Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yah..yah.. I know( and I can cleary hear you!! ***MADface!***)

what's wrong with chinese gadget?!  is it because it's MADE IN PRC, it's cheap, imitation, and it's not expensive like what you are  having right now?? nor what you've been saving for?? 

Let me get this straight, I'm a self-confess sucker for chinese gadgets, YES! indeed and I'm not ashame of it!!  I was not raised in a wealthy family nor a cry baby who always brag and beg cash from mom & dad,  whatever I have,I owe it with my own sweat & toil.... ( so we're clear?!)

My grandma used to tell me, there are two ways to get what you WANT ,(please note that WANTS is different from NEEDS)  it's either you save and cut your expenses or you'll find an alternative with almost the same functions but for a lesser price, and this is where I started to get so attached with this chinese gadgets!!  

just a headstart,  I recently had my eyes glued on the following gadgets :

                                                                 Underwater Camera

                                                                           Projector Phone

LED Mini Speaker- USB support & SDMMC card


 Hope I 'm not gonna be sued by our Goverment for endorsing chinese products, I might be sent to spratly island anytime soon!!!

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