparents, things went ok, only that, we lived in a policy of  " IF you want something you have to work hard for it" no place to ask nor beg for things we want but have to break a leg or two..

6 years away from mom, numb myself from different school events where there's a need for a parent attendance, I don’t have a choice but to understand things that was given to me, naive but I’ve learned to struggle life and its significant aspects…..

Life doesn’t end here, rhere's so much to face… so many people to meet, some may leave, some may only be there for a reason.. but whatever lifes ahead I'll accept it with great expectations and keep on walking in unending phase of life, the only weapon that I have is myself, the experiences that ive been thru that makes me strong far better understanding of life, hard work and FAITH in one GREAT creator of life…...

 Im not gonna raise my both hands to surrender but  instead, ill keep my head up  facing the day ahead with a smile.........

where  I am now and who I become,  is the product of what  I am before…

Discover the Dunhill Fragrance Custom!

Guerlain International Makeup Artist is in Kuwait

Did GOOGLE Reject Job Applicants Because They’re Fat?


New York City woman — let's call her Ms. G, because she signed a non-disclosure agreement — went to Google's local offices to take a test for an administrative position. She'd already had a phone interview, and now there was a test. Afterwards, at lunch, Ms. G says seven of the roughly 20 people there were politely escorted out. All seven were overweight women; everyone who stayed was thin.

Google is famous for its lifestyle perks, including in some instances, fitness classes. Ms. G says her phone interview for one of the eight positions was mostly about her non-work activities, and she got the impression they wanted to see "that you're active in your life, that you do stuff outside of work, that you're well-rounded."

Discrimination against overweight people, if that's indeed what happened, isn't specifically illegal, though the EEOC has occasionally sued on behalf of obese people citing the Americans With Disabilities Act.

As for Google, a spokesperson who was told Ms. G's story had the following comment: "We don't discriminate in our hiring process."

Read Full Article :

Blogger jailed over critical restaurant review

The Taichung branch of Taiwan High Court on Tuesday sentenced a blogger who wrote that a restaurant’s beef noodles were too salty to 30 days in detention and two years of probation and ordered her to pay NT$200,000 in compensation to the restaurant.

The blogger, surnamed Liu (劉), writes about a variety of topics — including food, health, interior design and lifestyle topics — and has received more than 60,000 hits on her Web site.
After visiting a Taichung beef noodle restaurant in July 2008, where she had dried noodles and side dishes, Liu wrote that the restaurant served food that was too salty, the place was unsanitary because there were cockroaches and that the owner was a “bully” because he let customers park their cars haphazardly, leading to traffic jams.

The restaurant’s owner, surnamed Yang (楊), learned about Liu’s blog post from a regular customer, and filed charges against her, accusing her of defamation.
The Taichung District Court ruled that Liu’s criticism of the restaurant exceeded reasonable bounds and sentenced her to 30 days in detention, a ruling that Liu appealed.
The High Court found that Liu’s criticism about cockroaches in the restaurant to be a narration of facts, not intentional slander.
However, the judge also ruled that Liu should not have criticized all the restaurant’s food as too salty because she only had one dish on her single visit.
Health officials who inspected the restaurant did not find conditions to be as unsanitary as Liu had described, so the High Court also ruled that Liu must pay NT$200,000 to the owner for revenues lost as a result of her blog post.

The ruling is final.

Liu has apologized to the restaurant for the incident.
Yang said he filed the charges because Liu’s negative comments about his restaurant led many customers to call him to ask if her review was true.

He said he hoped the case would teach her a lesson.
Huang Cheng-lee (黃呈利), a lawyer in Taichung, said that bloggers who post food reviews should remember to be truthful in their commentary and supplement their comments with photographs to protect themselves.

He also said bloggers should be objective and fair in their writing.


hmmmmm......  indeed!!   " OBJECTIVE & FAIR! .. now a days, blogger stand a big contribution to the society or to the WORLD , they're like the day to day correspondent, world security, the critics, the advertiser and most of all, they reflect the perfect definition/ example  of "FREEDOM of SPEECH" ,  

BE responsible, BE fair, BE Objective, Be creative and Most of all RESPECT by all means......

" YES! I consider myself as "ONE" but I'm still a work in progress"


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Large births bode ill for brains

U. SOUTHAMPTON (UK) — Children who are born small with relatively bigger placentas show more activity on the right side of their brain than their left, a pattern linked to mood disorders, including depression.

The findings, published online in the journal PLoS One, adds to a growing body of evidence showing that adverse environments experienced by fetuses during pregnancy (indicated by smaller birth size and larger placental size) can cause long-term changes in the function of the brain.
“The way we grow before birth is influenced by many things including what our mothers eat during pregnancy and how much stress they are experiencing,” says Alexander Jones, an epidemiologist at the University of Southampton, who led the study.
“This can have long-lasting implications for our mental and physical health in later life,” Jones says. “This is the first time we’ve been able to link growth before birth to brain activity many years later. We hope this research can begin to shed new light on why certain people are more prone to diseases such as depression.”
The neurological responses of 140 children from Southampton, aged between eight and nine, were monitored for the study.

Tests evaluated blood flow to the brain in response to increased brain activity, exposing differences in the activity of the two sides. Measurements were taken of tiny fluctuations in the temperature of the tympanic membrane in each ear, which indicate blood flow into different parts of the brain.

Disproportionate growth of the placenta and the fetus is thought to occur in pregnancies where the mother has been experiencing stress or where there have been problems with the availability of nutrients.
Previous research has linked this pattern of growth to other diseases such as hypertension and greater physical responses to stress in later life


iPhone 5 To Get Dual Core Processor, More Megapixels

The iPhone 5 rumors are just beginning. First it was that it would get a "radical redesign". Now Bloomberg is reporting that Apple's new device will be getting an 8 megapixel camera and dual core CPU.

BGR made headlines yesterday when it's sources said the iPhone 5 would be completely revamped with a tapered body. Bloomberg is throwing it's own two cents with its sources saying that the iPhone 5 is a modest spec boost, 5 megapixel camera to 8 megapixel and single core A4 CPU to dual core A5 CPU.

The iPad 3 on the other hand, will have a screen that is about one third higher than that of the iPad 2, which could mean Retina Display like display with a higher resolution.

What do you think? Any more rumors to add to this?

Via : Fooyoh/geekapolis-gadgets

Blessed Weekend!

It's weekend and just love waking up late morning for a brunch!,  my kids are already awake jumping up and down the sofa while nannies are on their usual morning routine....  with a hot coffee on my hand walking thru the dim alley going to the living room, my husband laid down in the carpet looking so comfortable with his eyes close while the sorrounding is like in a cinema, dim, wide screen tv and sorround sounds on its high volume....!

I thank the Lord for this day and for others to be bless with a wonderful day like what I am having right now, I know so many people in the world who are not with their families nor in tears fighting for love,

Today is a blessed day....  treasured every moment you are with your love ones!!!  and Don't forget to sip your coffee with love and smell it's aroma with JOY!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Morning  Madlang People!!
If you notice I haven’t been active on my blog lately ( oppppssss! Yah yah.. I know, I call that not active pre-se’)  As you can see my usual blogging would take 3-4 post a day but recently, I just had like 1 or 2 post  **just for the heck of it..! ***wink**
My days drastically changed not because of work or anything alike, but becoz of this freaking PMS!  Hehehe…..  ( sorry guys!! Only girls can relate..)  

 I don’t want to exaggerate my experience, but things are really not so well with my  1st  bloody day after  I had my delivery 3 months ago, this one is sooooo different … it’s yuckkkkyy, painful and definitely scary than ever….   A friend of mine suggested to have it check by a Specialized Doctor  but I’m a bit hesitant as I’m not really used of going to the doctor every now and then, I’m not scared but  I’m not ready for anything  beyond normal, ( ok ok … I can call it SCARED!!- in the name of LOVE… IM FREAKING SCARED!!) 
Why do women suffer more than guys??!!   This is insane!! Wwwaaahhhhhhhhh   , anyway, I’m getting crazy now (just like any other girls with PMS looollls )and just want to greet everyone “ HAPPY WEEKEND”

Kuwaiti ruling family member wants PM replaced

KUWAIT, June 22 (Reuters) - Sheikh Fahad Salem al-Ali al-Sabah, a nephew of Kuwait's ruler, said political reform must be accelerated in the Gulf Arab country, beginning with the removal of the current prime minister.

A senior member of the ruling family and son of the head of Kuwait's national guards, Sheikh Fahad made the rare move of joining protesters earlier this month in a demonstration against Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah.

Although currently without a government portfolio, Sheikh Fahad owns Al Mustaqbal newspaper and the Mubasher television channel, which often cover anti-government protests. He was a prisoner of war during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

"Unfortunately we are heading into a dark tunnel... I went out with the protesters because I share and believe in their calls for change and reforms," Sheikh Fahad told Reuters in an interview in Kuwait City's Qurtuba Palace.

Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser, who is currently heading his seventh government since his appointment by Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah in 2006, has undergone fierce criticism from Kuwaiti opposition for what they say is his failure to fulfil the demands of the people.
"If the emir does not find a person from the family who is capable of being the prime minister and meets the demands of Kuwaiti citizens, I suggest that he chooses from outside the family," Sheikh Fahad said, as he sat in one of the palace's dewaniyas, or reception rooms.

The Emir, who has final say in Kuwaiti politics, appoints the prime minister, who has always been from the al-Sabah family.

Sheikh Fahad said Arab leaders should learn from the overthrow of the leaders of Egypt and Tunisia in popular uprisings that modest attempts at reform were not enough.

"Now I think that any Arab leader who wants to remain in his position and preserve his country's future should start changing according to the demands of his people, and not according to what he thinks...the era of guardianship is over now."

Read More :

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9 Most Horrifying Beauty Tips From History

Red hair at any cost



During the reign of the great Queen Elizabeth (1558 to 1603), women of England were determined to mimic the Queen's royal red hair color and stopped at nothing to achieve it. Of course they didn’t possesses the hair dying technology of today as they resorted to concoctions of lead, quicklime, sulfur and water to dye their hair and wigs. This particular blend commonly caused nausea, headaches and regular nosebleeds. That's a high price to pay for some ginger hair if you ask us.

Wig maintenance



Wigs stayed in fashion for some time and by the 18th century it was the bigger (and more elaborate) the better. The royal courts were notorious for having the most ornate and sculpted wigs (think Marie Antoinette) and to sculpt these upper class, mile-high wigs they used lard to hold the hair sculptures firmly in place. Terrifyingly, the lard attracted lice and other vermin. Sometimes a cage was even set over the woman's head at night to keep the rats at bay.

Disguising disease


Women during the 15th to 17th centuries used tips from Renaissance "beauty pros" to disguise unhealthy complexions caused by diseases like smallpox. Tips suggested using white lead to create a fashionably white complexion and to cover any sores. The use of lead to powder the face poisoned and killed many, yet pale faces continued to be a huge trend. Some women in the sixth century even resorted to bleeding themselves to achieve that lovely alabaster glow.

Eye makeup



When it comes to lead or heavy metal poisoning for the sake of beauty, it's hard to beat the Egyptians. Both men and women wore Kohl (a mixture of soot and galena, a dark grey lead) and copper ore to color their eyes. They lined their lids daily with this mixture as it served spiritual and aesthetic purposes. In case you were wondering, low levels of lead exposure like this over a long period of time can cause seizures, coma, and death.

Hair removal



Before good old Nair (and these top rated hair removal products), women and men of the renaissance removed unwanted hair with homemade depilatory creams containing severe abrasives like quicklime and arsenic to burn off unwanted hair. And we thought razor burn was bad?

Then, due to wartime scarcity in the 1940's, women used sandpaper to eliminate hair from their bodies -- buffing themselves "beautiful." Ouch.

Hair growth



Fat was the fad with the ancient Greeks. Rancid fat from human and animals as well as other nauseating substances (urine, menstrual blood, feces, amongst others) were said to treat everything from the common cold to baldness. Folklore has it that men used the fat of animals to make a paste and would slather it on to promote hair growth. C'mon, being bald isn't that bad.

Red lips


If you wanted a luscious red pout back before easy, breezy, beautiful products were on shelves, you had a couple of options. You could act like an Egyptian, Cleopatra for that matter, and crush up some ants, add in some beetle blood and beeswax and be set for a hot night out. Or you could create a concoction of red clay, iron oxide (rust), henna, seaweed, iodine and bromine mannite.

Bromine mannite, if you are not familiar, is extremely poisonous. So much so that it could result in serious or fatal illness to both the woman wearing it and her makeout partner.

Anti-aging baths


Crocodile excrement was used in Ancient Greece and Rome for a variety of medicinal and beautifying purposes. They believed the reptile poop would dramatically slow down the aging process. So naturally, they filled their baths (fountains of youth?) with a mixture of crocodile feces and warmed mud and soaked for hours on end. Aristocrats were also known for making face masks out of the excrement. Even the Greek physician, Galen, noted that "ladies dedicated to luxury" preferred crocodile dung masks. While the "ick" factor is high on this one, at least no one was dying from it.

Cuticle remedy



Not all terrifying beauty tips come from ancient times, and proving it is the recent phenomenon of fish pedicures. Salon owners in Europe, China and Japan import "Doctor Fish," or Garra rufa, small fish belonging to the carp family, and let them feed on the dead skin cells of your feet. Who needs a pumice stone when you have fish to do the dirty work? It should be warned that regulators in many US states have banned fish pedicures for being unsanitary, since the same fish feed on many customers
OK, so we've all heard those WTF beauty tips, right? You know, the tips that sound either totally bizarre (hot sauce makes hair grow?) or just completely disgusting (urine clears up acne?). When hearing these tips, usually one of two things happen: You scoff in shock and dismay and question some women's sanity OR you scoff in shock and dismay and find the soonest opportunity to secretly road test the tip. Hey, no judgment either way.

While the beauty tips we hear today might seem weird, they are completely sane compared to the horrifying beauty tips of the past. After doing a little research into what our ancestors were doing back in the day to look beautiful, we quickly realized that we really don't have it that bad.

by The chicks at, on Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:46pm PDT