Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Visit to Planet Hollywood, ( My First Review)

Last night ,I unexpected to be in a place I scheduled over the weekend, I actually posted it on my facebook wall as a weekend target but I visited “ PLANET HOLLYWOOD”  early than the expected date, ( so I apologize to all the people who expected a treat this weekend…. Bless you all!  And my budget! hehehe)

Anyhow,  travelling to the place is easy and convenient,  parking is wide and spacious but I would suggest to have like “ MARKINGS” for parking names and number as I doubt if you are able to find your car if happens to be in a busy day visit..!! ahem!!...

As we entred into tha mall, the interior is so amazing, the floors, ceiling.. I think every corner of it, is like a hell of a WOW!!.... my husband as an architect also get his eyes on every details,
( maybe everyone who’s there noticed us like from the province of no buildings..! a child who wonders and a beggar who lost his pennies…!

funny but, while we are inside the premises, We actually lost our way to Planet hollywood, it takes minutes to recover our way and had a blast of laugh heading ourselves to the right path, and now!  The Planet Hollywood…

Fisrt impression: bit dim & dark but the manager said, it’s on the package to looked bit dim and dark to feel the clamness of the resto.. I was like: “ oh!! Okkk but can we have a light in our table, I want to see the chicken” weeehhh!! Hehehe) the manager laughed!…,

In the entrance area, you can see a life size wax statue of  Arnold S.
( here’s a lame excuse for not knowing the spelling of his family name… excuse me dear readerss hehehe… but you KNOW him right!?)

and a Big Bike, I guess was used in one of a hollywood film- I cant really tell which one, haven't read the signs at the bottom kinda shy to bend with my big fat ass …

Atlast!! We were seated and Service crew came and handed us our MENU,  servers are friendly and smiley… 

 I ordered the Shrimp Fajitas, VIP plater and Ice tea while my husband had a surf & turf and Cola, while we await for the serving,  We took a minute to explore the place,  there is a mini Souvenir shop for Goodies like key chains, caps, pins, shirts and etc… ,  T-shirt price ranging from 8KD for standar black & white and 13KD for more funky design and colors, with so many things to choose, we bought, a small key chain cost us KD2.50/- and a priceless smile from the vendor ( heheh… I love her hospitality, she even arranged the stuff for a snap), 

 after 10-15mins of waiting and the food is finally served

                                                                           VIP Platter

                                                                         Shrimp Fajitas

Presentation is simple  & elegant and I love the variety of colors and combination of side dishes.., the taste is good and the server is wonderful, price is not on averge bit pricey  but it’s worth it!  I
simply like the shrimp Fajitas and VIP platter hmmm except the chicken wings… ( nothing compares to Pizza hut chicken wings… love it!),   

Over all, Planet Hollywood suitable for couple who wants fast night out, ROMANTIC?? Hmmm.. I can say average!  It is good for family as well but  you need an assistance to look after the kids , though, the place is wide I can see boreness for kids - like after an hour or two… so better bring some toys, nannies and lots of chicha for kiddos…

It was indeed a peaceful, lovely & wonderful dinner….!


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