Thursday, June 9, 2011

7-Year-Old Daughter Receives Boob Job Voucher As A Birthday Present

Move over Botox mom, there's a new contender for the 'why-the-f**k-did-you-have-kids' award...

Sarah Burge of Cambridgeshire in England, who is also a self-proclaimed 'Human Barbie' in the UK, was featured in Closer Magazine recently where she talked about the £12,000 'exotic pamper party' that she organised to mark her daughter Poppy's 7th birthday.

The 50-year-old not only spoiled her with a computer, a spa vacation, and a crystal ring, she also decided to get a voucher for her to get a tit job when she turns 16. She reportedly said:
'Poppy begged me for a boob job, so I gave her the voucher so she can have it after she's 16, when it's legal.

'If she develops naturally big boobs, she can have something else done with it.'

So how did the little one react to it all? Poppy reportedly said:
'I wanted a new computer, a holiday and a voucher for surgery. When I got it all, it was a dream come true. All my friends were jealous.

'I can't wait to be like Mummy with big boobs. They're pretty.'

Way to build up your child's self esteem Sarah. This kind of parenting makes Joan Crawford look like the Mother Theresa of all mothers!


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