Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise!

Got home late and bit tired due to the long travel ( Shuiaba to Salmiya)  though, this is not the first time I came home tardy due to lots of collegues drop off from one area of kuwait to another, I feel dizzy & nauseated  as the heat & smell add up to my frustrations.. I dont have to elaborate either  but anyway,...

Having such feelings within, I was welcome by a pleasant piece of art, I thought, it's a new bottled water craze in a colorful packaging rather was made by our nannies for display but when I get myself closer, I saw a small turtle shape floating above the water level, my son got up from his bed and said, " MOMMY!  I got this one from bakala! it's a toy that become big when we put it in the water"  ( with smiley face!),  I took the bottle and shook it ! It's amazing how the colors mix & jive  floating like cotton balls..

This just made my dizziness into a happy one!! I'm a shallow-joy person for a simple art like this !!! : ) but can't wait to see the floating little turtle transforming into a huge one!!  such a pleasant SURPRISE!!

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