Monday, June 13, 2011

How to spot PINOYS by their professions in KUWAIT

This is just a mere observation of my fellow kababayans in kuwait,  based on  few talks & walks with friends, family & office collegue, so it is not entirely proven based on ultimate studies of years & years lolssss….,  if you belong to any of these groups and feel that my observations is wrong, I apologize in advance…!  but try to read it all might change your mind!

1.)  Medical related professions ( Nurses/Medtech/ Nursing assistant/etc..)

-      They are like a hidden mystery, these pinoys often seen in the malls or  nice places, their usual excuse is that” they worked almost 10 hours in different shift, it’s only wise to pampered themselves with good places and stuff, they are keen on SALE specially branded stuff like: Zara, H&M and so on.. whenever there is SALE this team surely had their feet set first on the line,  

How SPOT them:
you can easy identify them wearing simple jeans & tops, usually wearing flat jelly shoes or rubber ones, they go out in group (4-5 persons) and always looking into the display windows while talking to their colleagues….  

2.)   Office Staff ( Secretary/ department officers/ receptionist/etc..)

-      I cant really describe it, but  these type of kabayans always to be seen walking tall, since, they are ones that exposed to different people, they usually look smart and have that “KNOWS ALL ATTITUDE” whenever you see them  in the malls or public places,  they  shop and not even looking at the brands as long as it is nice and will get along with their pair of shoes nor clothes, of course! PRICE matters but if they happen to fall on a thing they’ll surely grab it whatever is the cost! , after all, they have to look presentable and noticeable at work.   

How SPOT them:
                    Street smart,  make-up, go out with family or usually with a FRIEND,  

3.)   US ARMY CAMP Pinoy Workers

-      This is an easy part, we can always tell if kabayans is working for the US ARMY camp because they always have their ID as in IDENTIFCATIONS CARD hanging on their neck wherever they go, it’s like their ULTIMATE jewelry that people should see!! Lolsss…. Im not against those who wore their ID’s  nor people who wants to be known as US ARMY staff, but commo’n guys!! Don’t you think it’s a bit exaggerated ??!!  these people loves to hang out in restos, coffee shops and brand stores though, often seen in the malls

How SPOT them:
     Hip and wore easy attires like shirt & buggy jeans and a safety shoes/boots, & their ultimate jewelry ID

4.)   Restaurant Workers ( Managers/ Service Crew/ waitress/waiter/etc..)

-      I had few friends who works for different fast food chain, they are the people who don’t usually hang out in the mall, maybe because they fed up of day to day same view due to their jobs, however, they love beaches, friend’s house, eat home meals and they like joining sports league like basket ball, volleyball & table tennis representing their own company’s team and sometimes they just want to be at home for a long sleep

How SPOT them:
On the opposite side, they are the one who dress to kill, sophisticated and always in hurry mode…

5.)   Household Workers ( housemaid/ Drivers/etc..)

-      And of course, the household team,  I’m not talking about observations at work as it can easily be identified, but I’m talking about  seeing them on their day offs,  these kabayans don’t go out in malls like avenues, 360 mall for definite reasons and YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY!!,  they can be found in the church and walking into the busy street of kuwait city,  they wear fit tops and jean,  tied hair,  heels  and comes in group in a very loudly conversation, colorful dress, big bags and likes to get inside different shops and trying out clothes without buying it!! Loooolllsssss

How SPOT them:
            Loud, sad face, fit clothing, big bags, high heels and runs fast when crossing the road and favorite day of the week is FRIDAY!

These are just few of my observations and experiences with different pinoys in kuwait,  I might be wrong but you can as well try  and find your own sets of  things that suits right!! So next time you see KABAYANS in different places that fit to the criteria’s above then surely you’ll know what to ask next…..


It is by choice and things we do as a meduim to earn we often found ourselves flock  with the same feathers!!

But in the end,  I want to quote that we all are different in so many aspect, it is when we miggled with different people made us to appreciate what others like and how they live their lives,

Bigs thanks to the photos.. ( i just googled it!! but thanks)

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