Friday, June 17, 2011

MEATDOG!!..... another story of cruelty...grrrrrrrrrr

As much as I love the gadgets from china as per my previous POST , 

Below is a picture perfect of animal cruelty in china, It's really disappointing to see how common pratice nor belief can lead to sacrifice a life of everyone's bestfriend.....

       Full article related to the picture above can be read at  CHINASMACK 

***** Chinese girl learning how to cook dog meat******

Not to come clean as I know, there are several areas in the philippines that observe the same view on the consumption of dog meat to be a part of their traditional cuisine  

now, let me brief  the reasons on why people eat DOG MEAT and the arguments against the benefit:


Improving virility
Improving women's skin
Somehow a cure for summer heat
It is recommended if you suffer from an illness
It is recommended if you are recovering from an illness


According to Sunnan Kum (article below), "the consumption of dog meat actually increases the chance of developing cancer".

According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (article below), "There is no scientific evidence that dog meat has restorative or curative powers; these health claims are folklore not fact.

Dog eating "grew in popularity after reconstruction because dog dealers and restaurants began to fabricate health benefits derived from eating dog meat. In reality, the trade in dog meat has more to do with greed and profits rather than any sort of tradition." - Korean Animals


I don't  side any of the given arguments,I'm not a dog lover either eater of dog meat , nor have the right to intervine one's belief but my heart goes out to all the dogs being captured and  cruely slaugthered, " DOGS are MAN's Bestfriend"  and hope everyone respect that and their existence!

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