Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIsemummy: DIY Challenge of the WEEK

Ok ok… it sounded sooooo easy for many who are extremely fond of DIY projects...
I , for one desire to have “THAT” same easy feeling TOO!!  but sadly I’m not that typical mommy  who always have that “ GIRLSCOUT” attitude,   I sometimes forget things and end up buying a new one  just because I don’t gear up whatever or whenever it is needed (I'm not an Irresponsible mom that's for sure and for the record),  I'm a bit shy, play stupid at times, I love movies, I like sport but never done any of it on actual  and so many things I love to try/do/experience.....

So I came up with an initiative to challenge myself week by week, from SIMPLE to EXTREME -DO IT YOUSELF STUFF/things/experience  not limited to home projects but anything even out of this world idea I can ever think of….
Since, this is my very first DIY , I will start my challenge  in the KITCHEN.. ( YEP>>>> got that right?!! Lolsss) I’m not a kitchen person, I don’t cook nor bake (seriously!)  in many ocassion  the very least I can offer is a fast food delivery service for pleading guilty  of murdering a recipe!! (!!!Vomitface!!)  But with an exemption to frying & boiling eggs as well as steam rice!!  (I’m good with dat.. neheehh!-thank you ***grin**)


So anyway, here’ my week challenge:  

Chopsuey Ingredients:
4 cloves garlic; minced
1 onion; chopped
Chosse four (4) meat ingredients from the list:
·         1/4 kilo beef; sliced sliced into small pieces (preferred)
·         1/4 kilo shrimps; shelled (preferred)
·         1/4 kilo chicken giblets & liver; sliced to small pieces (preferred)
·         2-3 chicken wings, cut into small pieces
·         1/4 kilo hotdog sausage; sliced
Choose eight (8) vegetable ingredients from the list:
·         1 piece red bell pepper; sliced (preferred)
·         1 medium carrot; sliced into thin circles (preferred)
·         1/4 kilo cabbage; cut into thin ribbon-like shreds (preferred)
·         2 stalks of leeks; cut into 2-inch portions (preferred)
·         3 stalks celery; cut into 2-inch portions
·         1/4 kilo cauliflower; divided into flowerettes
·         1/4 kilo sayote; peeled and sliced
·         1/4 kilo snow peas (sitsaro); stringed
·         1/4 kilo bok choy; cut into 2-inch portions
·         1/4 kilo mushrooms; cut in 2-inch portions
·         1/4 kilo young corn about 2-inch long
·         1/4 kilo baguio beans; stringed
2 cups chicken  broth
1 tablespoon cornstarch
Salt to taste
Cooking oil
Chopsuey Cooking Ingreidients:
Saute garlic and onion, then add the meat ingredients. Cook for 5 minutes. Add broth and salt to taste. Add cornstach to thicken the sauce. Bring to a boil, then add the vegetables. Cook until done.
Cooking Tip:
Add vegetables in the order of their respective tenderness. Add first those that are longer to cook than those easier to get tender

** Coughing**** Ahem!!...  WISH ME LUCK!!

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