Friday, June 3, 2011

The WORDEFUL Messilah water Village

It's hubby's birthday today, my plan is just a romantic evening dinner in a hotel but I was stunned when my mom suggested to have it like small gathering with kiddos, so I surf the net and found MESSILAH WATER VILLAGE a new place to go ....

Entrance fee is KD 3.500 per adult and kids above 3 years old,  parking is wide and spacious, we are able to parked in the best spot ... (but i guess, would be crowded in the afternoon since we got there early), as we entered into the area we are so amazed with so many colorful slides, cottages styled like asian houses, place is tidy and life guards are to be seen in every corner of the pool,  Truly, The water park is well-managed, with changing rooms, towels and lockers (250fils) available. There is a good selection of slides and water floats to keep all ages entertained for hours, and the water is chilled in the hot summer months and heated in the winter.

It has water games like Ahmedoh Volcano, Noor Tower, Haneen Tower and Maraheb Tower which arouses lot of excitement, enthusiasm and thrill among the visitors. The Mesilla village itself has restaurants and snack stalls, and is supervised by a specialized team well-trained on rescue and first aid services.

it was indeed a blast of fun for the whole family and most of all the CELEBRANT!... surely, will come back for any occasion there is to celebrate...

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