Friday, June 10, 2011

Share a Laugh....

Just burst out with laugher watching a replay of my fave TFC comedy soap on TV, “ Gandang Gabi Vice”, June 5 episode with Angelica P. “
There was a  scene where audience/viewer may have a chance to ask “ IMPORTANT” question to the host, so one lucky viewer thru facebook  ask this very silly question that goes:

“ How can I assure that Bin Laden is dead?”  the host ( vice ganda)  looked the camera and said” we’re facing  a lot of problems in the country more particularly the poverty and corruptions yet  you have all the time in the world to asked me that question!!... anyway, my answer is simple:  all you have to do is to get yourself in the “OTHER WORLD” and personally look for BIN LADEN, if he’s not there then sorrrrrrry… you ended your life before him  but atleast you know he’s not dead… Lolss

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